Credit Management By eCreditAttorney


It is quite difficult for a common person to grasp the legal aspects of the loans and credit schemes. He needs to get the expert legal advice so that he does not fall into any trap or become the victim of a fraudulent policy. Choosing a good lawyer may be problematic for a few of the clients but this matter has been addressed by the establishment of numerous counseling organizations. One such company is eCreditAttorney that provides expert legal advice to their clients.


It is a California based company. The company comprises of the legal advisors that are also connected to the other legal firms of the USA. The company was established with the aim of guiding clients out of financial troubles. The company specializes in dealing with credit card loans.

Credit Score Management

The credit score is a reflection of a person’s financial standing. It goes up with the good standing and is adversely affected once payments are not made or you become bankrupt. It is quite difficult to maintain the credit score once you are suffering from a financial crunch and the eCreditAttorney helps you in this regard. The company agents offer you the ways and means to get rid of the loan without paying any penalties. This helps you improve upon your credit score.

Credit Report Correction

The credit report is maintained by the financial institution and it is a compiled data of a person’s financial dealings. However, there are occasions when the correct history is not reflected in the report due to some errors or omissions.

eCreditAttorney provides a solution for such an event. The company ensures that only correct and verified information is added into your credit report and it is kept updated throughout.

Correction Of Financial Records

The company guarantees a minimum of 9 deletions from your credit history within the first 90 days. These deletions are regarding:-

  1. Foreclosures
  2. Repossessions
  3. Identity theft/fraud
  4. Collections
  5. Late payments
  6. Bankruptcies
  7. Garnishments

Fees For Business With eCreditAttorney

The charges for doing business are not that high. The initial cost to start a business with the company is 29 Dollars. In addition, the person is responsible to pay 29 Dollars per month during the subsequent period for the services provided by the company.

Company Contact
27762 Antonio Pkwy L-1, Suite 606

Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

Phone: 1-877-HELP-213