5 Tips To Train Your Bird Like A Boss


Training a bird is just as interesting as training any other pet animal. This is mostly because birds are intelligent and a few of them can have a long lifespan. Training properly can reinforce the bond between you and your bird, as well as prevent awkward social situations. It might not be possible to fully domesticate a bird, but training them will certainly help living with each other much more comfortable. Follow the below tips to train your pet bird like a boss.

  • Have the necessary at hand

Before you start training your bird, ensure you have the certain little things to help both you and your bird during the session. The most important thing to have at hand is treats for your bird, which are different from re treats for your bird, which are different from regular bird food. The best bird treats can include certain nuts and fruits like raisins, grapes, apples or papaya. You should also keep a handheld dowel, a light colored towel, bird harness and a cage. It is also important to have a bitter apple spray to prevent your bird from chewing on inappropriate objects.

  • Be practical

It is not wise to be authoritative with your bird. You need to understand that your bird is an individual just like you. Pay attention to your bird’s cues and recognize their behavioral patterns. Your bird might not be up for certain tricks, no matter how hard you try. You should understand the same and not force anything. This way your bird will feel safer around you and not anxious. You should also keep a track of the time of the day when your bird is more keen and receptive to learning newer skills.

  • Know how to handle your intelligent pet

Make your bird comfortable with your touch. Start by touching him just above the feet, on the lower breast, and encourage it to climb on your finger. Use the command “up”, and if the bird responds, reward him with praises like “good bird”. Ensure to not hold the bird too high or too low. The correct height is your chest height. Also never stand below the bird so that you remain in the training master position throughout. Repeat the verbal commands and motions to train your bird to step up and down to and from the perch to your hand. It is also important to not have your bird get accustomed to the habit of sitting on your shoulder. This is particularly important when your bird is going to grow into a bigger size.

  • Have the right environment for training

To help your bird focus better on his training, it is important to choose an environment that is free from distractions. For example, if you try to train to verbal commands in his cage, your bird might be more occupied in food and toys, rather than on your words. So it is important to have a separate perch for your bird on which it can sit and train with full concentration.

  • Do not pay attention to tantrums

Birds can throw tantrums like screaming to get your attention. Try not to give undue importance to such tantrums, as it can spoil your bird for the worse. However this does not mean that you shouldn’t be affectionate towards your bird.