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Racing-license ‘debate’ suggested; Input from industry, public eyed to determine if N.M. needs sixth racino

Before the New Mexico Racing Commission considers how to handle the state’s sixth and final horseracing license being sought by Raton and other communities, the commission might first talk about whether a sixth racino is needed or wanted by the state’s horseracing industry.

Racing Commission Chairman Rob Doughty has recently called for the commission to conduct “some open debate” regarding a potential sixth racino before any decision is made on whether to move forward with taking applications and awarding the sixth racing license. Doughty, an Albuquerque attorney, has not returned Range phone and e-mail messages left for him during the past week, but he has been quoted elsewhere recently on the matter of the sixth license.

The Racing Commission needs to discuss “what the industry wants, including whether the industry wants the sixth racino at this time,” he told the Albuquerque Journal in late May, adding that he was speaking as chairman and not for the other commission members.

Earlier, in an interview with New Mexico Horse Breeder, the monthly publication of the New Mexico Horse Breeders Association, Doughty said, “If the industry thinks it is (necessary to have a sixth racino) and the state can support a sixth racino, then we’ll move forward. The commission is neutral on this issue and is not going to push one way or another until there is a public debate on it. We’ll do what the industry feels is right.”

The Racing Commission is scheduled to meet June 27 in Albuquerque. Doughty told the Journal he might ask the commission at that time to schedule a public hearing on the matter to take place prior to the commission’s regular meeting in July. “After we take that public comment,” he said, “the commission could then decide whether to move forward with reopening the application process for a sixth racino.”

The boards of the New Mexico Horse Breeders Association and the New Mexico Horsemen’s Association are scheduled to hold their own meetings June 26 with discussion expected on the sixth racing license. Horse Breeders Association Executive Director Anna Fay Davis limited her comments Friday to The Range to say a discussion of if a sixth racino is wanted or necessary will be on the agenda for the organization to possibly formulate an official position.

Eric Mikkelson, president of the board of the Horsemen’s Association, said a similar discussion among that group’s board members was likely at its meeting June 26, but added “the general discussion is that it (a sixth racino) is wanted…We’re always looking for more racing opportunities and more dates.”

He said trainers and other horsemen generally are eager to compete at new facilities, and “people remember the glory days” in Raton when La Mesa Park — the state’s first formal horse track — was operating until it went bankrupt and closed in 1992.
Mikkelson said many horsemen were “disappointed” that the effort that began several years ago to place a racino in Raton failed.

Whether the Horsemen’s Association will support a specific site to land the sixth racing license if it is again put up for applications remains to be seen, Mikkelson said.

“I think everybody’s going to be a little scared of Raton after what happened last time,” he said, referring to conflict between Canadian developer Michael Moldenhauer — who planned a $50 million racino in south Raton — and the state racing and gaming boards when Moldenhauer failed to meet deadlines and accused state officials of mishandling the process that led to the loss of the racing and gaming licenses that were originally issued to him in 2009 for his racino that never got built. Moldenhauer appealed the loss of his licenses in court, with the New Mexico Supreme Court recently refusing to hear the final case and Moldenhauer not filing, within the required 15-day period, a motion for the court to reconsider, although his option to submit a motion and ask the court to accept it beyond the deadline remains open, according to the court clerk’s office.

That court decision renewed the hopes of those wanting to apply for the state’s sixth and final racing license that had been tied up in court the last couple of years. Raton city officials are trying to recruit new investors to back a Raton racino project while similar projects are eyed in or near Tucumcari and Lordsburg. In addition, the firm that operates a racino in Hobbs wants the license in order to then seek a second gaming license to expand the number of slot machines it can have at its existing racino. By state law, a racino operator must first obtain a racing license for each gaming license it seeks.

According to Mikkelson, the handles — the amount of money being made — by the state’s existing five racinos in or near Albuquerque, Farmington, Ruidoso, Hobbs, and Sunland Park have been declining. While it remains to be seen whether the state could support a sixth racino when the current five are seeing declining financial returns, he said horsemen would likely welcome a sixth racino because they are “always looking for a better place to go.”

Last week, a Houston-area “investment banker and business strategist” e-mailed a proposal to Raton city officials. Jim Ed Brown proposed to serve as a consultant to the city in order to put together an investment team to pursue the racino for Raton. Brown and city officials confirmed Brown had a brief connection to the most recent group of businessmen from New Mexico and Texas who had expressed interest in pursuing a Raton racino but who had recently backed away from the project.

Raton Economic/Community Development Director Christopher Reed said he initiated contact with Brown at the suggestion of one of the members of the former group of potential investors. Reed said he has also had conversations with other people in hopes of finding new investors to back a local racino project.

Fun Things to Do in the Chicago Suburbs

The second largest city in the United States, Chicago suburbs are large cities in themselves. All of them have fun activities and attractions for all ages. There are museums, parks, family entertainment centers, live theater, festivals, art galleries, libraries, restaurants, working farms, orchards, and other attractions. While most are not as large as those in the city, they are popular destinations for those staying in the suburbs, or for those who want a day out of the city.

North Shore Suburbs
Wagner Farm in Glenview is a popular destination. Adults and children alike learn about a real working farm. The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian portrays the Native American cultures of the Woodlands, Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast and the Arctic. Mitchell Museum is at 3001 Central St., Evanston, Illinois, (847) 475-1030,

Chicago South Suburbs
The Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago southern suburb of Brookfield is nationally-renowned and has more than 3,000 animals. The Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center has 3.5 miles of trails for walking and education. The schoolhouse contains interpretive exhibits and hosts events. It is located at 9800 Willow Springs Road, Willow Springs, Illinois 60480, (708) 839-6897.

West Chicago Suburbs
The DuPage Children’s Museum has exhibits on sciences, math, and the arts. Enchanted Castle Family Entertainment Center in Lombard has 60,000 square feet of family activities, including bumper cars, laser tag, go-karts, miniature golf and other activities. The Castle center is at 1103 S. Main Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148, (630) 953-7860,
Mayan Adventure Indoor Water park at the Holiday Inn in Elmhurst has 24,000 square feet of water activities for all ages. It’s located at 624 N. York Road, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126, (630) 279-1100 or (877) 426-4386

The Truth Behind Obama’s “Climate Deal” with China

In case you hadn’t heard, apparently, it’s a good thing for America, Americans, and the world that President Obama is creating agreements with other nations and excluding Congress from the process! The latest greatness from the Anointed One is a “climate” agreement with China.

Here’s the “deal” he struck:

The U.S. will cut “greenhouse gases” by 26 to 28% by 2025 and China will… stop increasing gasses by 2030!

So what is this really about?

For one… changing the subject from the mid-term disaster to the “environment” and a chance to make Republicans look like Earth haters.

It’s also to help set Obama’s “legacy” about how he loves Gaia and fought the bad men and women who thought the proof was needed before doing anything!

It’s also about trying to raise the cost of electricity in the U.S. by putting coal plants out of business and to bolster “green” energy similar to failed companies like Solyndra. And if Obama and his party can force Americans to drive less and pay more in taxes so they can grow the Government then even better!

It really is quite disgusting how the press is fawning over Obama. Republicans, of course, are being painted as the bad guys:

Republicans, who won control of the U.S. Senate in midterm elections on Nov. 4, are threatening to fight the administration’s efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from U.S. power plants and his pledge to raise $100 billion to help poor nations combat climate change.

Obama has made climate change a central issue for his final two years in office, though his agenda is under attack by Republicans, who are set to take control of both chambers of Congress at the start of next year.

I heard several news reports and not one discussed how Congress was completely bypassed. Instead, the focus was on how Obama was getting things done:

The administration officials, who briefed reporters before the announcement on condition of anonymity, said the new targets can be implemented without congressional action.

Pretty sad and no wonder so many Americans are brainwashed by the Liberal press.

Even if you think “climate change” is real bypassing Congress like this and thus denying Americans a voice in what happens to their country is un-American.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Apple cider vinegar is an old and quite popular ingredient for use as a yeast infection home remedy.

The acidity of the vinegar helps to rebalance the good and bad bacteria in our bodies and helps to create an environment that encourages good bacteria health. The most important thing to remember if you want to try this home remedy is that you must buy only apple cider vinegar. Do not use any other type of vinegar as it may make your infection worse.

When choosing your apple cider vinegar, be sure to get it undiluted and as natural as possible. You will be diluting it yourself in the right portion to make it most effective. If you buy vinegar that is already diluted, it may be too watered down to treat your symptoms.

The recommended dilution for treatment is one part apple cider vinegar to one part warm distilled water. You can then treat your symptoms in two ways. You can dip a soft washcloth in the solution and gently apply the cloth to the affected area. You will most likely feel a slight burning sensation at first. If you can tolerate this, it is supposed to start alleviating symptoms right away. Some people, however, really find it difficult to endure this, and thus turn to a different yeast infection home remedy.

If you think it might work better for your infection, you can also take an apple cider vinegar bath. For this, you would add about 30 ounces of vinegar to a tub of warm bath water and then just soak as usual. If this too causes too much burning, you may also want to try a less irritating yeast infection home remedy.

You can also take apple cider vinegar as a tonic. It is bitter to swallow but it can be sweetened with a bit of honey or fruit juice. You should take two to three tablespoons a day until symptoms disappear. Probably the best way to take it as a yeast infection home remedy is to brew a cup of herbal tea, add the vinegar and sweeten with a good dose of natural honey.

Weight Loss Help: How to Succeed When You’ve Failed in the Past

Permanent weight loss. It can seem so daunting. Many struggles with weight, often finding themselves perpetually losing what seems like a never-ending battle. If you find yourself looking for weight loss help frequently, understand that you can finally tip the scale in your favor. There is hope, especially if you use the right weight loss motivation tools. Best of all? The tools I mention below don’t cost a dime.

Create your personal movie for success
Reminding yourself of your goals each day is a powerful way to stay on track. But how do you do this without getting tired of always thinking about your goals and eventually giving up? Creating a “mind movie” is the perfect solution. A mind movie is a brief slideshow set to inspiring music that you watch twice a day – in the morning and at night. The movie includes present tense affirmations as if you have already achieved your goal. Since we are what we believe, watching a mind movie trains you to positively embrace and create a better outcome. Free video and photo editing software are available online if you don’t own any. To learn more about mind movies (and view a sample movie) and to see how a rather simple law can drastically affect weight loss motivation, just click the links.

Emails help you lose weight?
Canadian researchers recently found that those who subscribe to weight loss newsletters lose considerably more weight than those who do not subscribe. The regular updates give them the weight loss help and motivation they need each week to keep at their goals and make smart choices. Why don’t you sign up for our excellent email newsletter series today? We even give you our FREE report that shows you how you can turn your body into a white-hot calorie burning machine – even when you’re sleeping or watching television. Our (spam-free) email weight loss system reveals insider tips like:

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  • And much, much more.

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The simple program with big results
How would you like to take part in a free program that helps you manage your weight loss goals and your time better than you have ever managed them in the past? Almost a year ago I discovered a program called Simpleology that had a groundbreaking effect on how I achieve my goals. This program and accompanying software is not only free, but reveals why you’re not reaching success, and what you can do to hit your targets each and every time. It’s like having a success expert standing over your shoulder. The program was developed by Mark Joyner, a successful businessman, and consultant who discovered that many people have great ideas and know what they want, but allow distractions and weakening decisions to keep them from achieving their ideal life. Mark himself had a weight problem and details in the program his own efforts to lose and keep off the excess pounds.

I can attest to the legitimacy of Mark’s program. I’ve been through it myself and use the software each day to get more done that I could otherwise. I’ve broken several bad habits and have had the best year of my life, thanks to this empowering program. It’s easy, free and even fun. You can sign up for Mark’s free program, just as hundreds of thousands have done, by clicking this link.

So there you go. Weight loss help that’s free and life-changing. How can you go wrong with weight loss motivation tools this good?

Humor in Accents: Yes, you have one

I have traveled a bit in my still fairly young career. Not as much as some jet set people I know that have worked in sales most all of their working lives, but more than what I think the average person has. As part of that travel, I have heard many, many accents throughout the US and a few other countries. Frankly, most accents make me smile and laugh inwardly, some produce and uncontrollable outburst.

The funniest thing about accents, I think, is that most everyone thinks they don’t have one. Guess what, you do. Everyone does, it’s just a simple fact; it’s all relative. You have an accent to someone that speaks differently than you. I live in northern Utah, which really is a melting pot linguistically because of the number of people coming from all over to school here, and others that have spent a couple of years elsewhere speaking a foreign language. That said, Utah has its own set of accents like any other place. There are the natives from American “Fark” (Fork) that always are always good for a laugh.

I spent most of my youth living in Washington State. Our big pet peeve up in the Great Northwest was people moving into our great state. Yeah, we had that attitude that it was “our” state and keep everyone else out, especially those darn Californians. Nevermind that most of us were transplants to the state as well, but we were practically natives now, so it didn’t apply to us. How did you identify yourself as an “outsider?” Aside from the inability to drive in the winter, it usually started first with complaining about the rain. If you weren’t used to the rain to the point that you didn’t even break out an umbrella much less not even realize it was there, you definitely hadn’t lived in the great state long enough to be a local. In Washington we didn’t tan for color, we rusted.

The one outsider trait we all disliked the most was those that came in with an accent that included adding an “R” to the name of our state. I am sure you’ve all heard this before…Washington (war) is not the name, it reads “Wash” in that name. Now I know there will likely be some that read this site that still does this, and just know I have gotten over my strong feelings about this, now I just give that little inward chuckle at both hearings it and realizing how strongly I felt about it. That said, if this makes you realize you do this, perhaps it will help you work that out of your dialect. 🙂

I always thought this came from a specific accent, somewhere in the Northeast, but I searched the ‘net a bit and was surprised to find that in forums threads where people discussed this very thing, no one could pinpoint any place that was the source of the famous added “R.” Some indeed said the Northeast, but others actually claimed it was the oldest of Washington natives that said it. That of course was vehemently denied by Washitonians on the forums…with gusto, I might add. Others even pointed to Arizona/Nevada, and so forth. So no one area was able to be blamed.

All this reflection did make me think more about the different funny things that typify “known” accents in the many ways the English language is spoken. Of course, I know the Brits reading this will claim that we Americans don’t even know how to speak proper English, but that aside, there is humor in every dialect. Here are a few quick ones off the top of my head:


  • New Englanders: watch
  • Mid-Atlantic States: Ku-water
  • Midwest: quarter or quarter
  • Westerners: porter

Canada – aside from the always popular to make fun of “eh?” at the end of most sentences, the way they say their “A” within a word. Good example. In the US most of us say Mazda as “mahz-dah” with the long “A” sound. In Canada, it is with more of an “a” like an apple.

The South – what more can I say than what Jeff Foxworthy has done in his comedy for so many years. When I lived there for a couple of years, I came back speaking with what my parents thought was a slur. They thought I had my retainer (one of the joys if post braces as a teen) in my mouth. Natives of the south just do everything at a different pace. Maybe its the heat, but generally speaking they get to things when they darn well feel like it. My favorite words to laugh at there were fixin’ and “ax” (ask).

Bag – pronounced as “beg”. I have seen this one again credited to the Northeast, but there is a girl in our office from the midwest that does this as well.

Adding “ed” to words that don’t have it – “across” becomes “across” for some strange reason.

Mountain – pronounced without the “t” as “moun-un” or something similar. I am guilty of this one and it is credited often to the Northwest. How many people have you heard say “of fun” though from all over? My wife is from Mountain View, California. When we first started dating she would always remind me to put the “t” back in there and say it correctly. That’s ok though, she used to have a hard time putting the “g” properly in words like hanger – she said “her” but she has since corrected it. I am still working on the mountain, so I must be a slow learner or an incredible creative of habit…ok, both really.

There are so, so many more than I haven’t included here, so I’ll ask the readers to put in the comments some of their favorites. Remember, we are celebrating our differences here – while having a good laugh along the way – no one gets offended. I want to see what everyone else has noticed as the common and funny accents or words that come from all over. Give me your best!

The Common Gym Types

The time of year has come again where the gym attendance has thinned out from the first of the year comebacks. All those with the new year’s resolutions that just don’t stick have given in to the call of the pillow and no longer clog the parking lot and popular machines. Admittedly I have missed a few weeks with various other demands, but this morning I crawled out of bed even though I just got back from a few days on traveling for business. I had no trouble finding a parking spot and there were no delays getting to machines I wanted to use. Perfect workout conditions.

This morning I thought of gym experience and had a good laugh at a comic sent to me online on a similar subject. I looked back at some previous days in the strip and found one that was right in line with something I always laugh at when going to the gym – all the “typical” gym types you see. Isn’t it funny how we can so easily categorize groups of people by the way they look and act? Yes, I know it is shallow and judgmental, but you have to admit it is a bit fun too.

There are of course all the “regulars” that you see there at the same time every day without fail. These people over the years have either become of stayed fit before your eyes simply out of diligence and seemingly never cutting their workout short. Those days you slink out early because you are tired or have some early business to attend to, you can almost feel their eyes watching you leave and shaking their heads at your lack of dedication.

I work out in the morning, so I have much less experience seeing those there at the gym for the purely social interaction, picking up on the other single people you dress up and preen for all the opposite gender attendees they have their eyes on. My wife takes the evening shift on workout time, and she says the teenage and young single crowd is a hoot to watch, much like an animal mating dance documentary on the Discovery Chanel.

I’ve already mentioned the New Year’s crowd, typically overweight or low on muscle tone because they only manage the gym for a month or two at the start of each year with some periodic one-week refresher attempts sporadically through the other months. I can’t knock them too hard because I am no Mr. Universe material, but we can still classify this type and laugh if we belong in the group.

The comic pointed out a couple of others that I had to laugh at, including the gossipers and mother trying to get those pregnancy pounds off. I’ve seen many of both these types, especially the rebounding mothers being that I live in Utah County, reproductive capital of the world. The whirling legs flying and speeds beyond what seems possible in the superhuman effort to work off those baby bearing pounds in record time were the part that had me laughing out loud.

There are many other categories that could be created, so next time you head to the gym take a look around and see what new ones you could share with us. I’d love to hear them.

Getting On My Nerve(s)

I have a pinched nerve in my neck right now. Let me tell you, there are many different ailments that can interfere with your day, but a pinched nerve is just one of those things that cause you pain like your body is getting back at you for some evil you must have done. I have had these plenty of times before, but they usually originate from some vertebra and send their fingers of pain throughout my back, neck, and head. Not fun.

Perhaps one of the worst parts about a pinched nerve is how it can come in two forms, constant pain or only when you move a certain way.

Today I have the periodic version coming from high in my shoulder region that hurts whenever I turn my head more than 5-10 degrees either direction. I can’t really say which form of nerve pain is worse because they both just plain suck; today I am siding with the periodic version because it seems to have a sick, taunting personality of its own. Every time I let myself forget that the pain is there, I turn my head to look at something/someone and BAM! it hits me like a ton of bricks! I feel like slapping myself every time I do it, but then that would make it even worse.

Nothing like a good reminder ever so often that you are an idiot and cannot remember even something that will hurt every time you do it…even minutes later.

I have done the chiropractor in the past, but honestly, I hate going to those guys. Getting an “adjustment” does work, but I hate the badgering to start up a twice a week visit schedule for as long as your insurance will cover you. Has there ever been such a blatant attempt to milk your pain for their gain?

Tonight I am trying out a massage therapist to see if they can do the job with less hassle and hopefully a little more enjoyment in the process. I sure hope they can make it go away. Pretty please.

Merry Christmas!

I am trying to decide whether this post should be in WGS or here. Well….all things considered, WGG felt the more appropriate place for this rant. Now on with my Merry Christmas Rant!!!!

Christmas 2

My hubby and I don’t buy gifts anymore. We don’t do it for Christmas, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, or even Valentines Day. We have decided as a couple that we won’t touch ourselves with these decisions throughout the year. We have decided to let our kids pick out the gifts we give to each other. They are more creative than we have ever attempted to be”¦like when the kids swing off their closet door and end up in a heap with said doors on top of them we look at each other and say “Happy Anniversary”. When we are picking out the new dryer that isn’t covered (inside and out) with red crayon we look at each other and say “Happy Birthday” when we pick out the dining room set that miraculously doesn’t have white paint all over the chairs and legs we say “Merry Christmas.” Yep DH and I don’t “Do” gifts, nah, we let the kids pick out our gifts!

Christmas 2


Quit Touching Me!

So…I’m pregnant……………….AGAIN!! This is my 5th child and I am really looking forward to most of the rituals of being pregnant, such as stuffing my face with no guilt, being able to put my feet up and blame it on the swelling, and getting away with all those wonderful unladylike body functions (that men seem to have mastered), and be able to smile and blame it on the baby!!! Among these, there is one ritual, that I DO NOT look forward too!! Being touched by complete strangers!!Quit Touching Me!

So, why is it, that everyone, especially strangers, feels that they have the right to molest you, every time they see you, just because your stomach arrives 5 minutes before you do?? What is it about a woman’s big, huge “look, I’ve swallowed a watermelon” belly, that compels complete strangers to walk up, arms outstretched and start rubbing your belly as if you were Buddha! Do they think a genie is gonna pop out and grant them a wish? Something may pop out, but it ain’t gonna be no genie!!!!!

I don’t mind friends or family, getting the occasional “rub” in, it’s expected and frankly cute! It’s when someone, you don’t know, has never met, and would never, ever, approach or talk to for any reason, suddenly appears in your path, with the biggest grin in the world, and heads straight for your belly, as if the Hope Diamond is in your belly button! You see them coming from miles away. It’s as if there is a homing device secretly planted in your womb with your baby. They can’t stop themselves, but you wish they would.

Quit Touching Me!

I am only 7 weeks along, so this ritual has yet to start, but believe me….if you see me in the street, or in the store, or anywhere for that matter, and you for one second think, that I am going to let you, a stranger, touch my body in any way, no matter how innocent…………….you had better back up and “QUIT TOUCHING ME”