Designer Handbag: Statistics and Most Popular Handbag Companies


Everyone is fond of using designer handbags; no matter they are original or first copy ones. The main thing matters are the quality of the handbags as some get satisfied in the first copy while some invest their money by buying branded designer handbags. No matter one is able to pay for designer bags or not, every person is jealous of the other one holding a designer handbag. Women especially are crazy about luxury accessories and prefer to invest in designer handbag memberships. The memberships of brands offer their customers to enjoy free shipping and discounts on their loved handbags.

Handbags play a major fashion statement in the fashion industry, and by seeing the craze of handbags, the most popular handbag companies tend to target their products according to the age groups. The statistics of handbags are always shocking, whether they are wholesale or designer. Whether the bags are used or the new ones, the designer handbags have surprising statistics that everyone must be aware of. Knowing the statistics will help you understand how much growth the designer handbags have attained in the growing fashion industry.

Let us take a look at this now, and know about the statistics of designer handbags by following points:-

Age group

Through studies, it has been found that people above 13 years of age purchase designer handbags. Females of age group 16-64 are the primary consumers of the handbags. Everyone loves their hard-earned money, but people love to spend their money on the luxurious handbags that make a style statement. People love to gift the designer handbags as well.You can gift the designer handbags according to the size and shape of the one whom you are gifting the bag.

Handbags that grown-up women buy

Some women are crazy about purchasing designer handbags. It has been studied that every grown-up woman tends to buy three designer bags per year. This is shocking as not everyone can afford to buy designer handbags as these are expensive. Women tend to purchase handbags that are in discount, and sometimes they invest in wholesale designer bags.

Handbags that an average lady have

People are not familiar with the statistics about how many handbags does an average lady has. It has been found that a lady has 6 bags on average. Older ladies tend to have more bags on average than the younger ones. The craze of having a designer handbag is from early times.

Amount spent on a designer handbag

With the increasing trend of having a designer handbag, the amount of these designer bags has been increasing at high speed. It is also found that one out of ten women invests in wholesale handbags, but this doesn’t mean that the sales of designer handbags are decreasing. The graph of prices of designer handbags keeps on increasing, and at the same time, the amount that women spend on handbags also goes on increasing. The designer bags have their own demand and affluent women prefer them as they are a great status symbol in the society.

Other than the statistics of the designer handbags, let us have knowledge about the most popular designer handbags that people dream and love to have. The designer handbags are known for their quality, iconic designs, and much more than simple handbags lack. Also, the most popular designer handbag companies are providing broader availability of the handbags by offering some percentage of discounts to the customers and enhancing their shopping experience.

Coach handbags

Coach is an American brand that prides itself on providing people handbags that are affordable luxury. Coach handbags are luxury, have remarkable stitch work, and have excellent quality. It has been more than 70 years that this brand continues to have a fantastic sale and wow their customers. Coach not only deals in handbags but also in shoes, jewelry, and gently uses apparel.

Louis Vuitton

This is a 160 years old French company that started their work by making canvas luggage pieces and travel cases. Louis Vuitton provides handbags of iconic designs and high quality to their customers. This brand is a favorite of almost all celebrities and is known for its classic and contemporary styles. The handbags od this brand are so beloved that every time the demand exceeds the supply.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs introduced its own bagline in the year 2000to elevate the most popular brands of designer handbags. In 2003, Marc Jacobs was awarded as Designer of the year at Accessories Council Excellence Awards. The reason for the popularity of Marc Jacobs is it makes handbags that are elegant yet casual. The handbags can be bought from the online website of Marc Jacobs and from the fine department stores.


An Italian brand with a 90-year-old history of opulence, high fashion, and quality. Gucci has its own family-owned luggage company that is known for its classic signature style. It has been worn by the queens, and till that time, it is considered as a symbol of wealth. The handbags of Gucci range from $800 to $4000.


This brand was birthed out of necessity as the Gabrielle Coco Chanel wanted a handbag that is easy to carry and is of high quality. She borrowed the idea from the bag packs of soldiers and added a chain strap to it. Every woman dream of having a handbag of Coco Chanel. Chanel handbags are priceless and are served at many department stores of Chanel.

The demand for handbags keeps on increasing, which are stylish and are highly durable. Also, the continuous improvement in the handbags influences the growth of handbags in recent times. It is better to invest in designer handbags that are a symbol of wealth, of high-quality, and are stylish as well. The fashion industry keeps on promoting the growth of handbags and keep on generating revenue. The online channels of big brands have provided a seamless shopping experience to the customers and offer a great variety of bags under one platform.