Discovering the Best Educational Gadget Gift Ideas for Kids on Christmas


Buying gadgets for kids these days seems to be a pretty simple chore: visit or some other online store, then just get them video games, an iPod, a Nintendo, or anything else that makes lots of noise. What do you buy for the technology-loving child who seemingly has everything? You could break away from the traditional technology gifts and grab an item that is both gadget and educational at the same time. In fact some of these gadgets are so cool your child will not even realize it is an educational product. Here is a look at some of the best educational tech gifts on the market.

Tetris Lamp $39.99

Who doesn’t love Tetris? I remember spending hours of my youth playing this game on my old Gameboy, and as we all know, it is one of the all-time greats. Tetris seems to be coming back in a big way, and this Tetris LED lamp is lighting the way for its return.

The lamp is made up of the stackable shapes from the game, and the pieces can be stacked in hundreds of different combinations. The lamp lights up when the pieces are stacked together, and it shuts off when disassembled. Not only does the Tetris lamp look cool, it also teaches your child about shapes and how to problem solve all at the same time.

Estes Rockets: $6 to $70

Who says technology cannot be enjoyed outside? If you want your child to spend some time in a magical place called ‘Outside’ these rockets from Estes may be the ticket to getting your child out of the door.

Shooting a rocket hundreds of feet up into the air can be much more fun than sitting down pretending to do the same thing on a video game. There are many different sizes available from Estes and they vary in price, ranging from $6 up to $70. This is the perfect gadget to get your kids outside, and it offers the perfect way to teach them about science and space.

Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium $145

The Celestron SkyScout might be a little more expensive than some educational toys, but it is the perfect gift for any budding astronomer.

The SkyScout uses advanced GPS technology that allows your child to simply point the device at any star or planet in the sky, and with the click of a button, the SkyScout will tell you exactly what you are a looking at, along with every piece of information you could ever want to know about that celestial body. The SkyScout is able to pinpoint over 6,000 objects based on the current date, time, and your location, and will even tell you the best objects to look at based on where you are.

Horizon Fuel Cell Car Kit $74.99

One of the biggest problems we face right now is finding a way to lose our dependency on oil, and it is important that the next generation knows that we are in dire need of renewable energy sources. This is where the Horizon Fuel Cell Car Kit comes in to play.

Horizon car kit will both teach and amaze your child as it produces a renewable energy source right in front of their eyes. The car uses a PEM fuel cell that combines electrolysis and power conversion. Your child will be able to watch as the device generates both oxygen and hydrogen before it shoots off down the road.

Flashback Atari Console $50

Okay, I know this is not a true educational toy, but it is still a fun way to teach your kids about just how great they have it these days. Send your child back to your childhood days and let them play the games we thought were the best thing in the world when we were kids.

The Atari Flashback 4 console has 75 classic games built right into the device. Classics such as centipede and Space Invaders are included, along with two controllers. You simply plug the console into your TV and almost instantly you have access to hours of fun. The next time your child thinks they have it rough with the latest generation of consoles, fire up the Atari and make them learn just how far video games and home entertainment have come since you were a child.