A Deep Insight Into Website Traffic And Metric For Website Performance


You have got a website means you have performed the most initial step of getting a slot in this virtual world, but what’s next? There is a myth that getting website is enough to grow your business because your products or services are ‘online’ now! You are capable of targeting customer across the world! Is it the fact? No. A website is the base on which you business will get the popularity in the virtual market, but you have to promote the website. In simple words promoting a website means letting people know about your business. When people click on your website getting interested by the promotion, it is considered as website traffic. More are the traffics, more you will grow the potentiality to increase sale.

This is a very idea in a nutshell. However, if you are thinking about buying web traffic, (because there is the provision of doing that) you need to know more about it. Here in this blog we will discuss web traffic in detail so that you can get a clear concept about the very matter.

When eCommerce set off its journey in 1990s, the concept of web traffic first came into mind. It was in 1990s, when the importance of web traffic was recognized. The popularity of the website used to be measured with web traffic. It was a benchmark to understand the success of online business though the concept of buying web traffic was not there.

Website traffic makes sure to understand how many people visited your website recently. Along with the same these are some information that you need to understand to get a better view:

The Duration of Stay

Yes, it is a lot important to know. Bringing a huge amount of traffic is not enough for you to evaluate your website performance. It would be all lame if the traffic doesn’t get engagement and stay in your website for at least some minutes. In this case you will end up increasing the bounce rate and it will affect the website performance in the search engine badly. Buying web traffic can assure you about the staying.

Percentage of Purchase

You know your target audience, you know how to bring them to the website and may be you have managed to let them stay, is it enough? No. The percentage of purchase of your products or service always plays a key role in your website performance. The conversion rate ensures this part. End of the day, you will count on your profit and if you couldn’t generate the desired revenue, it is all so lame.

Budget of Buying Web Traffic

Some web traffic is free it is called the organic traffic. For organic traffic you don’t need to invest anything. However, there is the provision of buying web traffic and here comes the relevance of the budget. The paid traffic is ensured by PPC campaign. This is an inevitable part of most of the organizations to enhance website visibility. Along with this, Cost of Acquiring Customers and Cost Per Acquisition are the most important metrics for a product based website. If balanced with Average Order Value, the business becomes capable of adjusting the investment price as per requirements.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide helped you understand the basics of website traffic and the relevance of buying web traffic for your business.

Wish you the best result with pool of traffic on your site!