Top Ten Ways Internet Marketers Make Money Online Without A Website

Top Ten Ways Internet Marketers Make Money Online Without A Website

The Crypto Marketplace Is Gaining Flooring Bitcoin Money Eos Trx Ada Analyzes

The Crypto Marketplace Is Gaining Flooring Bitcoin Money Eos Trx Ada Analyzes

The Problem with Artificially Inflated Bitcoin Exchanges

The Problem with Artificially Inflated Bitcoin Exchanges

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Simple Steps to Lasting Hair Color

Watching your new vibrant hair color transform into dull, brassy shades is never fun – especially when you pay an outrageous amount of money each time you step into the salon for all-over color or highlights. Whether you color your hair at home or have it professionally done, no want wants to walk around with less than stellar color – so check out some of these tips to extend the life of your color:

Wait before shampooing – Even though most of us wash our hair before heading to the salon, Hair Boutique suggests waiting between 24 and 48 hours after shampooing the hair to do the color treatment. Natural oils in the hair work to ensure color deposits more thoroughly into the hair follicles, so don’t wash them away! After color, wait another 24 to 48 hours to shampoo – it gives your hair more time to absorb the dye for richer, long-lasting color.

Shampoo sparingly – Though the hair color is going to fade naturally within a few months, choosing the right shampoo can stretch the color even longer. SkinCare News suggests washing the hair every other day to avoid stripping the follicles of natural oils or color. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with greasy strands, either. Use a dry shampoo if you need to soak up excess oil or you want to freshen up the hair between washes. Clinic Brampton cosmetic surgery advises that when applying hair color, you need to ensure that you are using a legit product to avoid any complications.

Use Shampoo for Colored Hair – Most of us don’t want to add more to the bill when we go to the salon, but shampoo for colored hair is a good investment. Shampoos and conditioners are specially designed to neutralize brassy tones in the hair, and some products for color treatments actually deposit small amounts of color into the hair to keep it looking fresh, according to Good Housekeeping Magazine. One of my favorite products is Blue Malva Color Conditioner by Aveda – it keeps blonde hair looking golden, not orange, but also works with all hair colors to keep it from appearing brassy over time.

Protect it from UV rays – Think all you have to worry about is protecting your skin from the sun? The hair is just as sensitive – protect the hair follicles and color with a hair protectant designed to defend against UV damage. SkinCare News suggests Frederic Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Anti-Fade Top Coat.

Protecting the color and avoiding an excess of products are two sure ways to extend the color as long as possible. Your hair is going to need re-coloring, of course, to deal with roots or because some colors naturally fade quicker (think reds!), but you can implement these tips to save a little time between trips to the salon!

How to Give Your Face a Fresh Morning Look Without Makeup

There are many women who really enjoy a trip to the spa to give their face and body a nice lift. Did you know that you can actually give your face a fresh morning look yourself, even without makeup? There are several things that you can do first thing in the morning to give your face that fresh overall feeling.

The first thing you will need to do is to purchase some facial cleaning pads. Once you have the pads you will want to get a fresh lemon and cut it in half. Prior to cutting the lemon you should roll it a bit in the palm of your hand. This will make it easier to squeeze the juice out of the lemon. Once you have cut the lemon in half, gently squeeze the lemon into a bowl. Next you will need about a teaspoon of water and one egg white. Mix this all together in the bowl. Then gently dip the cleaning pads inside of the bowl, and gently rub on your face. You will want to make sure you use some type of cover over your body to avoid a large mess. As you are rubbing your face use a circular motion and relax. I have found it best to sit in a chair when applying this facial treatment. Just gently massage your face including your forehead area. The Facelift surgery has become a very popular cosmetic proceudure in Michigan. Many people in the region are suffering from the problem of fatty face. The procedure will be beneficial for the potential person. 

After massaging your face for about five minutes you can then rinse off the mixture using warm water. You will be surprised at how fresh and soft your face feels within minutes. The homemade facial solution mentioned above is just one way to freshen up your face in the morning. You can also use any type of exfoliating cream or face cleaner that you have purchased. Just remember to use gentle circular motions all over the face and move slowly. Not only is this a great way to freshen up your skin, but it can help to get the circulation going in your face, which can help you to relax. After you have finished with your morning facial cleaning apply a simple moisturizer and then you are done. If you usually wear makeup, why not give your face a rest at least twice a week. This means going without makeup at least twice a weak. It will give your pores and opportunity to open and feel fresh. If you feel that you just can not go without makeup, then why not just put on a bit of foundation for the morning. Applying just a small amount of makeup will still help your face to keep that fresh feeling. Often if you put on too much makeup you can find your pores clogged and your face will feel very heavy and tired. These are just a few suggestions that may help you have that overall fresh feeling in the morning. Webpage Design: The Top 3 Profile Editors

Basic HTML is simple, but it can look very confusing to an untrained eye. That is why several companies have created webpage editors. They basically ask you the questions, and create an HTML code for you that you can cut and paste into your site. For the website design challenged, there are 3 simple and easy to use HTML editors that you can use to customize your webpage. Each of these profile editors have preview buttons so you can see a sample of what your page will look like before you use any of the codes.

Here is a rundown of the best 3 profile editors, each are extremely easy to use. I will highlight the differences between them below.

Thomas’ Myspace Editor:

This is a widely use profile editor on It is very simple and is the most basic version of these three. There are actually several different versions of the profile editor itself, but you can choose the most recent one to keep it simple. This editor allows you to use background images, change text, colors of the page as well as colors of fonts and links. This editor gives you quite a bit of personal freedom and creativity. However, if you do not feel comfortable combining different colors because you aren’t sure what looks good, you should check out the next 2 editors. Be sure to “preview” what you are working on to make sure the site is looking like you intended. Once you decide you like what you’ve got, simply click on “generate code”, copy and paste into the About Me section on your site.

This website editor has pre-made layouts made specifically for They are colorful, vibrant and full of patterns. When you get to the site you should navigate to the table that says Myspace, click on Myspace layouts and you will be given a plethora of layouts to choose from. When you click on the categories you will see a small sample of what the page will look like. To use one of these layouts click on “click here to get the code” copy the code and paste it into your About Me section of Myspace. This editor is perfect for people who don’t want to mess with trying to combine colors, they are all pre-made for you. And I might say, they are all very fun and vibrant. These are like web design and development services for healthcare facilities that provide impressive website services and experience to the online audience.

Myspace Layouts +:

This site is similar to in that is has pre-made layouts. However, the layouts are a little more risqu⌐ than While has polka dots and flowers, you’ll notice that this site is a bit bolder. Males or females making sites who aren’t interested in flowery designs might like this site. For example, you will find pre made layouts that are anti-Bush, 50 cent, Abercrombie  amp; Fitch and much more. They also feature flowery, pink layouts but there is just a wider variety. To get the code for this one, click on “to view the codes for this layout, click here” and you can do the same thing as the above sites. For this code, you’ll need to copy and paste it into the About Me section at the END.

So those are the best 3 profile editors that I have come across. They are simple, easy to use and creative. There is so much more you can do to your site but it’s best to keep it simple. If you add too much to your site, it will take a long time to load when people open it to view it. Using these layouts will keep it simple, and your site will still reflect your personality!

Wuf Pet Resort and Spa

Even Fido is entitled to a day of beauty and relaxation. At Wuf Pet Resort and Spa in Irving, Texas, your pet will enjoy the services he or she is so deserving of. Wuf Pet Resort and Spa is one of the newest trends in pet care and pet ownership, and that is pampering the pet. At Wuf Pet Resort and Spa, your pet will be able to take advantage of any number of grooming, and or spa services provided by top professionals. We offer skin care, laser hair removal at medical spa which makes Wuf pet resort a perfect place where you can take your pet and relax.

At Wuf Pet Resort and Spa, your precious pet can take advantage of services such as spa treatments, daycare, grooming services and more. If you must leave town but can’t your precious pooch with you, Wuf Pet Resort and Spa is the perfect place to board him or her. Though you might want to make reservations early so that your loved pet can get in on the penthouse suite, which comes equipped with a flat-screen television. Right. Other services offered at the Wuf Pet Resort and Spa include daycare, WebCam Conference Calls, Grooming, Training, Photography, and the Wuf Shuttle.

If you want you precious pooch groomed while he or she is at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa, services include the following; Bath and body scrub, Fur cut and Style, Brush out, Dematting, Nail trim, Nail buff, Pedicure with polish, Paw moisturizer, Facial, Nose Moisturizer, Ear massage and cleaning, Full-body massage, Dental treatment, and a Spa Day. You can also arrange to have a special event such as a party at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa.

If your pet is not very sociable, Daycare at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa is the perfect place for your loved pet to learn to socialize. Fifi or Fido will play in groups based on personality, size, and temperament. Pets are fully supervised and the activities are planned to keep your furry love one socially engaged including getting tons of exercise.

Pet owners tend to get nervous when it is time to board a pet. Not to worry because, at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa, the high-end facility provides only the best offering first-class suites that will make your pet think he or she is at home living in the lap of luxury. Your pet has a choice in accommodations at Wuf Pet Resort and Spa. Facilities offered to boarders include the Penthouse, the Premier Suite, the Standard Suite, and the Niche, which is the cozier of all accommodations.

If you are running short on time and can’t drop your pet off, Wuf Pet Resort and Spa will soon offer the Wuf Shuttle for pick up and drop off services. If you miss your pet and know that he or she probably misses you as well, Wuf Pet Resort and Spa will arrange a WebCam Conference Call to ease both your minds.

Prices for services at the Wuf Pet Resort and Spa will vary according to your pet’s needs. Wuf Pet Resort and Spa is located at 3417 East John Carpenter Freeway. For more information, you may call 972-785-2983 or visit the Web site today.

How is Vaporization Impacting Your Way of Life?

Vaping is a chemical inhalation produced by a cigarette or other devices. Battery-powered smoking machines are termed as electronic cigarettes, which is one of the most important things you have in your vape kit as a teenager. They have liquid cartridges that typically produce nicotine, fragrance ingredients, and other chemicals. The fluid is heated to the steam inhale by the people. That is why it is labeled as “vaping” for e-cigarettes.

Various kinds of e-cigarettes are available in the market. Yet Juul is used by many. This e-cigarette is a flash drive that can be plugged onto a USB port on a laptop. The amount of nicotine in Juul pods is the same as in a whole cigarette pack.

What Are The Adverse Consequences Of E-Cigarettes? 

The health or quality of such items is unclear. According to CDC, an outbreak of approximately 500 US respiratory illnesses, including cough, chest pain, nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, or diarrhea, was recorded in September 2019. Six had died in September because of ‘vaporous lung disease.’ Since then, the specific portion of the vapid fluid was not determined, but the disease seems to involve both nicotine and cannabis using e-cigarettes.

Nicotine can increase the risk of other styles of abuse later in life. Vaping e-cigarettes can lead to slow brain growth of young people and can affect attention, focus, thinking, self-control, carefulness, and mood. Lung irritation may cause serious lungs damage and can lead even to death through consuming nicotine or other ways of tobacco usage

Are E-Cigarettes Liable Of “Popcorn Lung?”

The issue of the use of tobacco took many decades to decide. It is also possible that some research will be required to review how healthy e-cigarettes are (or uncertain). Experts argue that it may be easier to use trials, including nicotine gum, nicotine patches, or therapy, rather than e-cigarettes to avoid cigarette smoking. They also suggest that people do not tend to consume e-cigarettes for pleasure or to quit smoking. Popcorn lung “is a pulmonary disease, resulting in scarring and narrowed airways in the lung. The disease has been identified with chemical dactyl, which flavors popcorn in the microwave. This compound and other similar compounds cause a high risk for this disease when inhaled.

Researchers found that at least one of the three different compounds known to cause popcorn lung is present in 92 percent of the e-cigarettes tested. Even if long term studies are not eligible, e-cigarettes are a harmful risk factor for popcorn lung.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe For Addiction?

Electronic cigarettes with “flavored” liquids, for example, bubblegum, vanilla, etc., are being sold to target younger non-smokers. Since the majority of e-cigarettes have nicotine, people may become addicted to them. Some physicians are afraid that consuming tobacco, which has very large health effects, maybe an easy step if they get hooked to the nicotine in e-cigarettes.

You also can get addicted, even though you don’t smoke every day. Nicotine is available in most e-cigarettes. These substances can affect the lungs and irritate them. The long-term effects of nicotine-free e-cigarettes remain unclear. Nicotine affects the growth of your brain. It can make studying and concentrating more challenging. Some of the changes in the brain become lifelong and may influence the disposition and capacity of your adult impulses.

Shoes You Can Wear and Collect

Who would have thought people would buy shoes for reasons other than to wear. Today, there are thousands of collectors who buy shoes purely for display. It was very long ago when you had to look for shoes that were only comfortable, had shoe inserts and other features. Although you also get the option of adding shoe inserts to all these shoes as well, you can read about that as you check out Mindinsole reviews

Vintage shoes from the early 20th century are slowly becoming one of the biggest collectibles of 2013. Shoes made earlier than that are extremely rare to find and the condition is usually not very good. These shoes were also made in very small sizes compared to today.

Another era that is highly collectible is shoes made between 1950 to 1979. These are retro styles and even disco shoes are hot by collector standards. Platform shoes are a shoe to keep an eye out for.

One of the most important components in shoe collecting is a shoemaker. Prices can vary depending on who designed what. Gucci, Schiaparelli and Kenneth Cole all made high-end vintage shoes. If you see them for a few dollars don’t hesitate to grab them.

Lastly and sometimes most important to keep an eye is color, shape, and condition. Bright colors with nice detailing and made of a high-quality fabric are important. The better the quality, the more likely the item will remain in good condition.

Don’t be afraid to clean shoes or re-glue or stitch them. Heels are where most of the real damage can occur. If it is wooden and repaired it is obvious and that will bring down the value tremendously.

Original boxes add value as does matching handbags. A complete set of a bag and shoes often commands thousands of dollars. They must match exactly with the same materials and coloring. If one of the two has faded colors, the value drops

Celebrity look-alike shoes are very popular with many collectors. If a celebrity-endorsed them or wore a similar pair at a highly visible event, the value instantly rises.

If a shoe, like a clog, was the first one made of a new era or kind it is sought after just like the rookie card of a baseball player. The first of its kind is always high in value.

A quick look at eBay showed that someone was asking over $2,000 for a pair of vintage Handmade Gianni Versace men’s black leather dress shoes. The seller had several offers but was not given the value of these beauties. You can’t go wrong with an original Versace shoe.

The highest price vintage pair of shoes I found on eBay was Miguel Nieto vintage 1950’s unique silver pumps with rhinestones and silver heels. The seller was asking $4,500 for them. It had missing stones and the condition was just fair with some damage. But, the rarity makes them a good item for a collector.

Other high-cost items in the category were boots and sneakers. Sneakers are really a category all its own. Boots can often be boots that you wear in the snow, boots made for style or cowboy boots. Each has qualities that there is much to learn about.

I suggest starting out with the style you prefer whether it is boots, sneakers, platform shoes or patent leather shoes. An overall book you can start with is “Warman’s Shoes Field Guide” By Caroline Ashleigh. It’s illustrated and has a good price guide to go by.

So, if shoes are your thing, think about making it more than a fashion statement. Make it a part-time hobby then you will know more about why you chose those shoes.

Review: Chrisette Michele Performs at the Birchmere

The first time I saw Chrisette Michele in concert was about four years ago. She was promoting her first album, I Am, and was performing at the trendy 930 Club in Washington, DC. The venue was standing room only. Back then she put on a good show. She was cute, bubbly, and energetic. On Saturday, January 22, 2011, I had the pleasure of seeing Michele in concert for the second time at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. The venue is much more intimate and relaxed. But that does not keep the crowd from responding to the show.

The band, two background singers, and two ballerinas, dressed in black tutus, took the stage at 8:04 PM. After some brief technical difficulties, the lights came down and Michele graced the stage, which was adorned with black, silver, and white balloon, around 8:15 PM. Dressed in a classy black and sequined dress, Michele belted out her hit “Epiphany (I’m Leaving). The crowd sang along enthusiastically.

The singer followed with “I’m a Star,” the lead single from her new album, Let Freedom Ring. Before belting out the next song “If Nobody Sang Along” Michele talked out the current state of the music industry, lamenting that no one knows who Ella Fitzgerald is anymore. She explained that the song marks the first time that she truly wrote what she wanted to say about the state of music and how surprised she was that the song made the final cut.

Michele performed song “Fragile” and a remixed version of “Golden” to much fanfare. She then introduced her background singers Melissa Music and Ms. Melody. Michele then exited the stage as Melissa introduced the rest of the band.

During the first half of the show, Michele playfully interacted with her back ground singers as she performed. During her most impressive vocal moments, that included her signature scatting techniques, you could see the look of admiration on the faces of her background singers. As an observer, I got the feeling that they sincerely respect the talent and musicality that Michele exudes during her performances.

When Michele and the ballerinas returned (wearing Black leggings, white tanks and suspenders), she performed a gospel-tinged version of her song “Porcelain Doll.” The highlight of the show came during Michele’s performance of her mega hit, “Blame It On Me.” The performance was flawless and the crowd responded enthusiastically.

The next set of songs included emotional performances of “Unsaid,” and “I Don’t Know Why, But I Do.” Michele gave a rousing rendition of her first hit “If I Had May Way.” She concluded the show with the up-tempo song “Number One.”

Seeing Michele for a second time allowed me to witness firsthand the extensive growth that has taken place in her as an artist. This time around Michele exuded the passion and emotions of a woman. She is evidently more confident in herself as a singer and performer. Her short, blond, natural tresses emanate a confidence and self assurance that was not fully developed the first time I saw Michele in concert.

I wasn’t the only one though, as people of all age groups were present in large numbers to watch her perform and those who were unable to get a ticket burst into protests right outside the auditorium blaming the ticketing system, making me lookup online about What is IT Ticketing System?.

The show was excellent. Despite the intimate nature of the concert, Michele still gave a full show, complete with interpretive ballerina dancers. They elevated show to another level. It was evident to all who witnessed the show that we were in the midst of a great performer. I have no doubt that Chrisette Michele will have a long, enduring career. She is without a doubt, a legend in the making.

Ten Great Ideas for Planning a Stress-Free First Birthday Party

Your baby is about to turn one. You want to celebrate this milestone with a party, but are not sure how to go about doing it. It may seem like a stressful idea, but you can relax. You can host a first birthday party stress-free. Here are ten great ideas for having a successful first birthday party for your little one.

Don’t stress: The first tip is to not stress over this event. You do not have to have a huge bash to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Your child will not remember it and you need to have realistic expectations. A baby that is only one won’t care much for party hats, expensive treat bags or even unwrapping gifts. Just plan to have a few family members there and sit back and enjoy the day.

Keep it simple: Why go overboard with a first birthday when you don’t have to. Sure you can do a little decorating, but you can nix the idea of having a huge affair. This will only overwhelm your child and will leave you disappointed in the end. Plan a simple cake, a few family members or friends and a little decoration. You can forget party games, too. What is more fun to a one year old than just playing? Set out a few favorite toys and let the kids enjoy.

Remember who the party is for: When you host a party for a child, remember that the party is for that child and not the adults. Do everything you can to keep your party fun and the focus on the child. Refrain from serving alcohol and making it into an adult celebration. The parents can take the help of Internet for ideas about Happy birthday son. The organization of the birthday party should be done through the party planners.  

Limit the invitations: While every parent want to celebrate their child’s first birthday in style, it is easy to get too wrapped up in the celebration. In general, you should keep a child’s first birthday party to a minimum so that it is not overwhelming. Try not to invite more than one or two young children and a handful of adults. This will ensure that the party is simple and not too overwhelming for the child.

Plan in advance: Planning any type of party will be more successful when you plan in advance. Pick a day and let everyone know at least two weeks ahead of time. Next, consider the time of the day. One year olds still nap. Plan around your child’s nap schedule and meal times so you will have a happier baby. Also, if you are inviting young friends, consider their naptime, too. Children generally do better in the late morning or late afternoon. Do not try to run around at the last minute picking up party supplies with a cranky baby. Have everything on hand and you might even want to consider decorating then night before.

Get help: when planning a first birthday party, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. You can’t possibly keep your baby entertained while entertaining guests, taking pictures and making a video. Ask your mom or father in law to help with taking pictures. Get a friend to help you entertain. When you get help, you are making sure that everyone will have a better time.

Plan simple foods: Keep in mind that there are many foods that your one year old can’t enjoy yet. Stay away from typical party foods such as hot dogs, grapes and nuts and opt for simple finger sandwiches or goldfish crackers. Of course you will want a great cake, but don’t worry about not having a “perfect” cake. Try a simple white cake or even cookies for the big event. Many little ones may not even like cake or ice cream, so think about what your child will enjoy.

Think about allergies: Remember that many young kids have food allergies. Peanuts, eggs, and milk are the most common culprits. If you are making the cake at home, make sure you check on the cake mix to see whether or not it contains nuts.

Keep messes at a minimum: Messes are not optional when it comes to a one year old party, especially if you are inviting other little ones. If you are having the party inside your home, have the cake in the kitchen where clean up will be easier. If the weather is nice, consider allowing the kids to have cake at a picnic table in the yard. Also, keep plenty of sippy cups on hand and provide wipes for easy hand cleaning.

Have fun: Last of all, remember that the party should be fun, so relax and roll with the punches. The party does not have to be “picture perfect” to be enjoyable. Don’t plan a lot of activities and just sit back, enjoy your child and allow him or her to take in the festivities.

Time for a Hearing Aid?

Most of us don’t like to think about it, but as we age, some of our senses begin to diminish – among them, hearing. This is one of the common things that you will get to read at most of the muama enence reviews online. Some health professionals believe that hearing loss is one of the most under-addressed health conditions in America, affecting people of all ages and often going undiagnosed. An estimated 10 percent of the population – nearly 31 million people – experiences some hearing loss, according to the American Hearing Aid Associates. While the majority of hearing loss occurs in people older than 60, younger people can be affected too.

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders estimates that about 15 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds or noise at work or in leisure activities (listening to an MP3 player a bit too loudly, for example) and yet only 1 in 5 Americans who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one.

Industry insiders say that’s because most people associate hearing aids with aging so vanity and simply not wanting to feel old might prevent them from seeking help. But experts say, getting a hearing device is no different then getting glasses – it’s another way to adjust to a diminished sense.

Hearing aide technology has advanced dramatically in the past several years. Just a few years ago, most hearing aids simply made everything loud – they were basically amplifiers – and did not filter out background noise. Advances in digital and nanoscience technology have resulted in big improvements to the hearing aid industry and some hearing aides are even finding some appeal among tech-savvy customers. Some hearing devices include Bluetooth adapters that connect with cell phones, MP3 players, computers and other equipment. Today’s hearing aides are also equipped with filter systems and digital noise processors so that what a person hears is as close to normal as possible. Modern hearing aides are smaller then ever with far better sound quality. Size, comfort and quality have also improved and many modern hearing aides are available in designer colors. Digital Hearing aides among the most advanced hearing devices on the market. They contain a computer chip that is programmed by a computer to offer the best match between hearing loss and prescriptive amplification needed, according to American Hearing Aid Associates. The devices are flexible and may be fine-tuned.

Those who think they might need a hearing aide should begin the process by visiting visiting a hearing professional for an analysis. A self-evaluation is available online by visiting the American Hearing Aid Associates Web site at

Get Yourself Kinected – an E3 Roundup for the Xbox 360

Today Microsoft and many of its content partners took to the stage to present their 2011 E3 Keynote. This years showing was all about the Microsoft Kinect. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft and its partners announced at this year’s E3.

Coming this fall

Fall 2011 is going to be an amazing time for owners of the Xbox 360 and the Kinect motion sensor. There are going to be many new features added to the already impressive capabilities. Users will be able to control every aspect of the Xbox 360 via their voice. 

Besides these amazing hardware and software upgrades uses can also expect new engaging games such as shaders for Minecraft with best minecraft seeds and improved graphics, soundtracks. This will help Xbox in creating more dominance in the market as well. 

There will be a completely redesigned dashboard that works exclusively with the Kinect, and the new dashboard will also incorporate the Bing search as well. What does this mean for users? Well, you will not have to spend time going through menu systems to find what you are looking for, simply tell the Xbox what you want, and Bing will search for it.

Youtube will also be making its way to the Xbox 360. This will add another video streaming service to the Xbox which already includes Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN3. Users will be able to browse all of the latest user videos, music videos and much more.

Microsoft also announced the Live TV app for the Xbox 360. Microsoft has been wanting to make the Xbox 360 the go-to device for home entertainment since it was launched, and now with the live TV feature, they will make it just that. You will be able to watch all of your favorite shows right from your Xbox, and yes it will be Kinect enabled so that you can control it with your voice. There was no announcement regarding content providers or potential fees though.

New games

There were, of course, new games announced for the Xbox 360 and they look mighty impressive. A Tomb Raider reboot is heading to the console, as is the long-awaited Halo 4. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 looked incredible, and Minecraft Kinect will be coming to the console and it will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. Other Xbox 360 favorites are also making comebacks as Gears of War 3, and Mass Effect 3 were both announced.

The Kinect will be seeing a lot of action in the coming months. The most successful dancing game on the system Dance Central is making a return in Dance Central 2. Forza Motorsport 4, Kinect Sports Season 2, and Tom Clancy’s: Future Soldier all look incredible. They all worked incredibly well with the Kinect Camera, and there are going to be some real groundbreaking features included in these games.

Get yourself Kinected

The Kinect camera has evolved so much over the past year, and developers (both professional and hobbyists) have made some stunning applications for the device. This year Microsoft announced that recent advancements in body tracking will take the Kinect to a whole new level.

Where the Kinect was able to mirror major body movements such as arms flailing and legs kicking, it was not able to see finer movements like mouths smiling, and finger movements, but now all that has changed.

The Kinect is now able to track those finer movements and Microsoft will be releasing a new piece of software called Kinect Me today. The software will be free for everyone to download. Kinect me will also be able to create a new avatar of you just by taking a picture. No need to sit through menu screens to pick your head shape. The Kinect will make an exact replica of you from just one photo.

Microsoft and the Xbox 360 look set to take the video game world by storm. The Xbox 360 is already the best selling console in America, and Microsoft now predicts it will be the best selling video game console in the world. With exclusive titles like Halo 4 and better Kinect compatibility, I believe they may be right.