Boxing Gears And How They Are Protecting You From Injuries


Boxing has gained popularity over the years. With the excitement, challenges and adventure it brings to audiences from different parts of the world, this sport has been deeply and highly loved by millions of people. Thus, boxing has expanded its horizon as years go by. For other people, boxing is not just a sport, hence, they consider this sport as an effective platform in losing weight or in promoting physical fitness and wellness. For some, boxing is the destined career for them. They believe that they are born to be professional boxers so they join boxing matches and competition.

While boxing is one of the popular sports in the world, this combat game is also the most dangerous sport. There were boxers who died from fighting in the ring. So you can definitely imagine how dreadful boxing is. That said, it is an imperative for boxers to wear and use safety gears in boxing. Just like in any other combat sports, safety and your protection are the utmost priorities. Thus, these body protectors should be worn properly to ensure the safety of players. So, if you’re planning to enter the world of boxing, it is important that you are aware of the body protectors in this sport. Here are some of the boxing gears to protect you from injuries.


Of course, in boxing, you will be exposed to different punches. You will receive hits from your opponents that will connect to different parts of your body. And one of these is your mouth. Hence, mouthpiece is an imperative article of safety gears in boxing. It protects your mouth and teeth from the possible damage from punches.

Boxing gloves

Basically, boxing gloves are designed to protect your hands in the match or training session. They are considered as athlete’s bestfriend. They are helpful in protecting your hands against bruises. Boxing gloves comes in two types; training gloves and sparring gloves. Training gloves are used for training purposes only while sparring gloves are the ones used in the match proper.

Groin Guard

Groin guard is used to protect our reproductive organ from any damage caused by the opponents punches and strikes. Our reproductive organs are very much sensitive, thus, protecting it should be one of the priorities and should be taken into consideration. Boxers should never be allowed to play without groin guard.

Head guards

Head guards are designed to protect our heads from any damage. Our head is the most important part of our body as this is where our brain is located. Thus, head guards protect our head and face from possible extreme bruises punches may cause. Though in professional boxing head guards are not used, it is still necessary for beginners and amateurs to put in head guards because the impact of punches is dangerous and might cause both external and internal damage or worst, death.

These body protectors should be given consideration and importance. Boxing is a serious game that requires physical firmness. So it is really important to wear these safety gears in boxing.