Crypto-currency: Authentic or Fake?


In current times, it is impossible to trust anything or anybody. You just don’t know who is worthy enough to be trusted as a true friend, enough to rely on him and entrust him with taking care of things that are very dear to your heart, be it any inanimate valuable object or family members.

Why such things are surprising is because there was a time when life was very easy going and smooth where problems, though persisted, they were still bearable and not as burdening as they are today.

There was nothing much too worry about as all you had to do was to pass out college with a degree and you would have the most reputed corporate and government organizations at your disposal with the position and salary of your choice, not to mention plenty of leisure time and holidays.

But now times have changed and how! There is no stable or financially secure job these days that you can count on and there are various reasons for that, the most prominent of the lot is population.

Over burdening and excessive would also be an understatement when we talk about the population menace in today’s times. An extension for that is the limited number of resources that are essential for catering to the needs of people.

There have been numerous debates, arguments and counter-arguments on how to tackle population but no one seems to take this matter seriously because no one, be it federal government or citizens in general, seem to be taking any sincere efforts or concrete measures in doing so.

But the root cause of everything is corruption. Yes, it has so taken over the world and its inhabitants that it has become a cancer of sorts which is proving to be difficult to even keep in control, let alone eradicate, from spreading to the rest of the body.

The netizens themselves have corruption engraved in their psyche due to the neglect doled out to them by corrupt and power-hungry politicians who would go to any extent to achieve their ends and maintain power and control over them by hook or by crook.

The job market is the worst affected and there seems to be no respite any sooner for anyone and the upcoming youth brigade has been resorting to drastic and desperate measures to make ends meet as many of them become sole bread winners of the family following the retirement of their parents.

The situation is so serious that many of them have given up hope and resorted to taking the extreme step of suicide with nowhere else to go, unable to cope with the pressures of life. Almost 62% of the death toll in any country is due to suicide than disease or accidents.

Almost everyday, you get the news of somebody committing suicide for the most immature and innocuous of reasons that it makes us feel where we, as a country, heading to.

Are human beings so weak willed that they give up on problems without working out ways to tackle them? Don’t they have anyone else to turn to in times of need, be it family or friends?

These are the questions that haunt many people even today on what can be done to avoid any future mishaps and do we feel the need or urge to change in attitude and perspective on life.

Human life is not so cheap that it can be snuffed out so easily and the life problems and difficulties in coping up to pressure or living up to the expectations of family, teachers, friends and peers is not so easy to give up on it without trying.

Fortunately, digitization and social media watershed changed everything by opening up innumerable opportunities at both business and job. It provided the necessary platform by transforming life passions into lucrative careers.

One of them was through crypto-currency, which became a tool for investment prospects and turned paupers into princes. But the question that pops up is that is it real or fad?

Can it be relied upon? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no? How can that be?

Because money, as a medium of exchange, is something for which people are ready to kill without blinking an eye. The digital currency is hoping to one day replace the authentic currency of money as a whole, be it paper or card.

The creative technique of financial transactions through digital means is indeed a well thought of step which has indeed proven to be true and authentic in nature.

But it should not be entirely relied upon as one wrong step or decision can prove to be disastrous with many a people having mehr geld verloren (lost more money). Make sure that in the process of trying to grab more than you can get, you end up losing everything that you have.