Easy Tic Tac Toe tricks for both players


Tic Tac Toe is one of the most interesting classic games out there with a multitude of winning combinations. Are you looking for strategies or tricks to secure your win in the game? Now, there is no dearth of tic tac toe game strategies but not all of them cater to both players. You don’t always get the opportunity to start the game and you have to be the second player most of the times. As an avid Tic Tac Toe player, you must know the winning tips for both first and second players to improve your chances in the game.

The post below offers a brief on easy-to-master Tic Tac Toe tricks for both first and second players.

Tips for Player 1

If you begin with center

First, do not ever start your game by placing your mark on edge square. You should always start with either a corner square or the middle one. This particular tip is about starting with middle box or center.

After you make your mark, wait for your opponent. If he places his mark on edge square, well, roads are clear for you. Just place next mark on any corner further from edge piece. He will try to block off that move. Your task is to block off your opponent in turn so that you can have two avenues to win. 

If he places his mark on one corner, place the second mark on opposite corner. If your opponent puts his next mark on edge square, it would be a big mistake on his part as it will offer you two avenues to win. At the most, the game will end with tie but in any case, you are not going to lose.

If you begin with corner

In that case, your opponent might place his mark on center or away from center. 

If he places his mark at center, try to create a diagonal. In case, he places his second mark in corner, trap him by placing third mark at intersection of column and row of first two marks. If he places his third mark on edge, go for a tie. 

If your opponent places his mark away from center, you will possibly win. Place your second mark in another corner of same row that houses your first mark. Your win is guaranteed if your opponent places his mark on edge square or at some corner. 

Tips for Player 2

If opponent starts with center

In that case, your first mark will be on a corner. As per stats, the first player will then place his second mark on your first mark’s opposite corner. Then, place the second mark in such a way that it doesn’t border your first move. After that, go on blocking and counter-attacking till you reach a tie. 

If opponent starts with corner

In that case, place your first mark at the center lest you might lose out on the game altogether. The other player will have two choices now- to form a diagonal across the grid or else place his next mark somewhere else. Let’s assume, your opponent is trying to create a diagonal. If that’s the case, you will stay on edge square as well as stay off corner squares.  

Otherwise, you will have to continue blocking till you two reach a tie.