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Is it true that tobacco companies already have a patent on marijuana cigarettes?

I’m on the hunt for some new youth catchers gear and for that I can check Cbdistillery latest deals here, but I can’t help but think that this new catcher’s equipment is way ahead of some of the kids wearing it. I also worry about the parents who think some of this gear is a good idea.

Some parents are in tune and know that every kid is different, but here’s an idea of today’s kids. Some play baseball for fun. Some are gifted young men and women at an early age and others are mandated to make the team and to excel for the parents.

That being said, I’ve never had a team without some interference from mom and dad and a lot of those problems seem to be with parents of one particular position, catchers. Not sure why exactly, but I do have my suspicions. So, besides the coaching aspect, catchers take up a lot of my time and since their position is so dangerous, I spend the majority of my shopping for baseball equipment on the catcher’s gear.

I’m coaching my fourth youth baseball team and each year, I am introduced to more expensive and more advanced catchers gear. Expensive might be a better description, but safety is another concern we all share. With pitchers now being raised on exotic vitamins and blessed with baseball qualities, they seem to be throwing harder at an early age. Catchers don’t appear to be keeping up with those exotic supplements the pitchers get and like I already said, I’m always watching out for the kid who wants to be a catcher anyway. I just know they are going to demand a lot of attention. This is baseball.

Youth catchers gear has sure come to a long way in a few short years. As a youth sports coach, my catcher’s equipment is the biggest expense I have. Maybe I’m cautious, but I don’t want any of my kids to get hurt. So, I’m prudent when it comes to choosing.

I fit the catcher’s helmet and look for a catcher’s mask that is properly fitted to my kid’s build. This year we are trying to buy the real hockey-style helmet and given the drive for fundraising, we should be able to get one. The problem is that each catcher is built differently. I have had to take chest protectors to have padding cut out or rearranged. I have had pads inserted and sewn in places not normally seen, but I am cautious about safety and I want them to be able to move when they are chasing a foul ball. During the time I am fitting the catchers, I am naturally spending a lot of time with them.

We chat, they are usually timid at first, and as we progress they start to speak their mind. I squeeze on the mask, tighten the shin guards and they may even think twice about their decision to play the position, finally emerging as a baseball catcher should. I explain about keeping the shinguards in the right position. They want to protect the legs as much as possible. The kids always listen and I feel good about spending so much time teaching and prepping them-hoping they don’t get hurt.

Catchers are a strange group. It might be the actual equipment. All those pads and the mask. I’ve had kids try out for the catcher position simply because they wanted to spend the entire practice behind the catcher’s mask. Behind it, they came alive. You could see the spark they emit from behind the plate, but once out from behind their revered catcher’s gear, they turned inward. Quiet. I’d suspect some may be afraid, but perhaps vulnerable would describe some youth catchers.

One of my more troubled players was like this. He was awkward off the field and even before he put on the gear I wasn’t sure he could do well at that position. Once behind the chest protector or even with shin guards and a catchers mask on, he was strangely alert. I’d watch him launch from a crouch as he fired strikes to second base. He would throw behind a runner at first, even when I continually told him not to. He was daring and he was competitive.

Off the field, he was alone with his thoughts. Few friends, a capable student but in the world, open and exposed, he didn’t fit in. I tried to open dialogue with his parents, but they didn’t see it. To them, this young man was a superstar, a fearless competitor who would surely earn a scholarship in Division 1 baseball. Perhaps they are right. He may develop to be awesome, but I can’t help worry about him and his gear. The same baseball catchers gear he loved to hide behind.

Kicking Butts: The Importance of Quitting Smoking

Did you know that according to public health advocates, one in every two smokers will die from their cigarette habit, and that the likelihood of death occurring during the middle age years is 50%? While smoking rates have dropped in the U.S., the negative impacts these cigarettes create are moving on just as strong as they ever have before. Despite the increase in knowledge we have regarding smoking and the extensive harm it can cause to a person’s health and well being, people still can’t seem to drop the habit and live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

Each time you smoke a cigarette, your heart rate and blood pressure is temporarily increased as a result from the nicotine and carbon monoxide that each cigarette contains. This does not only occur in people with pre-existing cardiovascular disease or other health concerns- it happens to all smokers. This puts a large amount of strain on not only your heart, but the blood vessels throughout your entire body, putting you at an enormously high risk for a heart attack or stroke. These two events can not only leave you partially paralyzed, with brain damage, with an amputated limb or with a severe long term disability, but they are also very likely to kill you whether you have been smoking for 5 years, or 50 years.

According to the Mayo Clinic, cigarette use is also a large cause for the high number of cases of emphysema in the United States. This disease is a slow killer that over time rots your lungs, leading to increased cases of bronchitis and respiratory infections and eventually leads to failure of the heart and the lungs. Emphysema is the fourth common cause of death in the United States according to the American Lung Association and can plague a person long before symptoms even begin to appear.

Once diagnosed, treatment is limited to curing the symptoms of the disease, not the disease itself because once the damage has been done, there’s really no turning back. Only preventing further deterioration of lung tissue is helpful and by the point of detection, it may be too late. Emphysema is often treated with use of steroid inhalers to open up the airways, allowing more oxygen to enter, constant oxygen at home may be required if the body is not able to gather enough on its own, and lung reduction surgery is often performed to remove the dead portions of the lungs. Emphysema commonly occurs in smokers who are 50 years of age or over, however it can present itself long before then in some casesFind great deals on e-liquid, different benefits are provided to the smokers. The presenting of the vape liquid should be great to get the best benefits. The digestion and ingestion of the juice should be suitable for the person to get the best deal. The charges at online search engines are less in comparison to the other one. 

According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer is the culprit for the most cancer deaths throughout the world. In smokers it is caused by the tar that is ingested through smoking every single cigarette. At one point, lung cancer was not commonly heard of but with the increase in cigarette sales over the years, lung cancer has made a dramatic increase. The ALA reports that 90% of all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking. Even low-tar cigarettes can cause lung cancer so convincing yourself you are doing some good by purchasing a certain brand of cigarettes is foolish. There is no safe cigarette to smoke. The only way to avoid smoking related cancers is to avoid smoking entirely.

There’s positively no way those few cigarettes each day bring you so much pleasure that they are worth shortening your life, not being able to watch your children and your grandchildren grow up and not being able to live a long, healthy and happy life. The Washington Post reported back in 1997 that tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds and many of these are known to cause cancer.

Even for those smokers who have been smoking their entire life, stopping today can dramatically decrease the chances for developing lung cancer. As healthy new cells grow and replace the damaged cells, the risk of developing lung cancer decreases each year. Certain forms of lung cancer can silently grow and once diagnosed, can kill a person with 2-4 months because of the ability to grow at a rapid speed. Use of radiation, chemotherapy or drug therapy can slow down the process, however the survival rates among lung cancer patients is not relatively high.

The knowledge we have regarding the side effects of smoking is extensive, however it’s not so extensive that medical professionals know how to cure those people who are suffering from smoking related illnesses. Smoking related illnesses still kill one in ten people globally and will continue to until the percentage of people who smoke goes down. There’s no getting around the fact that cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that cause a number of diseases and health problems. The one thing that has improved regarding cigarette smokers is the help that is available to quit the habit. is a great site to browse if you’re contemplating quitting as is, and You can also turn to your physician and family members for help and support. It’s not an easy process but when you way the possible outcomes of quitting versus not quitting, it’s a very easy decision to make.

Self Improvement Includes Faith And Persistence! Read The Details Below To Know More!

The self-improvement or self-consciousness is the main thing that you need to be concerned about. Due to the rapid increase of stress in our daily life and our day-to-day schedule, we are taking mental health leniently. This is why people nowadays have been suffering from several types of diseases that include depression and insomnia. 

It would be best if you improve yourself while being self-aware to be conscious what’s the thing you are doing instead of accepting the negativity from the aura. The person can be bullied easily if they accept the wrong phrases and negativity from their dear ones or colleagues or any other people. But these things can hurt them severely, and they can go on the path of negativity. 

So each of us must be focused on self-improvement, which will include the faith and resistance you can do better. It will be helpful for you to prefer reading about the Andy Frisella, please take a look at the following points where we have elaborated several essential things that you need to know about self-improvement. Check them out:

Specific factors that you need to prioritize while improving yourself emotionally and spiritually:

  • keep up the hope and faith so that you can accept the positivity easily, and if you are the Christian and believer in Lord Jesus, then you will accept that fact the almighty can provide you with the required faith and strength that you need in a difficult time. 

  • Developing a positive attitude and the mindset will be the best combo as it will help you accept only the positivity from the surroundings and remove all the negativity conveniently. This is how you will become more self-conscious and improve yourself in a meaningful manner, which is remarkable, and you will experience numerous changes in the shorter span.

Automation Diagnosis- An Interesting Take on Machinery

Whenever there is a new addition to the family, it is an occasion of utmost joy and ecstasy where everyone starts celebrating by getting together after a long time as tidings of new life are exhilarating.

The feelings of happiness are such that cannot be put into words so let us not get into that as it is a complete waste of time and in any case, this article is not exactly about what you think it is but has a similar topic.

When talking about new additions, it doesn’t just include a living being but non living ones as well because they too form a core basis of our lives by contributing as much to provide the family akin to near and dear ones.

Automotive Industry

Keeping the above points in mind, people also celebrate when they buy a new car or television set or refrigerator and other household appliances and the moment too is celebrated with aplomb as this is like achieving a new milestone in life.

Now, rack your brains and remember the last time when you celebrated buying something new? It would be difficult to recall and the corona virus pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill in the past few months to have any happy thoughts.

Nevertheless, it does become important to mention that the automotive industry has been in a thriving phase but Covid-19 has thrown a spanner into the work due to which the industry is on the verge of a downfall and this holds true for other industries as well like agriculture, business, textile, etc. to name a few.

In the case of vehicles, it isn’t that simple in constructing a brand new model as it takes a lot of hard work and focus where you need to put it all on the line without a second thought.

Any vehicle has to go through automation diagnosis from time to time in order to prove its worth on whether it would last for long or not because working in a workshop or garage isn’t an easy task and only a mechanical engineer can understand what it takes to be in this industry.

Tools for the Job

Given the complexity of the vehicles involved, it is obvious that you would need numerous power tools to aid you in this mission so but first of all one needs to be aware of the best vehicle brands in this business.

You simply cannot use the Volkswagen model for a BMW or Rolls Royce and a Ferrari for a Nissan as that would take things into an entirely different context because this is a field where you need to have adept knowledge.

The automotive diagnosis is around $50 million as of 2020 but bear in mind that this is an approximate figure that is estimated to increase in the coming years once this pandemic situation is taken care of.

When it comes to scan tools, passenger cars are going to play a major role as they currently have the largest share in the market that would increase the global sales of the automotive industry and provide a much needed boost for automotive diagnosis.

The best aftermarket dewalt battery is projected to be a leading figure in this venture as workshop equipments have seen a surge in demand for vehicles that would be a boost to the supply chain.

Gas analyzer is another important scan tool that is expected to grow at a higher rate with numerous volumes to where the software sales of the Research and Development department of motor companies in nations like US, Germany, UK and China are working together to develop a unique software for vehicles to make diagnosis easier.

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Options

Most of the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a feeling in their mind that it is the end of the world. They aren’t ready to accept the fact that they aren’t going to enjoy the sexual activities as everyone does. Many men define themselves by their sexual abilities so it has a great impact on their self image as well. Yet many great treatment options are available for men with this problem. So, that way they doesn’t have to be so disruptive in their life.

There are many treatment options available and you can choose the right one depending on the seriousness of your problem. A complete physical assessment with your doctor can help you get the things on the right track all over again. If it is confirmed that you have a medical concern then efforts can be made to resolve it. There are too many symptoms that mention that you have erectile dysfunction. By overcoming those problems you can retain the ability to maintain an erection. Here are some problems.

Usually, your doctor may associate the erectile dysfunction with the current medications that you have been following. So, as a result your current medication may require to be changed or the dosage may be modified. Most of the men assume that they can never ever be able to have sexual intercourse if they follow the prescribed medication that their doctor has directed. They will eventually stop taking it without consulting their doctor. This can sometimes cause very serious health issues. So never ever go by this route.

Different types of injuries may occur to the area surrounding the penis. Most of them are caused due to sports accidents. Other injuries may be caused due to automobile accidents or even being beaten up. There may be a need for a surgery in order to repair as much of the damage as possible. Only a doctor will be able to give you the exact prognosis only after an exhaustive examination both internally and externally in that area. As per the examination, the stamina of male will be increased if there is regular consumption of hyper male force medicine. The dose will be taken under the prescription and supervision of the experts. The reaction with the sexual capacity will be checked to determine the dose. The charges should be under the budget of the person. 

One of the most common causes of an erectile dysfunction is your emotional health. That is the reason you need to give very honest answers when the doctor tries to assess the causes of your ailment. There may be many reasons like stress, not getting enough rest, hyper anxiety, or even concealed feelings or doubts against your partner that could cause an erectile dysfunction. Counseling can be a very effective type of treatment for this type of problems as it can help a person overcome the hurdles that prevent him from leading a happy and healthy life.

It is an open fact that many people in our society have poor lifestyle habits. These poor habits of a person may result in a condition where he will not be able to get an erection as well. You have to put a check on your weight. In case you are overweight, you need to consult your doctor. Normally, a combination of physical exercise and a balanced diet can help you shed those unwanted pounds. It may also help you regain your ability to naturally get and maintain an erection. You might have heard many men saying that they have regained their ability to get a normal erection after they quit smoking.

Above all, the most common type of treatment for an erectile dysfunction is the use of medication. But any medication is offered only when the other causes have been ruled out. Most of these of medications have been proven to be very effective ones. When ever you want to get engaged in sexual activity, you take them in a specific time frame before your sexual engagement.

These medicines seem to give great results but, at a cost. There are some known side effects to these.

Beware that the treatment options available for erectile dysfunction are regardless of your age. Also, it doesn’t matter if the problem is something that you have struggled with for a long time or it’s an entirely new problem. Don’t forget to be very honest with your doctor during the assessment so that he can precisely identify the cause of your erectile dysfunction and you can benefit from the right treatment options that suit your condition.

Rhinoplasty Surgery preparation

Nowadays, many people are considering Rhinoplasty because it can boost self-esteem and confidence. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which intent to enhance or reshape nose. If you are planning to undergo this kind of surgery, here are the things that you need to consider.

Surgery Blood Work

One of the most important things that you need to prepare for your Rhinoplasty surgery is blood work. Basically, your surgeon will need to ensure that your electrolytes, hemoglobin, creatine and INR or blood clothing ability are all within normal levels. You don’t have to do fasting before your surgery. Some surgeons or surgery clinics don’t perform the blood work in their clinic. What they usually do is that they provide initial assessment and give you with a requisition form to take to the lab of your own preference. Some surgeons also give lab recommendations when needed. If the patient is more than 50 years old, the surgeon also needs to make sure that the patient’s heart is functioning normally. Hence, they also do an electrocardiogram or ECG/EKG.

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Your preparation should immediately start 2 weeks before your surgery. So, make sure to start right away so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. Early preparation will also help you to make sure that all necessary things are considered and all the important arrangements are done ahead of time. Basically, some of the things that you need to prepare 2 weeks before your surgery include arranging someone (a friend, family member, or partner to drive you home from the clinic on the day of the surgery. A friend, family or partner to stay with you at least 1 day after your operation. Other arrangements like pet care, child care should also be considered when necessary. 

Basically, alcohol makes your blood thin, which will result in the prolong healing and increase bruising. So it is advisable to drink water instead in order to nourish and hydrate your body. It is not also advisable to smoke before your surgery. Just like alcohol, nicotine will prolong your recover. It will also increase your chances for post surgical complications. Certainly you don’t want to experience this so it is advisable to try to quit smoking in order to avoid health problems in the future. Furthermore, the consumption of ibuprofen and aspirin is also not recommended. This is because these kinds of drugs do interfere with the normal blood clotting ability of your body. But if you have a headache or other pain, taking acetaminophen is more advisable. If you are also thinking that herbal supplements are good for you before the surgery, you are wrong. There are a lot of herbal supplements like St. John’s worth, green tea extract, ginko biloba, garlic and ginseng that can  interact negatively with the anesthesia. So two weeks before the surgery, taking herbal supplements is also not advisable. As per the experts, the only herbal product that is appropriate to consume is arnica cream or ointment after the surgery. 

Magnetic Mattress Pad: Does it Work?

I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years. Before trying magnetic therapy I had little luck finding a solution to the pain. I was frankly surprised that doctors and chiropractors were almost at a total loss helping me deal with the problem. They know all about prescription medications but nothing about magnetic therapy, magnetic health, or a magnetic mattress pad, which is why on you will find all the relevant information about these magnetic mattresses that you can get for yourself. Additionally, if you will find memory foam mattress reviews here so that you can learn more about these different types of mattresses.

But pain can be an incredible motivator so I started looking into alternative medicines. It didn’t take me long to put magnetic therapy, specifically a magnetic mattress pad, near the top of my list of things to try.

Now I maintain a healthy skepticism about something like a magnetic mattress pad. I don’t fall for gimmicks and snake oil solutions. So I didn’t just run out and buy a magnetic mattress pad. In case you have not noticed, a good magnetic mattress pad is expensive. So I started small. I got a good, but small, magnetic therapy support for the back of my chair. It seemed to help. No miracle cure or self-delusion but the pain was definitely less.

So I started looking into how this magnetic therapy stuff actually works. Turns out, magnetic therapy has been around for 1000’s of years but no one has scientifically identified exactly how, why, and when it works. I personally have no problem with that. Lots of things “work” but no one really knows why. One major theory is that since there is iron in our blood that the magnets in a magnetic mattress pad draw blood toward the magnets. This, in turn, increases blood flow. It makes sense when you think about it. Another major theory starts with the fact that all of the molecules and atoms in our body are electrically charged. A properly designed magnetic mattress pad would theoretically interact in a healthy way with our body’s electrical field. This also makes sense to me.

Two things stood out to me in all of this research I was doing. First of all, you can help it work by maintaining healthy body chemistry as best you can. If you eat lots of high acids, high-fat foods with lots of salt then magnetic therapy is not going to overcome the bodily mess you have created. Secondly, the design of a magnetic mattress pad is important. Get a good, comfortable one. It needs to be bio-north, high gauss density magnets and lots and lots of magnets so you have full-body coverage.

Only after I felt like I knew what I was getting into did I go out and buy a good magnetic mattress pad. Setting it up on my bed was easy. After sleeping on it a night the difference for me was like night and day. The morning back pain and stiffness of the past was gone. I was energized and ready for the day.

It was not a miracle cure but then I was not expecting one either. If you are looking for miracles you won’t find one in magnetic therapy or a magnetic mattress pad. It definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but if it could help lessen the pain isn’t it worth a try?

Top 9 Tips To Get Perfect Photos With Your Mobile Phone

With the evolution of mobile cameras, everyone out there is clicking pictures with their smartphones. Moreover, now we have the option to turn photo into paint by number as well, which is quite interesting and creative as well. However, in this article, we are going to focus on the different ways through which you can get perfect photos with your mobile phones.

  • Gridlines

This is the most vital aspect when it comes to clicking photos on your mobile phone. This is why it is recommended that you pay attention to the grid lines that are there on your screen in order to balance your photos. It is also important that you keep the points of intersection in your photo on the grid lines to make the photo seem more natural and balanced.

  • Focus Of Your Camera

With advanced smartphones that are out there, you do not have to worry about you camera’s focus as you can easily. However, as you are clicking picture make sure that you tap on you screen so that you can get the camera to focus on your desired point. This way you will be able to click more clear and crispier photos.

  • The Subject Of The Photo

You will find there are tons of interesting photos online that only focuses on one subject. This is why you should also try to focus on a single subject in order to make your photos more interesting. It is also recommended by professionals that your photo should have plenty of negative space in order to make the subject of your photo stand out.

  • Importance Of Negative Space

It is really important that you pay attention to the negative space in your photos as that can really help you in improving the overall effect of your photo. Negative space is the extra space that you will find in the background of the photos. With the help of the negative space, you can get more attention to the subject of your photo easily.

  • Perspectives

As you click any photo, make sure that you try out all the possible perspectives in order to create an illusion of height and depth in your photos. This will enhance your photos even further making your photos more interesting and catchy.

  • Reflections

If you are looking for creative ways of clicking pictures, then you should definitely try to play with the reflection in order to get amazing and beautiful photos. You can look out for puddles, mirrors, sunglasses, or metallic surfaces in order to catch photos that are really good.

  • Find symmetry

Along with gridlines, you can also look for symmetry in your photos in order to make them look more balanced and symmetrical. For instance, you can try out staircases in order to get symmetrical pictures that are interesting as well as comforting.

  • Repetitive Patterns

Along with symmetry, you can also look out for symmetric patterns that are quite pleasing to the eyes as well. With the help of these repetitive patterns, you can create strong visual impacts in your photographs. Moreover, in order to capture these patterns, you should keep your eyes open all the time.

  • Color Blocking

Lastly, you should try to play with your pictures in order to make them more interesting. In order to get all the attention to the subject of your photo, you can add color to the subject while keeping everything else black and white.

These are the Top 9 tips that you should keep in your mind as you click photos with your smartphone.

Louis Vuitton- Premium Handbags Passed The Test Of Time

There are different kinds of phenomenon existing in this world right from the time when this world came into being right from the advent of big bang theory to the 21st century where many countries have made great strides in making the planet a better place of existence.

Human beings are of different kinds with varying moods where some are quite soft and easy going while others are impulsive and quick on temperamental matters. In short, there are different emotions for different people.

Two of these emotions are desire and greed and they are the ones that motivate people to take extreme measures in life but our focus is on small everyday matters that relate to shopping.

Unique Products

Woman folks are most fond of shopping as they spent hours in different malls eyeing things that take to their fancy like jewelry and cosmetics but we are going to talk about handbags.

Louis Vuitton is a brand that is renowned all over the world for varied products of which handbags are the most popular of all due to their color and leather bound covers that make it easy to carry different things.

The company’s history goes back to 1854 when Louis Vuitton, who was starting out on his very first venture, decided to fulfill his late parents’ dream and opened up this business and named it after himself.

In the course, he became a very successful fashion designer in France and soon, Vuitton products started taking over the European market in a big manner and there was a time when they alone were calling the shots.

Soon, their dominion spread across the seven seas and crossed over to North and South Americas, establishing business connections in the majority of Asia and Middle East on the way.

Fake Stream Business

So total was the dominance of the Louis Vuitton brand that rival companies were flabbergasted at the phenomenon and were on the brink of bankruptcy due to which they had no choice but to resort to drastic measures as often happens in desperate times.

With the help of spies, they gathered important information on the products and started replicating them with their company’s logo in prominence and the copies were so perfect that it was impossible for anyone, baring experts, to tell them apart from the originals.

However, this fake stream business did not last long as Vuitton got wind of their plot and prevented further damages to his brand value and reputation by threatening them with legal consequences should they not stop this unholy practice, which was enough for the rivals to develop cold feet.

You can read more about fake Louis Vuitton on this website , where you can find a mine of information regarding Vuitton products and their replica business and how this fake LV shopping tips has made some people forgo moral ethics.

However, these tips will also make consumers more alert about premium handbags and how to buy the best one of the lot based on preference that will prove their money’s worth.

Finding the Best Commercial Dog Food

Giving your dog the right kind of food is essential for it to grow healthy and vigorous. But choosing the best commercial dog food from the grocery is not an easy task though, because there are a lot of dog foods that are made from sub-standard ingredients, so they would not be good for your dog. This is where is going to help you in getting the very best dog food that is really good for your dog’s health. 

You might already know that a lot of people recommend using natural foods for your dog so that it can get all the natural ingredients it needs in sufficient quantities. However, in today’s world, it is difficult to find time to cook for yourself, let alone if you need to cook for your dog then. The solution lies in finding the best commercial dog food that suits the needs of your dog while providing you with the convenience you need and deserve. 

Before you start looking for the best commercial dog food that is available in the market today though, here are some guidelines you might find helpful in your search for the best commercial dog food.

No genetic “fats” and “proteins” – you need to look at the package of the dog food itself and look for specific sources of fats and proteins in the dog food. For example, you should look for specified sources such as chicken fat, beef fat, and lamb meal. Don’t buy the dog food if all you can find are indications that the dog food is made from fat and protein because these ingredients may come from a mixture of sources so it is an indication that the dog food has poor quality.

Look for “human grade” ingredients – this term being used for dog foods is a little controversial right now because in general, animal foods cannot be labeled “human grade.” But if you see this claim in the dog food package, chances are the meats that were used in this dog food as good enough for humans to consume.

Don’t use corn gluten – this is a waste product from most human food companies. The corn gluten is also mostly used as a protein for dogs but take note though that the corn gluten is a poor quality substance you might not want your dog to eat. In addition to the corn gluten, you should also avoid wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate, and soy protein in dog foods because it has insufficient protein content for your dog.

Avoid Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT on your dog food – all the mentioned ingredients are used as preservatives for the dog food. If the dog food you are interested in buying contains significant amounts of these ingredients, you have to think twice before buying it. Putting preservatives in dog food is a sign that the product may not be made from high-quality ingredients.

Avoid artificial sugar and sweeteners – you should not let your dog take large quantities of artificial ingredients. For example, propylene glycol can be toxic when consumed in large amounts.

Have as few grains as possible – the best commercial dog food must have more meat than grains because your dog needs the protein it uses from this source.