Dating Again: What to Do When Your Lifestyles Are Different


Therefore, you finally met that special someone. Then you find out that their life style is very much different from your own. You both met on a rainy day at the bus stop you was waiting for the bus, and suddenly they ask you would you like to stand under their umbrella. In addition, there you looked at one another with staring eyes, and spoke softly yes I would. In addition, there it was you both became good friends. You exchanged numbers, and you begin to see one another regular.

You would call one another asking would you like to go out for dinner, you both talked .And there you was enjoying the conversation until you ask what church do you tend? Right there he or she tells you that they did not go to church and they do not believe in God. This is when things might start digging deep between you two, same as pure nails pro.

There you wanted to drop the fork out of your hand because what you heard blew your mind. Here you met a wonderful person one that made you smile one that got you to laugh more then you had been for years. Was so kind to you it seem as throw you both had known one another for years. So what happens now? Are you going to continue seeing one another are you going to end it right there?

My comment: I know in today’s society we live in a world where it is not that easy to find someone that would be right for us. Especially as we are getting rather older as Times changing, people change. You decide you wanted to date again. Because it has been years since you had been on a date getting back into the scene again is not that easy. Your life style being a Christian is much different from those that are not. We would like to meet those who are equal yoke with us.

I am not saying that someone that does not go to church is better then one that does. It’s not about rather someone goes to Church are how many times one go it is about do one live the lifestyle that will be pleasing to God. Where you both would be on the same accord but what we need to do is take our time as we are out here. I know he or she is what we been always looking for having much in common. I would say not to just kick someone to a curb and throw away the friendship that you both have started. I would say to pray and see where it can bring you both. You never know that the lifestyle that you live will be a new beginning for that individual. The chose will be up to them.