A Guide on How to Avoid Muscle Cramps While Bowling


Bowling is not only a great family game but also a competitive sport. Many people bowl every day for fun, or in leagues. Some people love bowling so much that they do it more than once or twice a week. Some people may not think bowling is a sport because it can be so casual. In reality, bowling is a sport and like any other sport you can get muscle cramps or injured if you don’t prepare for it beforehand. This guide will help you avoid muscle cramps while bowling. There are many things you can do to make sure you avoid muscle cramps and injuring while bowling. Here are some important steps.

Step 1: Have the right equipment

Like any other sport you have to have the proper equipment. People who bowl for competition and sport usually buy their own bowling shoes and ball so they can have the proper fit. For people who bowl for recreational use, you can still make sure you have the proper equipment. When renting shoes making sure they fit your feet perfectly. If you wear bowling shoes that are too big or small you are more likely to get muscle cramps or injuries later.

When deciding on the bowling ball you want to use make sure it fits your hand. It is better to get a ball that perfectly fits your fingers. Also make sure you have the right size ball. Don’t pick a ball that is too light or too heavy. If you have a bowling ball that doesn’t fit your fingers and is not the right weight you may strain your wrist, and fingers which may cause you to cramp.

Some professional bowlers wear wrist guards or braces to help their wrists from bending to prevent cramping and injury.

Step 2: Stretch

Stretching is also very important before you bowl. You may think it is funny but after throwing the bowling ball over and over your legs start to feel the burn. The muscles that are usually affect by bowling are your hamstrings, and lower leg muscles. Make sure to do a few arm, back, and leg stretches before you bowl.

Step 3: Learn how to properly bowl

This is a very important factor when it comes to muscle cramping while bowling. A lot of beginner bowlers do not know that there is an actual procedure or way to properly bowl. When a person doesn’t bowl the correct way they are more likely to injure themselves either by throwing the ball the wrong way, turning their hand the wrong way, or walking on the lane the wrong way.

The best way to learn how to bowl is to have an experienced friend or family member teach you, take a bowling class, or join a bowling league.

Step 4: Throw the ball at your own pace

A lot of people think they have to throw the bowling ball hard to knock all the pins down. That is not necessarily true. Bowling includes some power, and precision. It is better to throw the bowling ball at your own pace to avoid muscle cramps.

Step 5: Don’t overdo it

Whenever you bowl always remember not to overdo it. Bowling is a fun game but too much of one thing can have you in pain later.

You should never overdo anything. As soon as you feel any strain in your muscles you should analyze the situation before going in the alley again. You don’t want to hurt yourself even more. You should check out https://bowlingadvisor.com/best-urethane-bowling-balls/, where you can buy light-weight bowling balls. This is a really good way to heal your injury without any extra strain.