Are Social Network Sites Making Us Reveal Our True Selves?

Social Media

“What are you doing now?” asks facebook, and before you can utter the words, “mind your own business..” you’ve revealed to the world, in that little white box, the schedule of your upcoming evening for all to see.

Now I’ve never been a fan of social networking online, I’m more your ‘get out there and meet people in the real world’ kind of guy, but I’ll admit I’m guilty of owning a facebook account and letting all and sundry see my photos, videos and e-mail address. I’ve added friends, seen their lives inside out and even added their friends friends and now know that Jimmy, who knows Cathy is friends with Bob who used to go out with Jane, whilst she lived with Alex of course, whom she met through Simon at Jasons party in Jennifers apartment.. (?!).

Now where else would I find that information? The fact that it’s all completely irrelevant to anyone seems to slip peoples minds as they happily update their status to something like ‘ I am eating my lunch’. Yet millions of people are letting the world know exactly information like that.

And what I find interesting about it all is that we reveal so much about our hidden personality, it’s made me see people in a whole new light. And all from the context of one little while box on a computer screen. With the increased followers at the account, the person will attain fame quickly at the social media platform. Proper research should be done to get these real Instagram followers for cheap. A comparison can be done among the various sites available at the Internet. 

You know who the attention seekers are from updates every two minutes! The ones that reveal they’re sad / lonely / upset, etc.. craving someone to respond to them. Yet in real life these people are quiet and reserved.

Likewise, I know big, brutish lads that go out fighting, drinking and are all round men of men, yet these same people put little kisses on their messages to ladies, reveal pictures of them cuddling up to their loved ones and sending fluffy e-mail pictures to their girlfriends through network sites. You’d never guess on a friday night as they neck their twelfth beer that they refer to their girlfriend as ‘poochy woochy woo woo’.

People and friends alike, reveal just that little bit too much about their private lives that they would never tell in other circumstances; people they fancy, people they hate, what they desire, what they wish for. These are things we would never know had it not been for the lure of networking sites. And like I said, they reveal personality traits we never see outside of cyber space.

The good thing with it all is that you get to see what someone is really like; friends that are true friends, colleagues that support you or would talk behind your back, partners’ genuine feelings, the softer side to the hulk of a man that beats people up for fun and the true sentiments from all of those in your life.

And the extra bonus to it all? The fact I know everytime my girlfriend’s in a mood with me, won’t tell me whats up, ignores my calls and slams the door in my face, then all I have to do is log on, read her status update and find out I’ve forgotten our anniversary..again.