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Magnetic Mattress Pad: Does it Work?

I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years. Before trying magnetic therapy I had little luck finding a solution to the pain. I was frankly surprised that doctors and chiropractors were almost at a total loss helping me deal with the problem. They know all about prescription medications but nothing about magnetic therapy, magnetic health, or a magnetic mattress pad, which is why on you will find all the relevant information about these magnetic mattresses that you can get for yourself. Additionally, if you will find memory foam mattress reviews here so that you can learn more about these different types of mattresses.

But pain can be an incredible motivator so I started looking into alternative medicines. It didn’t take me long to put magnetic therapy, specifically a magnetic mattress pad, near the top of my list of things to try.

Now I maintain a healthy skepticism about something like a magnetic mattress pad. I don’t fall for gimmicks and snake oil solutions. So I didn’t just run out and buy a magnetic mattress pad. In case you have not noticed, a good magnetic mattress pad is expensive. So I started small. I got a good, but small, magnetic therapy support for the back of my chair. It seemed to help. No miracle cure or self-delusion but the pain was definitely less.

So I started looking into how this magnetic therapy stuff actually works. Turns out, magnetic therapy has been around for 1000’s of years but no one has scientifically identified exactly how, why, and when it works. I personally have no problem with that. Lots of things “work” but no one really knows why. One major theory is that since there is iron in our blood that the magnets in a magnetic mattress pad draw blood toward the magnets. This, in turn, increases blood flow. It makes sense when you think about it. Another major theory starts with the fact that all of the molecules and atoms in our body are electrically charged. A properly designed magnetic mattress pad would theoretically interact in a healthy way with our body’s electrical field. This also makes sense to me.

Two things stood out to me in all of this research I was doing. First of all, you can help it work by maintaining healthy body chemistry as best you can. If you eat lots of high acids, high-fat foods with lots of salt then magnetic therapy is not going to overcome the bodily mess you have created. Secondly, the design of a magnetic mattress pad is important. Get a good, comfortable one. It needs to be bio-north, high gauss density magnets and lots and lots of magnets so you have full-body coverage.

Only after I felt like I knew what I was getting into did I go out and buy a good magnetic mattress pad. Setting it up on my bed was easy. After sleeping on it a night the difference for me was like night and day. The morning back pain and stiffness of the past was gone. I was energized and ready for the day.

It was not a miracle cure but then I was not expecting one either. If you are looking for miracles you won’t find one in magnetic therapy or a magnetic mattress pad. It definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but if it could help lessen the pain isn’t it worth a try?

Top 9 Tips To Get Perfect Photos With Your Mobile Phone

With the evolution of mobile cameras, everyone out there is clicking pictures with their smartphones. Moreover, now we have the option to turn photo into paint by number as well, which is quite interesting and creative as well. However, in this article, we are going to focus on the different ways through which you can get perfect photos with your mobile phones.

  • Gridlines

This is the most vital aspect when it comes to clicking photos on your mobile phone. This is why it is recommended that you pay attention to the grid lines that are there on your screen in order to balance your photos. It is also important that you keep the points of intersection in your photo on the grid lines to make the photo seem more natural and balanced.

  • Focus Of Your Camera

With advanced smartphones that are out there, you do not have to worry about you camera’s focus as you can easily. However, as you are clicking picture make sure that you tap on you screen so that you can get the camera to focus on your desired point. This way you will be able to click more clear and crispier photos.

  • The Subject Of The Photo

You will find there are tons of interesting photos online that only focuses on one subject. This is why you should also try to focus on a single subject in order to make your photos more interesting. It is also recommended by professionals that your photo should have plenty of negative space in order to make the subject of your photo stand out.

  • Importance Of Negative Space

It is really important that you pay attention to the negative space in your photos as that can really help you in improving the overall effect of your photo. Negative space is the extra space that you will find in the background of the photos. With the help of the negative space, you can get more attention to the subject of your photo easily.

  • Perspectives

As you click any photo, make sure that you try out all the possible perspectives in order to create an illusion of height and depth in your photos. This will enhance your photos even further making your photos more interesting and catchy.

  • Reflections

If you are looking for creative ways of clicking pictures, then you should definitely try to play with the reflection in order to get amazing and beautiful photos. You can look out for puddles, mirrors, sunglasses, or metallic surfaces in order to catch photos that are really good.

  • Find symmetry

Along with gridlines, you can also look for symmetry in your photos in order to make them look more balanced and symmetrical. For instance, you can try out staircases in order to get symmetrical pictures that are interesting as well as comforting.

  • Repetitive Patterns

Along with symmetry, you can also look out for symmetric patterns that are quite pleasing to the eyes as well. With the help of these repetitive patterns, you can create strong visual impacts in your photographs. Moreover, in order to capture these patterns, you should keep your eyes open all the time.

  • Color Blocking

Lastly, you should try to play with your pictures in order to make them more interesting. In order to get all the attention to the subject of your photo, you can add color to the subject while keeping everything else black and white.

These are the Top 9 tips that you should keep in your mind as you click photos with your smartphone.

Louis Vuitton- Premium Handbags Passed The Test Of Time

There are different kinds of phenomenon existing in this world right from the time when this world came into being right from the advent of big bang theory to the 21st century where many countries have made great strides in making the planet a better place of existence.

Human beings are of different kinds with varying moods where some are quite soft and easy going while others are impulsive and quick on temperamental matters. In short, there are different emotions for different people.

Two of these emotions are desire and greed and they are the ones that motivate people to take extreme measures in life but our focus is on small everyday matters that relate to shopping.

Unique Products

Woman folks are most fond of shopping as they spent hours in different malls eyeing things that take to their fancy like jewelry and cosmetics but we are going to talk about handbags.

Louis Vuitton is a brand that is renowned all over the world for varied products of which handbags are the most popular of all due to their color and leather bound covers that make it easy to carry different things.

The company’s history goes back to 1854 when Louis Vuitton, who was starting out on his very first venture, decided to fulfill his late parents’ dream and opened up this business and named it after himself.

In the course, he became a very successful fashion designer in France and soon, Vuitton products started taking over the European market in a big manner and there was a time when they alone were calling the shots.

Soon, their dominion spread across the seven seas and crossed over to North and South Americas, establishing business connections in the majority of Asia and Middle East on the way.

Fake Stream Business

So total was the dominance of the Louis Vuitton brand that rival companies were flabbergasted at the phenomenon and were on the brink of bankruptcy due to which they had no choice but to resort to drastic measures as often happens in desperate times.

With the help of spies, they gathered important information on the products and started replicating them with their company’s logo in prominence and the copies were so perfect that it was impossible for anyone, baring experts, to tell them apart from the originals.

However, this fake stream business did not last long as Vuitton got wind of their plot and prevented further damages to his brand value and reputation by threatening them with legal consequences should they not stop this unholy practice, which was enough for the rivals to develop cold feet.

You can read more about fake Louis Vuitton on this website , where you can find a mine of information regarding Vuitton products and their replica business and how this fake LV shopping tips has made some people forgo moral ethics.

However, these tips will also make consumers more alert about premium handbags and how to buy the best one of the lot based on preference that will prove their money’s worth.

Finding the Best Commercial Dog Food

Giving your dog the right kind of food is essential for it to grow healthy and vigorous. But choosing the best commercial dog food from the grocery is not an easy task though, because there are a lot of dog foods that are made from sub-standard ingredients, so they would not be good for your dog. This is where is going to help you in getting the very best dog food that is really good for your dog’s health. 

You might already know that a lot of people recommend using natural foods for your dog so that it can get all the natural ingredients it needs in sufficient quantities. However, in today’s world, it is difficult to find time to cook for yourself, let alone if you need to cook for your dog then. The solution lies in finding the best commercial dog food that suits the needs of your dog while providing you with the convenience you need and deserve. 

Before you start looking for the best commercial dog food that is available in the market today though, here are some guidelines you might find helpful in your search for the best commercial dog food.

No genetic “fats” and “proteins” – you need to look at the package of the dog food itself and look for specific sources of fats and proteins in the dog food. For example, you should look for specified sources such as chicken fat, beef fat, and lamb meal. Don’t buy the dog food if all you can find are indications that the dog food is made from fat and protein because these ingredients may come from a mixture of sources so it is an indication that the dog food has poor quality.

Look for “human grade” ingredients – this term being used for dog foods is a little controversial right now because in general, animal foods cannot be labeled “human grade.” But if you see this claim in the dog food package, chances are the meats that were used in this dog food as good enough for humans to consume.

Don’t use corn gluten – this is a waste product from most human food companies. The corn gluten is also mostly used as a protein for dogs but take note though that the corn gluten is a poor quality substance you might not want your dog to eat. In addition to the corn gluten, you should also avoid wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate, and soy protein in dog foods because it has insufficient protein content for your dog.

Avoid Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT on your dog food – all the mentioned ingredients are used as preservatives for the dog food. If the dog food you are interested in buying contains significant amounts of these ingredients, you have to think twice before buying it. Putting preservatives in dog food is a sign that the product may not be made from high-quality ingredients.

Avoid artificial sugar and sweeteners – you should not let your dog take large quantities of artificial ingredients. For example, propylene glycol can be toxic when consumed in large amounts.

Have as few grains as possible – the best commercial dog food must have more meat than grains because your dog needs the protein it uses from this source.

Moving to a Small Apartment with a Big Dog

When my friend got divorced two years ago, she found herself living in a one-bedroom apartment with her two very large dogs. It was almost like a condo near school which seemed to be a comfortable accommodation for her. She had adopted her two Great Pyrenees mixes when her and her husband owned a large home with a great fenced-in back yard. Giving up the dogs was not an option, so she had to figure out how to meet their needs and turn them into good doggie neighbors as well. Many people find themselves in small apartments with dogs that aren’t ideal for small spaces, but still manage to make it work through hard work and dedication.

Apartment Organization

Small spaces are made less functional with clutter. If you have to downsize your space, clean out your stuff as well. Make sure all your furniture is practical and useful, and spend some time on organization. It will give you more room for your dogs to romp, and also keep them from chewing your shoes or ripping up a favorite book. Put your extra things in storage, or give them to family and friends for safe-keeping.

Exercise Exercise Exercise

A tired dog is a happy dog, and no where is that more important than in a small apartment. But without a yard, it takes more work for the dog owner to make sure their pups are getting enough exercise. Daily walks are an absolute necessity, even for small apartment dogs. Check out your neighborhood for dog parks to make up for the lack of a yard, or find a local agility course for extra physical activity.


Daily life in a new apartment comes with a lot of changes. Your dog may temporarily forget all their previous training as they adjust to the new environment. Owners will also need to train new behaviors. My friend’s dogs were reluctant to poop on walks, after having had a yard to eliminate in at their old house. She had to actively reward defecating again, something she hadn’t needed to do since her dogs were puppies!

Daily Enrichment

A dog in a small space is going to get bored quickly. Spend a little extra energy to think of things for your dog to do while you’re gone. My friend leaves cardboard cereal boxes in the living room for her dog to shred while she’s at work. Yes, it’s kind of a pain to clean up postage-stamp sized cardboard chunks every day, but it’s better than your dog getting into the garbage or tearing up a favorite sweater. There are plenty of dog toys on the market specifically designed to stretch out feeding times or make your dog use his brain in an appropriate way!


The best way to get your dogs back on track is to establish new routines as quickly as possible. Early morning walks, afternoon hikes, weekend swimming, whatever it is, start doing it as soon as possible. Consistency will help your dog remember his manners and settle in quickly. Pretty soon, the new apartment will be the new normal.

How To Sell A Car With A Loan Balance Outstanding

When you sell a vehicle for which the loan is paid off and you have the title, you can generally just sign the title over to the buyer in exchange for the agreed selling price. But when there is a loan balance outstanding on the vehicle, the lender has a lien on the vehicle and you will not be able to sell it until the loan balance has been paid off and the lien is released.

Depending on the amount of the outstanding loan balance, you may be able to pay if off, obtain the title, and then sell the vehicle. You can call the bank or credit union where you financed the car to find out the exact balance owed. As pointed out on if you decide to pay off the loan before you sell the car, you should get a lien release from the lending institution, indicating that there is no outstanding loan obligation. Once the loan is paid off, the bank or credit union will generally send you the original title.

If you prefer not to use money from your savings or other sources to pay off the loan first, or if you need the proceeds from the sale in order to pay off the loan on the vehicle, you will need to make arrangements with the lender and the buyer.

As indicated on, once you have a buyer, you could call the bank or credit union and make arrangements for you and the buyer to meet with a loan officer to complete the transaction. If the lender agrees to facilitate the transaction, you can ask the buyer to meet you at the time and place agreed, with a certified check made out to you and the bank or credit union. The lender would take the check to pay off the outstanding balance on the loan and reimburse you for the difference, assuming the sale price is enough to more than cover the loan.

If it is not possible for you and the buyer to complete the transaction at the lending institution, you can take the bill of sale to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles may have a standard form for this purpose. The buyer will be issued a temporary operating permit and you can send the title as soon as the loan balance is paid off. This method involves trust on the buyer’s part.

When you sell your vehicle you will also need to take of the license plates and car leather seat covers according to the rules in your state. The plates may have to be returned to the Department of Motor Vehicles for credit. In some states such as Florida, you take your license plates with you.

And you should contact your insurance company to remove your coverage from the vehicle you sold. But you should be sure that the vehicle is covered until the title is officially transferred to the buyer, to protect you from any potential liability.

The Newest Collection Of Penelope Opt Art Coach Handbags

The Penelope Opt Art Coach Handbag collection features pretty pastels, vibrant colors and art deco designs.

In order to explain what significance they have in the lives of women, we need to dig deeper into the topic of the bags as they are quite a vast area to discuss about. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at some luxurytastic reviews of some of the best handbag models that can be availed by women and which one is better than the other.

Here are a few designs from the newest collection of Penelope Opt Art Coach handbags.

Clutch Handbag

The New Penelope Opt Art Clutch Coach Handbag is a cute and sassy designer handbag that can be worn alone or as an added accessory with a larger bag. This pretty clutch handbag has a zip top closure, inside zip pocket, an exterior front flap pocket and a classy fabric lining. The Penelope Opt Art Clutch Coach Handbag includes a charming wristlet strap, a multi functional pocket with an Opt Art coated canvas fabric and leather trim. This classy clutch handbag is available in the colors silver/black/white, silver/ivory/green, silver/ivory/lilac and silver/ivory/orange.

Shopper Coach Handbag

The New Penelope Opt Art Shopper Coach Handbag is the ideal stylish weekend handbag. This alluring coach handbag has plenty of room for all your items and has a sophisticated charm that will compliment any causal outfit. The New Penelope Opt Art Shopper Coach Handbag includes a center divider zip pocket perfect for organizing, an inside zip pocket, an exterior front zip pocket, an inside cell phone and multi functional pocket. This eye-catching shopper handbag includes a wide-open top with magnetic snap closure, short double leather straps, fabulous fabric lining, an Opt Art coated canvas fabric throughout with leather trim. The New Penelope Opt Art Shopper Coach Handbag is available in the colors silver/black/white, silver/ivory/green, silver/ivory khaki and silver/ivory/lilac.

North-South Tote

The New Penelope Opt Art North-South Tote is the perfect accessory to compliment jeans or casual trousers. This trendy tote has an inside zip pocket for personal items, a convenient cell phone pocket, a center divider zip pocket and a multi functional inside pocket for extra items. The New Penelope Opt Art North South Tote includes an exterior front zip pocket, an open top, interior magnetic snap closure, an Opt Art coated canvas material, leather trim with a charming fabric material lining. This beautiful designer tote handbag is available in the colors silver/black/white, silver/ivory/green, silver/ivory/lilac and silver/ivory/orange.

Penelope Travel Satchel

Travel in style with a the New Penelope Opt Art Travel Satchel Coach Handbag has an inside zip pocket, zip top closure, inside cell phone pocket, one exterior front flap pocket, a multi functional inside pocket for extra storage, fabulous fabric material lining and one exterior back zip pocket. This trendy travel satchel includes an Opt Art coated canvas fabric all over, leather trim, Coach signature logo at front, and detachable leather shoulder strap. The New Penelope Opt Art Travel Satchel Coach Handbag is available in the colors brass/black/white/black.

Alcohol Consumption In Weight Loss

The are plenty of myths regarding alcohol, but what needs to be looked at is alcohol’s effects on the body, especially during a weight loss regime. It is common sense and knowledge that to successfully lose weight the body must burn more calories than what is consumed. Moreover, consuming alcohol is not good for your body as well, this is why as you are trying to lose weight you can try things like coolsculpting that can help you get rid of this extra fat that is there in your body. This is also beneficial for your skin as well. You can choose Skin Technique for Coolsculpting in New Jersey to take care of your skin.

Some weight loss programs allow for the consumption of the alcohol, while others rebuff it and advise to stay away from it whilst losing weight.

How does Alcohol Prevent Weight Loss?

Pure alcohol contains an estimated 7 calories per gram, which in relation to food groups is 3 more calories than carbohydrates or proteins and 2 grams less than fat. Alcohol calories are different from the fat calories found in foods. Alcohol calories do not allow the body to burn fat calories from food. Once alcohol enters the body, it is converted to a substance known as acetate, which prevents the loss of fat. Not only that, if there are alcohol calories present in the body, but the body will also use these calories before burning the fat calories. According to Dr. Angela Tremblay Ph.D., Professor of Nutrition and Physiology at Laval University Quebec, “The energy content of alcohol represents extra calories.”

It has also been proved that when eating a meal, those who drink alcohol with the meal would eat more than those who ate their meal with a glass of water or a soft drink. This was proven by researchers from the Denmark Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, who allowed a group of men to eat all they could, once served with alcohol, once served with a soft drink. The men ate more when the meal was served with a beer or a glass of wine.

So not only are the alcohol calories present, but more fat calories are present from the quantity of food being consumed.

What Are the Implications for Using Alcohol as a Weight Loss Tool?

Excessive use of alcohol can cause weight loss, but not healthy weight loss. Replacing meals and beverages of the day with alcohol intake can cause weight loss. However, this is at a risk to the body’s functioning. The first signs are a dull skin complexion, the drive to have sex but being unable to perform, headaches and a feeling of nausea. These are just some of the short term effects of alcohol on the body, but long term effects include liver disease, depression and inflammation, and ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract.

Weight Loss Programs that Allow for Alcohol Consumption

There are weight loss programs that will permit for a minimal amount of intake of alcohol. This is because if the regime is completely denying something the body enjoys it can be hard to stick to that program. Low-Carbohydrate diet plans permit alcohol to be consumed as technically alcohol contains no carbohydrates, so this fits into the plan. A weight-loss program such as weight watchers allows the consumption of everything, including alcohol. This is because they work on a points value system. A person is given a number of points to be consumed each day (each food/beverage item is given a points value) and as long as they do not exceed the points value, they will lose weight. Doing exercise will allow more points to be consumed as each exercise has a point value that can be added on to the daily value.


What Are the Calorie Contents of Alcohol?

In calorific terms, it takes the body 3,500 calories to produce 1lb of body fat. If a single measure of spirit (such as vodka) with a mixer was drunk two to three times a day for a week, the body would have already produced that 1lb of fat. A pint of lager can hold up to 230 calories, whereas a pint of cider can contain 240 calories, compared to a small glass of wine which would come in at around 85 calories.

What Are the Recommended Allowances for Alcohol?

For a man, the weekly recommendation is 21 units per week, and for women, 14 units.

1 unit is the equivalent of eight grams of pure alcohol, a single measure of a spirit, while a pint of lager can hold up to 3 units. If the calorific value of a pint of lager is 230 and it equates to 3 units, for a man to drink his weekly allowance he would have consumed 1610 calories. For a woman, she would have consumed approximately 920 calories.

Even by sticking to health guidelines for the consumption of alcohol, the calorific value is too high to ignore for losing weight.

Waking Up with Back Pain – Problem due to sleeping postures

Back pain while waking up is caused by either a defective mattress or bad sleeping habits. While the defective mattress needs replacement, bad sleeping habits can be rectified by simple procedures described below.

Most people suffer from the common problem of lower back pain when they wake up. Common reasons for this are the mattress one uses and the other is the sleeping position.

How defective mattress hurt?

Normally, coil spring mattresses which are more than ten years old, whether used or not will wear out and certainly needs replacement. If it is not replaced, then chances are the user gets hurt.

At the same time, if the mattress is too soft, even that could hurt the user. It does not mean that it should be hard. All that is required is one should sleep on the firm side of the mattress, so that, it supports the user properly.

Sleeping postures:

The next important matter is the sleeping posture. Some of the sleeping postures put the tissues under pressure and this causes pain upon waking after long hours of sleep. Sleeping on the back or by the side is good, but, it has to be done properly as otherwise, the tissues are under pressure.

While sleeping on the side, normally, the top leg moves forwards of the bottom leg and the top leg falls. This may cause a twist. So, lying in twisted position for eight hours restricts blood circulation to the tissues and this causes pain while one wakes up. Microdiscectomy is a very common method to remove the pain from the back. The bending and lifting of the back will be comfortable to the person after the surgical treatment. 

This can be prevented, by putting a pillow near the leg. This prevents the top leg from dropping as it gently rests on the pillow and so there are no chances of causing a twist.

In case of those who sleep on their back, there are chances of tissues of the low back and pelvis getting strained. This again causes pain while getting up in the morning. This problem could escalate, if the mattress is not good. However, to get rid of this problem, one can put a thick pillow below the knees. By this method, the stress on the lower back is reduced considerably.

Do not sleep on the stomach:

There are people who sleep on their stomach. This is a very bad habit. Sooner or later, sleeping on the stomach will hurt the neck or upper back. Therefore, to get over this habit, it is advisable to put a large pillow either on the front and back side or one on each side. This will prevent the habit of rolling on the back while in sleep.

Even after improved sleeping habits, if the back pain persists, call the physician for consultation.

Simple Steps to Lasting Hair Color

Watching your new vibrant hair color transform into dull, brassy shades is never fun – especially when you pay an outrageous amount of money each time you step into the salon for all-over color or highlights. Whether you color your hair at home or have it professionally done, no want wants to walk around with less than stellar color – so check out some of these tips to extend the life of your color:

Wait before shampooing – Even though most of us wash our hair before heading to the salon, Hair Boutique suggests waiting between 24 and 48 hours after shampooing the hair to do the color treatment. Natural oils in the hair work to ensure color deposits more thoroughly into the hair follicles, so don’t wash them away! After color, wait another 24 to 48 hours to shampoo – it gives your hair more time to absorb the dye for richer, long-lasting color.

Shampoo sparingly – Though the hair color is going to fade naturally within a few months, choosing the right shampoo can stretch the color even longer. SkinCare News suggests washing the hair every other day to avoid stripping the follicles of natural oils or color. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with greasy strands, either. Use a dry shampoo if you need to soak up excess oil or you want to freshen up the hair between washes. Clinic Brampton cosmetic surgery advises that when applying hair color, you need to ensure that you are using a legit product to avoid any complications.

Use Shampoo for Colored Hair – Most of us don’t want to add more to the bill when we go to the salon, but shampoo for colored hair is a good investment. Shampoos and conditioners are specially designed to neutralize brassy tones in the hair, and some products for color treatments actually deposit small amounts of color into the hair to keep it looking fresh, according to Good Housekeeping Magazine. One of my favorite products is Blue Malva Color Conditioner by Aveda – it keeps blonde hair looking golden, not orange, but also works with all hair colors to keep it from appearing brassy over time.

Protect it from UV rays – Think all you have to worry about is protecting your skin from the sun? The hair is just as sensitive – protect the hair follicles and color with a hair protectant designed to defend against UV damage. SkinCare News suggests Frederic Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Anti-Fade Top Coat.

Protecting the color and avoiding an excess of products are two sure ways to extend the color as long as possible. Your hair is going to need re-coloring, of course, to deal with roots or because some colors naturally fade quicker (think reds!), but you can implement these tips to save a little time between trips to the salon!