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Top 5 Android Apps To Stream Movies For Free

From big screens to cable TVs to the Internet, technology evolved a lot. In this age of online streaming, there are a plethora of apps that will let you watch your favorite shows and movies.

However, many apps let you stream movies online or download for free. With these apps on your phone, you no longer need to rush to PVR screens each time you watch movies. Here is the list of the top 5 apps for you to watch your favorite movies online.

  • Show Box

So far, the most popular and favorite online movie streaming app is Show box. One must appreciate their efforts for the Smooth User Interface (UI) and easy navigation. The Show box app is the most trendy app among the people to stream online. It offers great fluctuation in movies for no cost.

This app is the best alternative for cost-subscription media. Personally, I use this app for watching free movies online. There are no annoying ads to disturb you. It works on global servers to run your videos. The show box contains arrays of movies and shows. You can flawlessly watch your favorite ones without any disturbances.

Key features:

  • Show box does not require you to create an account.
    • No annoying Ads.
    • HD quality streaming and also an option for other resolutions.
    • To make things easy, subtitles are provided.
    • Filters for Genre, type, rating, and year.
    • Smooth UI and navigation.
    • Download movies and shows for watching later.
  • Sony Crackle                                  

Sony Crackle is one of the best apps in Google play to watch free movies online. Being aSony Entertainment product, it offers great quality and provides you the walloping movies. You can watch movies for free and without a subscription.
Like the Show box, the movies can be downloaded for offline use. You can expect tremendous quality and user experience and easy navigation from Sony. If you are looking for quality, loads of movies, and the best experience, then a Sony crackle is for you. Don’t miss out.

Key features:

  • Loading is super-fast
    • Free account open and storage.
    • It supports HD clips and other resolutions also.
    • Friendly UI and Navigation.
    • Huge library of movies powered by Sony production.
  • Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv is also one of the free apps on Play store to stream free movies. Its collection is vast, and it is hard to find elsewhere. It has something in its bag for all age groups, from kids to adults. The fully packed genres include Drama, action, love, Comedy, Kids, Korean drama and British series. Tubi offers all these things for no cost and without a subscription.

Watch amazing shows and movies for free. No credit cards, subscriptions required here. Just tons of hours of video streaming from mega studios like Paramount, MGM, and many more. Install the app and have a good time streaming online. Tubi Tv supports Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung and Sony smart TVs and much more.

Key features:

  • Variety of movies and various genres.
    • The high definition of watching.
    • No illegal content.
    • Legal and fast loading.
    • A large number of collections of movies.
    • No malware and malicious things.
    • Support’s Smart Tv’s and Xbox
  • Vudu Tv

Vudu is also a popular name in a content delivering the platform. Vudu is inimitable because it offers full-theatre ratio movies in Full HD (1080 p). This app is optimal for those who look for Full HD movies. It offers categories like comedy, drama, action, kids, suspense, and horror.
This app has a well-kept user interface and navigation made easy for users. With the support of Ads, you can stream a lot of movies in Vudu. But you need to create your account to access these movies.
The sound is undeniably clear, and it sounds great in Dolby Atmos devices. For High definition movies and fast processing, the Vudu is absolute for you to watch movies.

Key features:

  • Good User UI and Navigation.
    • Full HD and 4K support.
    • It also supports Chromecast.
    • Negligible Ads.
    • 10000+movies.
    • Free account creation.

  • Jio Cinema

Jio is one of the leading and most downloaded app for watching Bollywood movies. This app mainly concentrates on Indian languages. Through this app, you can watch movies, sports, and music. Jio is offering sterling UI and navigation, which is easy. It has categories like drama, comedy, action, and suspense.

The jio app is tailored for the Indian market. From Bollywood to international content is updated at regular intervals. If you are looking for Indian movies and series, then Jio cinema is a great choice for you.

Key features:

• A large collection of Indian movies.
• Movies are available in most of all the languages in India.
• HD videos and navigation.
• Great UI and experience.
• Good sound quality.
• It offers a range of movies with different categories.
• Good fit for online streaming.

Dating Again: What to Do When Your Lifestyles Are Different

Therefore, you finally met that special someone. Then you find out that their life style is very much different from your own. You both met on a rainy day at the bus stop you was waiting for the bus, and suddenly they ask you would you like to stand under their umbrella. In addition, there you looked at one another with staring eyes, and spoke softly yes I would. In addition, there it was you both became good friends. You exchanged numbers, and you begin to see one another regular.

You would call one another asking would you like to go out for dinner, you both talked .And there you was enjoying the conversation until you ask what church do you tend? Right there he or she tells you that they did not go to church and they do not believe in God. This is when things might start digging deep between you two, same as pure nails pro.

There you wanted to drop the fork out of your hand because what you heard blew your mind. Here you met a wonderful person one that made you smile one that got you to laugh more then you had been for years. Was so kind to you it seem as throw you both had known one another for years. So what happens now? Are you going to continue seeing one another are you going to end it right there?

My comment: I know in today’s society we live in a world where it is not that easy to find someone that would be right for us. Especially as we are getting rather older as Times changing, people change. You decide you wanted to date again. Because it has been years since you had been on a date getting back into the scene again is not that easy. Your life style being a Christian is much different from those that are not. We would like to meet those who are equal yoke with us.

I am not saying that someone that does not go to church is better then one that does. It’s not about rather someone goes to Church are how many times one go it is about do one live the lifestyle that will be pleasing to God. Where you both would be on the same accord but what we need to do is take our time as we are out here. I know he or she is what we been always looking for having much in common. I would say not to just kick someone to a curb and throw away the friendship that you both have started. I would say to pray and see where it can bring you both. You never know that the lifestyle that you live will be a new beginning for that individual. The chose will be up to them.

Here Are Some Significant Aspects To Look In A Handheld Car Vacuum

Car vacuums are getting quite popular nowadays. The vacuum cleaner is a technology that is used in cleaning, and majorly, it is used in the houses which have carpets that hold on more dust particles. Therefore to make them clean and tidy one makes sure that they are the best machine according to their needs. As for different aspects, different vacuum cleaners are required to get the best and desirable results. So it becomes crucial to opt for the filter which fits your priority. So for more info, continue with this article to know more about handheld car vacuum

All we need to know about handheld car vacuum

A handheld vacuum is that machine which is used in our house for daily requirements of cleaning. And most people make the mistake of taking the services or use that same vacuum in cleaning their car as well. But it is wrong as the car has very little space and complicated spaces where the tubes of the ordinary vacuum cleaner cannot reach. Therefore when we talk about the size then surely this machine is much bigger and is only suitable for cleaning. Vast spaces of the house and is not ideal for cleaning the car. As there is an appropriate and specialized car cleaner, this is for cleaning and making sure that. There is maintained a hygienic level of the car interior, and our car is disease-free and odorless as well.

But the main reason behind the success of handheld vacuum cleaners is their versatility and working ethics of this machine. Moreover, these cleaner machines also come with different sizes and shapes, and the cleaner, which is small in format, can also make sure. That with the help of the device, our car can remains in better shape because the car interior has many complicated spots where our hand and fingers cannot reach. So its sucking system helps in the removal of all the dust particles, and it will automatically clean and kills all the bacteria which are present in the car. And one of the main reasons why this device is becoming so much trending in recent times because it has no wire in it. It runs on batteries installed in its system, which helps the user of vacuum to always have the upper hand from its tangling and chaos.

Signs of better handheld vacuum cleaner

The cord of the machine is 15-20ft long, which helps the users of the object to reach any spot with ease. The device also has headlights in it, which makes sure that their work can also work at night. And if there is a dark place, the work can’t stop. It is the primary reason why people who work in factories or warehouses. Mainly prefer this tool because their main job is done at night and with the help of its inbuilt light. One can always make sure that they have the upper hand will also night and work effectively and efficiently. And if there is any electric equipment, then evidently, they will get disturbed after some time, and as this machine as really simple user interference and sound mechanism. I make sure that everyone can handle and tackle all the problems regarding the computer very quickly and without any effort.

Secure attachment is the key for any sound cleaning machine because the attachment tools which attached to the device to make our life easy with better tools to work. As with the help of attachment tools, the working procedure of the tool becomes much easier as compared with the standard machine. So to have the better and best results, it is required to attach all the essential and original spare parts with the device. Like cord, handle, taillight, and cleaning brush. Adding on, having the simple structure of the cleaning machine is very important so that a person with every age group can use it. Because ladies and children are ones, who love to do cleaning and operate the machine, so if the device has tuff user interference, then it can become a pain in the neck of the user to manage it. Therefore with the help of a simple working style, everyone can operate the machine and make sure that. The level of hygiene is always sound, and we have better space to breathe and live easily.

Prices play a significant role in accepting the device, although there are many and almost uncountable varieties available in the market. So one should never go away with the flow and always purchase the machine according to their requirements and priority. Because if we are planning and willing to buy a cleaning device for our car, we must always look for the device which is small in size and highly portable.

A handheld car vacuum comes with dozens of benefits with it. As we all are aware of this cleaner that it is specially meant for the car to clean out the dust and dirt. What about its benefits?

  • Small in size

It is very small in size that it can be carried with one hand. Some models are so tiny that it can nearly fit in your pocket. This compact size increases the value of this product as it can be placed anywhere in the car or house. Small in size makes people easy who live in a small apartment or RV. As it saves lots of storage at your home or apartment.

  • Very light in weight

It is also light in weight as it is small in size. Most of the handheld vacuum weighs less than 10kg as it varies from person to person. It can be carried easily because of its light as a featherweight. Any kid can also handle this vacuum cleaner easily without any additional support. A kid can clean any mess created by a kid.

  • Very simple to use

It is so easy to use that anyone can use it, whether it is a kid or any adult. It is not only small and light-weighted but very easy to operate too. As we know how to operate tablets and mobile phones. This vacuum cleaner is as easy as those operating systems. Also, these vacuums are not as heavy as others. You do not have to worry about dropping as it will not harm as it is so light in weight.

  • Perfect for quick clean up

If a kid in your house has created a mess in the corner of the house, then you do not have to bring mopes and other things to clean up. Just carry the tiny vacuum cleaner and can clean that mess within seconds. Many things are included in a quick mess like hairs of the pet or dirt from the shoes. These things can easily be cleaned up without making any other mess or noise.

  •    Powerful

They just look small and light, but in reality, they are much powerful than we expect. They consume very low electricity, but they work great in power. A vacuum cleaner should be authoritative because there are some corners in the car or house in which the vacuum cleaner cannot go so that power will help us in cleaning that mess from the corner.

Does nail extensions give a toll on your nail’s health?

Who doesn’t want pretty nails? Well, the world is all about looking glamorous and stunning! The nails definitely add to all the shines and glory. But it is said fake it till you make it! So, till you are bestowed with the glory of big and beautiful nails, the nail extensions are your friends!
Nail parlours are the real time shizz! Every other place, you’ll find beautiful extensions and nail arts wooing you to get featured in your manicured hand. But before you decide on investing in the silk fiberglass nail extensions, you need to know all the facts regarding the same. So, without further delay, let’s start excavating the secret behind nail extensions.

Nail Extensions – What are they?

They are feather like plastics, designed in the shape of your nails. If you are struggling with nail undergrowth, they’ll just mimic your natural nail. After placing these plastics on the tip of your original nails, it is glued with acrylic, fibreglass, or even with gel mixtures to blend the artificial part with the natural counterpart! This innovative nail extension technique actually gives that extra edge to your beautiful hands!

Types of Nail Extensions

While you might think of getting your nails done, it comes with a bag full of variety. The different types of extensions come with different products to give your nail that shines!

Acrylic Extensions

They are the antique form of extensions that have been in the market. These extensions use a combination of a monomer, which is a liquid and powdered polymer, to give the desired outcome! The chemical combination, when glued on the nails, gets hardened when exposed to the natural air, and hence you achieve the glossy base to the nails!

Gel extensions

These gel extensions are done by layering the gel very perfectly with UV lights in between them. They are either applied on the artificial nail or on your natural nail, for promoting nail growth. This technique dries up fast and is resistant to chipping. They give that natural glossy look to the nails keeping it both hard and flexible at the same time!

Fibre glass

This technique of extensions is no more the shizz! The art of fixing silk or fibreglass on the nailbed before the artificial nail is glued to it has lost all the charms in the market! The other two options being more convenient and cheaper, are opted for more often!

Are they worthy for your nails?

The acrylic nails are more prone to damaging your original ones. They tend to make your natural nails brittle, breaking them off sooner than ever. So, the acrylic may not be the ideal choice as they prevent the natural nails from breathing in the fresh air! However, an alternative to your love for extensions can be the gel-based ones. They don’t harm the natural nails and gives that shine missing in them. They typically allow the original nails to grow and retain their strength and hence can any day be a better choice for you!

Do they ensure safety?

Well, any artificial agent on your natural body comes with a risk. Be it bleaching your hair or putting on the fake lashes. You really need to get that extra cautious when you’re getting your nails done! The extensions need to be applied using the most suitable method, however pricey it might sound! Otherwise, you always risk a chance of making your nails break and damage more easily than you would ever apprehend. Although it might sound risky, a well-invested nail extension can really turn out to be a boon!

Are they worthy of the hype?

This completely depends on your personal choice and preference. While some of you might think it to be a complete waste of money, others might think it to be the extra care to your beautiful fingers. Extensions indeed give that beauty to your hands with all that shines and brightness. Your hands will definitely stand out in a party with beautiful extensions on your nails. However, the hype is real, and women find it really enduring to have that colour and gloss!

8 Best Breeds Of Protection Dogs

Ever since the beginning, one of the main functions of our dogs is to protect and guard us against unwanted animals or people. Hence, some of the dogs of our modern generation are very helpful in the police and military work. While there are several breeds of dogs that you may be interested to own, there are specific breeds that are ideal for giving protection and safety. So if you want this breed of dog but still undecided due to the wide array of options, you are in the right place. This article will help you to get to know and understand some of the best dog breeds for protection.


Certainly, for a dog to be bale to protect you, it must have the needed strength and energy to combat any unwanted living creatures. Hence, Bullmastiff is one of the perfect examples of dog breeds that have these characteristics. A Bullmastiff is popular for its protection instincts, physical strength, and courageousness and family loyalty. So if an intruder or a bad guy blocks your path along the way, a Bullmastiff will certainly use its strength and energy to knock him down.

Doberman Pinscher

If you own a big house or a wide property, a Doberman pinscher is the best breed of dog for you. This type of dog is described as one of the fastest protection dogs among its registry. It has the ability to reach an intruder in a short amount of time. According to dogs’ research, Doberman pinscher is considered as the 5th smartest dog breed across the globe.


Another dog that is ideal for your safety and protection is the Rottweiler. This type of dog is known to be relentless, strong and fast. They are also intelligent and have extreme loyalty to their owners. Moreover, Rottweilers are quick learners.


Pulis are popular for their serious and suspicious nature. So this type of dog is one of the best choices that you can get when looking for the best dog breeds. They are described as alert and observant that they will immediately bark when they sense something suspicious to alert the owners.

Giant Schnauzer

Another powerful, strong, and dominant breed of dog perfect for protection and safety is the Giant schnauzer. They are described as compact, strong and intimidating. However, for you to fully develop them, you need to have a strict training with them.

German Shepherd

German shepherd is another dog breed commonly known for its protection work in military and police operations. This breed of dog is considered to be fearless, bold and very confident. They are also quick learners and intelligent. They will quickly react when they sense that their owners are being attacked.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback is known to be as guard dog. With their intimidating look, athletic physical resemblance, power, strength, agility and courage, it is no doubt that this dog breed is one of the best breeds of protection dogs.


Last in our list is Kuvsz, which is known to be very territorial, and has a strong instinct to guard home and family.

Ultimately, there are a lot of options when choosing a protection dog to own. You just have to choose the right one for your home or for your personal protection.

Review of Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer Fragrance Free

People go through hundreds of products every year and never find something that really works. You can even check out Purtier Placenta Ingredients for product reviews and prices. You can get the best available Olay products as well. I had been using Estee Lauder’s day serum for close to a year now every morning, and I really loved the results, I loved how it left my skin moisturized, but not greasy or shiny. However, ever since the warm weather began to perk up, I noticed that the expensive day serum was not working as effectively as it was during winter months when my face begged for more moisture. I noticed my skin looked shiner than usual, and knew I should probably change my day formula up a bit. Not only that, I’d save myself $55 a month by trying something new, and possibly cheaper.

This was when I decided to give Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer Fragrance Freea try. Although this daily moisturizer was much cheaper, it still calls for a pretty heavy price at nearly $20 for a 2 ounce bottle of the moisturizer. I, however, was spending much more every month, so for me this was a smaller price compared to the previous serums I was using. I take my skin care seriously, and now that I’m pushing 30, I try and get lotions and serums that will protect my skin against again. I want to keep my skin soft and wrinkle free for as long as possible, and I know that keeping skin young looking starts with how well you take care of your skin. Granted I won’t remain wrinkle free forever, I want to keep small lines in check, and I have very fine lines near my eyes, and at my forehead.

Using Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer Fragrance Free promised to minimize lines, nourish the skin for a healthy glow, enhance my skin tone, gently exfoliate, refine pores, help prevent damage to the skins surface, and hydrate the skin for a firmer appearance. 7 promises in 1 2 ounce bottle. It seemed like a whole lot of wonderful promises, but I am sure you are wondering, like I was wondering when I first purchased the moisturizer, if I saw any differences in my skins overall appearance

Well I used Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer Fragrance Free for a month, daily, and I am here to share exactly how my skin looks 2 weeks later, after initially purchasing it.

Before getting into my results though, I wanted to mention the actual container the lotion comes in.

In the package the container the moisturizer comes in appears to be much larger due to the packaging. Out of the plastic seal, the container is rather small and does not have all too much weight to it. You cannot see inside of the container though, so it kind of stinks, because you won’t know when you need a refill when you are running low. You just run out, and then have to go out and buy another bottle, if you liked it.

The container itself disperses a small amount of the moisturizer, which will be more than enough to cover one half of your face. Another squeeze down on the pump, and you will be able to finish the other half of your face. Do not forget to pay attention to your neck! I cannot count how many women forget to cover their necks, which in turn results in a beautiful healthy glow on their face, and a lackluster, wrinkly neck that does not match. So don’t forget the neck ladies!

Anyhow, the lotion itself goes a long way. It has a silky like texture to it, which I really like because it allows you to cover your entire face and neck, with just a small amount of the lotion. The moisturizer itself is white, and it does not have a fragrance at all.

What I liked about the moisturizer was how quickly it absorbed into my skin, so I was able to apply my liquid foundation right after applying Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer.

The one thing you will want to note is that the moisturizer will not keep your skin shine free. You will want to apply a powder to your face after applying your liquid foundation in order to keep your skin shine free.

Anyhow, this was what I continued to do daily, for 2 weeks.


After 48 hours of using Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging 7-in-1 Daily Moisturizer, I was surprised at how much softer my skin appeared. I was not expecting to see any changes within a 2 day time span, but I swore that my skin appeared softer, more even in color tone, and dry areas were moisturized. My oily areas however still remained oily and shiny, and required a touch up of powder mid-day.

Fast Forward:

It has been approximately 2 weeks since I began using this moisturizer, and I see a big significance in my skin tone, my fine lines, and I especially notice the difference in my eye region. I used to have small thin fine lines at the corners of my eyes. I’ve been combating these lines for awhile now, with many lotions and serums that have promised great results. Some work, but if you stop using it, the fine lines come back quickly.

I hope this does not happen with Olay’s Total Effects, because the results are very obvious, and much better than previous serums.

The one con I have encountered over the past 2 weeks though, is that break outs have become a little more common than what I am used to. I know that changing over your regularly used lotion to something new can cause this, but I change products frequently and never really have had problems. With Olay however, the issue is there, and I know that nothing else is causing it. They are small break outs, not gigantic pimples, but this definitely needs to be noted to those who are interested.


Even with that one flaw, I would recommend this moisturizer. It has transformed my skin tone, giving me a more even and balanced color, and fine lines are much more faded than they were 2 weeks ago. This one was money well spent, and I would definitely buy this one again.

Step-by-step guide to install Wireless Doorbell System

Wired doorbells are no doubt great but come with the headache of cumbersome installation. With multiple wires, it’s always a messy affair to install a wired bell. Yes, we reviewed the ring video doorbell pro and the results were awesome.  But, then, it’s a busy life today and we certainly want something simpler- such as wireless doorbells. One of the best aspects of wireless doorbells is a more convenient installation compared to their wired counterparts. And in regards to performance, you will surely be impressed. You must be planning to get a wireless doorbell for your home by now? Well, the post below offers a brief on installing a wireless bell like a pro.

Step 1

Study your bell

After you receive your doorbell, spend some time to study it. You will have to check what kind of batteries it would need. Then, check whether it requires some hardware, tape, additional screws and other necessary things for proper installation.

Step 2

Power it up

Wirefree bells run on batteries and the doorbell package will carry a pack of batteries for you. So, take out the batteries from the kit and insert them right into your doorbell transmitter. Is your chime receiver battery operated as well? In that case, insert the batteries into your receiver before getting to the next step.

Step 3

Sync transmitter with Chime Receiver

Before you actually install the doorbell, you will have to sync up the transmitter with a chime receiver. Look for a chime-control button right on your doorbell receiver and push it. Now, push-button on your bell transmitter. It would sync transmitter with receiver.

Step 4

Choose chime sound

You are just one step to go to the main doorbell installation process.

After you have synced up the transmitter with a chime receiver, you will have to choose your preferred chime tune. The best ones in the market allow users to choose from a vast and versatile gallery of 50+ sounds. So, check the sound options offered by your doorbell and choose the right one.

Step 5

Install transmitter

Now, we have reached the main stage of our mission as this is where we will finally install our wireless doorbell.

Get the transmitter and place it in your chosen doorbell position. Make use of screws or double-sided tape to attach the part to your wall. The leading wireless doorbell packages come with all the basic materials like screws or tape-you will need for easy installation. Most people use tape here but you will need the screws if the transmitter is placed outside where it could have exposure to weather elements.

Do you want your new wireless doorbell to replace an existing yet damaged hardwired doorbell? Well, in that case, you will first need to cover all exposed wires with electrical tape and nuts. Then, you can screw in or tape in your wireless transmitter at the chosen place.

Step 6

Install receiver

Wireless doorbells usually carry multiple receivers which help you to receive the bell from multiple locations. If your chosen model offers the same, you will need to find the locations for the receivers beforehand. Once you have chosen the locations, you will just need to plug in the receivers in the designated places. Depending on your model, you may have to set a code to bypass signal interference.

Don’t forget to test the bell after installation.

Three Signs Of Making A Smart Real Estate Investment

Real estate investors can easily know about a bad investment or red flags. They determine these by looking for the listing time, downfall in prices, etc. but, do you know how to look for green flags. Both the signs make an investment to be promising and hence, become necessary to consider. Just think who does not love to check the rise in real estate deal. Every investor wants to enjoy the heat of the moment but doesn’t know about the signs of a good investment.

If you are the one who is looking for the signs that will help you to know that your move leads you to see the positive potential in the investment, this is the right place for it. In the guide, we have covered the top signs that will tell you about your smart real estate investment. But, there is one thing that you must remember, and it is that these might not see for the first time. When you continuously search for a positive sign, we bet you will find one. Let us talk about these aspects below.

It will be located near the HQ of a high tech company

Those who made an investment in that area where headquarter of a high tech company lies, and then this might bring good news for you. The reason is that employees in these companies require a place to live and eat. Therefore, the money invested by you in such areas is considered the best investment ever made by the investor. If you don’t know about such locations, then don’t worry as the Parc Canberra EC site is a perfect place to invest.

Close to the hot market

People always look for such areas where they don’t find any difficulty in living. The reason is that they demand everything in their life. In big cities, buyers look for those locations which are closer to the hot market. If you have ever invested in such sites, surely, the stakes are going to increase. If possible, be ready to find these places earlier to increase the chances of becoming successful in real estate. Always ensure to understand every subtle aspect of the project and the location before investing. Those who don’t know what to do can invest in Parc Canberra EC, as it is a running project. You can get more details by visiting their website.

Near the water place

Water is something that increases the price of real estate. The reason is that water is considered the most desirable source. Investing in such a place near water demands a different strategy and everything runs on a unique program. Therefore, you must look for every subtle aspect before investing money in this area. It is a game where investing in less amount is remarked as the best thing. If you want to buy an asset on this location, then there is a need to understand the concept of construction homes and who is going to build that entire site.

To summarize, these are the top signs that will help you to know that you have made a smart real estate deal. Make sure to purchase the asset in a well-populated area. The reason is that it will increase the stakes automatically.

Looking for a Free Online Game?: 7 Top Reasons to Check Out Limbo Gaming site

I first started playing their games when I had nothing to do but fiddle with my cell phone while waiting for my daughters to finish their voice lessons. Since I am tight with my money, I rarely download games onto my cell phone even though I enjoy playing online games. Having subscribed to Internet access with my service provider, I discovered that with my cell phone I could play a few games at no charge: or was one of them.

The type of games offered were not your usual “collect points by shooting stuff”, but rather the “punch in numbers and win great prizes” type of games. Because the prizes offered were substantial in nature like a $500 gift card to Home Depot, or $5000 cash or a free designer purse, this allowed me not only to quickly pass the time, but to pass the time in a somewhat ‘productive’ manner. I wasn’t just playing to play, but playing to get something in return. I was hooked.

I later discovered they had a full fledge website packed with other features to ‘productively’ pass the time away. Thus, my 7 Top Reasons to Check Out…

1. It’s free to play online. (Some charges may apply if you play on your cell phone.)

How can I elaborate further on that? FREE is good.

2. The online games are simple.

The games are straight forward without a complex story or method of play. You simply click your mouse to participate in LimboGrab, or enter numbers to secure the lowest number in LimboUnique. By clicking your mouse in LimboGrab, you simulate grabbing the prize money or prize. The longer you virtually have the prize, the greater your chances are of being the winner. The rules are simple and easy.

3. The prizes awarded for winning the online games are incredible.

You can win prizes like a Hawaiian Vacation, 42″ HDTV, an Apple IPhone, designer shades, a Nintendo WII, tickets to the World Series or $5,000. I’d rather play an online game in hopes of winning a tangible prize versus winning another ‘bonus life’ or the notoriety of a ‘high score’ for point accumulation like in a typical online game.

4. You earn LimboLoot when you play LimboUnique on your cell phone.

Whenever you play on your cell phone, you may be awarded LimboLoot based on the number that you enter during LimboUnique. LimboLoot is equivalent to Monopoly money in that you cannot spend it in the ‘real’ world, however, it does have value in ‘Limbo’ world. You are allowed to exchange it for stuff with value like magazines, CDs, t-shirts, toys or if you choose, you may make a donation with it to’s list of charities.

5. You can choose to get LimboLowdown sent to your cell phone.

The ‘lowdown’ are just text messaging that you choose to receive on your cell phone that can include information on topics such as daily horoscopes, jokes, bible quotes, beauty tips, celebrity gossip, diet tips, hip hop news and more. LimboLowdown can be a great read while waiting around in line at the grocery store or sitting in the lobby at your doctor’s office waiting for your appointment. Because LimboLowdown is text messaging, standard rates do apply.

6. It is interactive.

You can choose to participate in the “Shout Outs” which are text boxes on the website that allows you to type in messages to other users. It is similar to an open chat room. You can post words of encouragement to other users, ask them how many ‘grabs’ they have left, or whatever comes to mind at the moment. You can also see in real time what state other users are from via the online map. Also, to personalize your identity, you have the option of uploading a picture or icon that represents you.

7. Their Limbo Promise.

They claim to never SPAM, never telemarket and to never implement any hidden charges. What a refreshing set of standards that is hard to come by on the Internet.

I have yet to win a prize on, but I’m hopeful. For that matter, my motto is like with the lotto: if you don’t play, they don’t pay. You can use expert boosting as well. This is a really great tool to enhance your gaming experience. You can easily level up and talk to other players while playing games. This service is really affordable as well.

Want To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Are your auto insurance rates eating up your money? If so, you might be able to lower your premium by making a few changes. Here some things to try.

You should visit to know more about how to lower your auto insurance rates. You can even look for auto insurances there that are suitable according to your requirements. As a car owner you should get yourself the best possible insurance for your motor vehicle.

Re-calculate your drive time. Remember when you bought your auto insurance and one of the questions asked by your agent was “how many miles do you drive a year?” Most people don’t know the exact answer to this question, so they guestimate between 15,000 – 25,000. If you know this value is really too high, lower it. By doing so, you’ll shave a few pennies off you premium and pay the correct amount you owe.

Take off unnecessary options. If you are a member of Triple A, you don’t need the extra tow coverage offered on your policy. Remove this from it along with any other duplicate coverage. However, a word to the wise on Medical Pay (MP) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, this also applies to passengers riding in your car at the time of an accident. So, if you have friends and other family who like to ride in your car, but don’t carry health insurance, you might want to keep it on.

See if you qualify for any discounts. Since our lives change from year to year, you’ll want to review your policy on a regular basis to see if you deserve a discount. Lower rates are often offered to good students, senior citizens and good drivers. Also, abs breaks, airbags, day-running lights and other safety features on your car can also give you a premium reduction. Call your agent today and see if you qualify for any of them. Also, make them check your policy to see if all of the original discounts told to you were actually applied to your policy. Human error is natural and might have bumped up your premium.

Get a higher deductible. If you have an excellent driving history and can pay a higher deductible, increase its amount. $500 is a good dollar value that most people can afford to pay if they have to make a claim. However, if you feel comfortable with $1000, go for it. You’ll see how big of a difference it makes in your rates.

Buy insurance with a bigger company. If you’re insured with a mom and pop insurance company and don’t want to leave due to family tradition or habit, you could be getting fleeced. Smaller lesser known insurance companies usually can’t offer competitive rates. They also don’t offer the best customer service when it’s time to settle claims. Why? They can’t pay their adjusters the same high salaries as the big guns. As a result, they get the dregs of the industry who may not handle your claim promptly or professionally. So check out a bigger company and see if they can give you a better price.