Ethical Behavior in Relationships: professionally and personally


Being ethical is important in both professional and personal lives. We expect everyone around us to meet a certain ethical criteria in society. The way a business treats a customer, or the way a business is labeled as unethical due to poor business practices. Same can be applied to people, when it comes to unethical behavior to one another in relationships. A relationship can make us face a multitude of ethical decisions. The way we choose to act in a situation can be considered ethical or unethical behavior in a relationship.

Before you do something, do you have to convince yourself that it is right? Explaining yourself to yourself can be a clue that the action you are about to take is unethical towards a loved one. Such as saying to yourself that asking a person for their phone number but not calling them until your current relationship is done is acceptable. The intention is still there, that you are looking for something outside of the relationship you already have and that you have enough feel that the current relationship will fail in the end.

Cheating is an unethical behavior. No one should have to tell you what is right or wrong as far as cheating goes, because cheating itself in whatever form is unethical. Explaining your cheating actions as only cyber-sex and not physical intimacy is not good enough. The result is cheating in a sense that you have stepped out of the relationship and looked for someone else. A boy can track your girlfriends iphone for checking the loyalty in the relationship. Cheating can have a adverse affect on the personal and professional life of the person. So, there should be avoidance of the cheating in a relationship.

Even if you did not physically put your hands on the person. It would also be considered as cheating if your significant other found out about the action. They certainly would not understand your point of view or agree with it, therefore the action is unethical.

Considering your partner’s feelings is extremely important, because anything that you may have doubt about can be resolved with a simple question. Would your partner be hurt if they found out about it? If the answer is yes, then whatever the thought may have been, it would be considered unethical for the relationship. Putting your partner’s feelings before your own is a reminder that a relationship can only succeed if both partners are equally involved in it. Doing something to upset the other, or hurting the other person has no justification.

Flirting with friends or co-workers is an example of this situation. While you may see it as harmless fun, or a way of being friendly with another person, your partner may have a completely different feeling about it. If this action is harmless enough would you discuss it with your partner? They may not be so thrilled about the way you are behaving at the office. In fact, they will not be pleased about it at all.

Behaving in an ethical manner is important in a relationship because it stabilizes the integrity of the relationship. Finding excuses for behavior is in the end a sign of wrongdoing, and actions that hurt the other person’s feelings are detrimental to the growth of the relationship. In the end, if you would not like it if it was done to you, then don’t do it to someone you love.