Does nail extensions give a toll on your nail’s health?


Who doesn’t want pretty nails? Well, the world is all about looking glamorous and stunning! The nails definitely add to all the shines and glory. But it is said fake it till you make it! So, till you are bestowed with the glory of big and beautiful nails, the nail extensions are your friends!
Nail parlours are the real time shizz! Every other place, you’ll find beautiful extensions and nail arts wooing you to get featured in your manicured hand. But before you decide on investing in the silk fiberglass nail extensions, you need to know all the facts regarding the same. So, without further delay, let’s start excavating the secret behind nail extensions.

Nail Extensions – What are they?

They are feather like plastics, designed in the shape of your nails. If you are struggling with nail undergrowth, they’ll just mimic your natural nail. After placing these plastics on the tip of your original nails, it is glued with acrylic, fibreglass, or even with gel mixtures to blend the artificial part with the natural counterpart! This innovative nail extension technique actually gives that extra edge to your beautiful hands!

Types of Nail Extensions

While you might think of getting your nails done, it comes with a bag full of variety. The different types of extensions come with different products to give your nail that shines!

Acrylic Extensions

They are the antique form of extensions that have been in the market. These extensions use a combination of a monomer, which is a liquid and powdered polymer, to give the desired outcome! The chemical combination, when glued on the nails, gets hardened when exposed to the natural air, and hence you achieve the glossy base to the nails!

Gel extensions

These gel extensions are done by layering the gel very perfectly with UV lights in between them. They are either applied on the artificial nail or on your natural nail, for promoting nail growth. This technique dries up fast and is resistant to chipping. They give that natural glossy look to the nails keeping it both hard and flexible at the same time!

Fibre glass

This technique of extensions is no more the shizz! The art of fixing silk or fibreglass on the nailbed before the artificial nail is glued to it has lost all the charms in the market! The other two options being more convenient and cheaper, are opted for more often!

Are they worthy for your nails?

The acrylic nails are more prone to damaging your original ones. They tend to make your natural nails brittle, breaking them off sooner than ever. So, the acrylic may not be the ideal choice as they prevent the natural nails from breathing in the fresh air! However, an alternative to your love for extensions can be the gel-based ones. They don’t harm the natural nails and gives that shine missing in them. They typically allow the original nails to grow and retain their strength and hence can any day be a better choice for you!

Do they ensure safety?

Well, any artificial agent on your natural body comes with a risk. Be it bleaching your hair or putting on the fake lashes. You really need to get that extra cautious when you’re getting your nails done! The extensions need to be applied using the most suitable method, however pricey it might sound! Otherwise, you always risk a chance of making your nails break and damage more easily than you would ever apprehend. Although it might sound risky, a well-invested nail extension can really turn out to be a boon!

Are they worthy of the hype?

This completely depends on your personal choice and preference. While some of you might think it to be a complete waste of money, others might think it to be the extra care to your beautiful fingers. Extensions indeed give that beauty to your hands with all that shines and brightness. Your hands will definitely stand out in a party with beautiful extensions on your nails. However, the hype is real, and women find it really enduring to have that colour and gloss!