Abdominoplasty and Me in brief! Check this out


If you have read my other articles you know that 7 years ago I had twins. I love my kids they are the best thing to happen to me and I would never say that by opting to undergo infertility treatments and having twins ruined my body. I would say that genetics, giving birth and Taco Bell (that’s meant to be humorous) ruined my body. The truth is that many people have twins but no one who has had twins has my genetics. The birth of the twins was deemed 100% successful. Today, I have two vibrant 7 year olds who often delay my writing with this content. The downside is that I had severe water retention and gained over 100 pounds during my pregnancy. I stopped counting when I hit 95 pounds at week 32. I had the kids at 39 weeks and they were both full size babies. My daughter weighed in at over 7 pounds and my son weighed in at one ounce shy of 7 pounds. After giving birth I was able to loose all but 20 lbs within a year. However keep in mind that I left the hospital 45 pounds from the kids and water weight. I was actually able to get closer to my original weight but, if you have extra skin you know that extra skin is uglier and more difficult to deal with than a little extra fat to fill out that skin. So yes, I put on 10 pounds so I would not sweat under my skin flap or get rashes.

Still to this day, with all that is true I have never been deemed obese. Overweight but not obese. This being said the insurance companies will not even consider assisting me in cosmetic surgery. Apparently if you skin does not hang passed your pubic bone it is deemed elective surgery. So here I am with a size 14 muffin top, with a loose fitting butt. So I began the analysis process. Should I get a tummy tuck or should I just find a way to deal with my uncomfortable body? I even joked and contemplated gaining and loosing another 100 pounds so the insurance company would pay for it. Cosmetic out of pocket surgery was an option.

I made the appointment. The 9 of December 2009 was a greatly anticipated date for me. The appointment was at 1:00. I told only a few people . I normally have no barrier on my actions or feelings but for this I felt I needed to hold back. I had great fears of the skinny little doctor smirking and saying, “Sweety, your just fat.” I processed everything up till the date. I was going to tell her how I ran 4 marathons. I was going to work in the conversation that I love to swim, run, cross country ski, downhill ski and how I even own a bike. I was even going to figure out a way to comment on my salad intake. To say the least, I was stressed.

The appointment left me with tears of happiness. For the past 7 years I never felt like my workouts, marathons or dieting routine ever paid off but on the 9 of December I felt like it did. She took one look at me and said numerous times over our appointment , “You are a great candidate. You will be very pleased.” I said “Do you say that to everyone?” She said, “Actually, more so than not I tell people that they have to loose more weight.” I paid the surgeons fees and scheduled the surgery.

If you have every considered cosmetic surgery you most definitely have had mixed feelings about the surgery than you definitely heard about Tummy Tuck in Michigan that provides different treatments for the fat deduction from abdomen. Am I being selfish? It costs so much money? What if I am seriously hurt? Is it worth it? Is the scar going to be ugly? Undoubtedly, everyone wants to feel good and feeling good mostly likely means looking good. I am currently processing all these emotions. I am set for the surgery and am going to carry through with this surgery. Now I have to figure out a way to deal with all these emotions. Although my surgery is scheduled for the 2nd of March and I have paid the upfront cost of $4990; I still have to process all the emotions. The surgery is not going to be easy. I have to stop all activity for 2-3 weeks. I have to wear a binding for 3 months. I will have a drain plug that I will have to measure and empty every 2 hours. The cost will be close to $10,000. This is just a small amount of the factors but I am going to do it.

If you are considering plastic surgery especially a tummy tuck, process your emotions all you want. In the end consider this: You are the best thing to happen to yourself. If you are taking care of yourself your family will be taken care of and doing something for yourself can be seen as selfish but sometimes selfishness is a necessity.

Although I have not completely undergone the surgery if you want more information or before and after pictures of surgeries this is the place I am going to Alaska Plastic Surgery www.alaskaplasticsurgery.com. Stay tuned cause in March I will have tons of time to write about the surgery.