According To DJs: Which Are The Best Turntables For New Vinyl Collectors?

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For many people, record players are a bit of an expensive option as they think it requires receivers, amps, preamps, and some other essentials. Actually, that is not true. We have talked with the experts, including DJs, vinyl geeks, and store owners. Everyone assured that the turntable only requires powered speakers for getting started. When we take our conversation further to know which one will be the best according to them, each one comes with a different name of the vinyl player.

There is one thing in common, and that is to avoid the all-in-one player, which comes in a box. One of them also recommends not choosing the Crosley record player. The reason is that they don’t want new collectors to pay for the average sound quality. In the guide, we have come up with the complete list of best turntables for new vinyl collectors, and these may not be the entry-level products. The majority of the models listed below contain preamp as it makes the units easy to use. So, let us start discussing the finest pieces of record players below.

Audio Technica LP-120 USB turntable

The DJs recommends this Audio Technica LP-120 turntable by its name. This one is considered as the iconic machine ever made. If you are a new vinyl collector and want something awesome on your list, then choosing the model is all you need. It comes with replaceable motor belts and runs at high speed. One of the amazing parts of the device is its sound quality. With the unit, you will be able to handle all types of records with ease. Moreover, there is a USB output that allows attaching the player to the pc to archive vinyl. Audio Technica comes at an affordable price.

  • Sony fully automatic turntable

If you are the one who is looking for a less expensive and better option compared to the Crosley record player, this Sony model is everything that you have ever wanted. This model features Bluetooth to connect with your mobile. You will never get anything in a low budget. Many people have stuck with the machine because of its simplicity. We all know that Sony is a reliable brand, and so this model. There is an additional USB port attached to the unit, and you don’t have to pay an extra amount for it.

  • Technics SL-1200MK7

Technics SL-1200MK7 is an iconic turntable in the world that came out in the late 70s. The professional DJs have this one in their collection, and they don’t want to give the vinyl player to anyone. Unfortunately, the production of the unit discontinued, and there are only limited pieces available on the market. The product comes with some updated parts rather than other machines. That is why the price is set high for the record player. But, the best part is that every expert we have talked with mentioned Technics on their list. It is also known as the finest model to invest in and experience great sound

To summarize, these are the top best turntables for new vinyl collectors, according to DJs. It is always best to choose quality over additional features. Always make sure to consider your budget before purchasing any of these record players.