3 Shocking Reasons Women Want Bigger Boobs


Some women wonder how it feels to be big-breasted like Hollywood Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson or American Pie’s former star, Tara Reid. A lot of women yearn to have bigger breasts for a variety of reasons. The growing trend of Hollywood celebrities signing on for breast augmentation is a testament to women’s longing to have bigger breasts.

We come up to three main reasons why ladies want to go under the knife and have their breasts enhanced: to counteract their discontentment on their physical attributes, to increment their ego and faith in oneself, and to be a man’s object of desire.

Majority of women tend to be not thankful enough for their breast size. Seeing Posh Spice on the front page of Vogue with huge breasts make them feel inferior with their cup A breast size. Flat chest would not appear seductive as a bigger breast would when if one intends to wear a plunging neck line. Wearing a bikini or even a tankini is something that they would never dare. In short, women would love to have fuller breasts so they can appear lovely on any dress and they could get all the praise.

Vanity magazines and big screen hit movies appear to affect how why women want to have bigger breasts as models and actresses get all the compliments of being sexy, ravishing and tempting. A flat chested woman then becomes the center of ridicule and mockery that she can be mistaken as a man for her appearance. This then leaves them with feelings of low self-esteem and they would even degrade their self-worth. To escape from these insecurities, women appeal to go under the knife just so they could increase their confidence.

Several men adore women who possess bigger breast compared to those who are flat chested. They tend to find it as a great asset that is worthy of wonderful appraisal. Big-breasted women become a man’s object of desire. They appear to bring about beauty, glamour, and pulchritude. Although not all men fall for bigger breasts as real beauty is skin deep, women still opt for bigger and fuller breast size that would make them appear as sexy like a movie celeb or pin-up models whose bosoms appear to be the center of attention.

If you believe that breast augmentation could truly enhance your aesthetic beauty, you need to consider a few questions before going under the knife. Are you aware of the associated risks and complications of breast surgery? Do you know that natural methods may be done to increase you breast size naturally? Search, look, and do not rest on one option alone for you might find answers that won’t be as life-threatening and costly like breast augmentation.

There is advanced implant in breast augmentation today with celebrities being suckers for it.