Fantastic Pieces Of Bridal Jewelry With A Punk Edge


Bridal jewelry shopping isn’t a cakewalk and is an essential aspect of wedding shopping that every lady love to do. The bridal jewelry adds oomph and opulence, enhancing the bridal look. Choosing bridal jewelry with a punk edge according to your wedding dress is a tricky task as there is a wide variety of bridal jewelry. Knowing your bridal jewelry will not only make the combination of perfect jewelry but also will help choose between a subtle minimalistic look and an all decked up to look. You will get to know about some of the amazing pieces of jewelry that are a perfect blend to be worn on the most beautiful and auspicious occasion a woman’s life. You can also invest your money by buying a Jesus piece diamond as it is the most beautiful necklace that has the head of Jesus on it.

There are many different brands of jewelry with a punk edge, but it is imperative to choose the one that will give an eye-catching look. Making the right choice in jewelry is as important as choosing the groom! You can go through catalogs, browse on the internet, go to jewelry stores, and see the collection to know about different types of bridal jewelry. Also, the bridal jewelry grabs everyone’s attention with its intricate designs, so you must choose the bridal jewelry that looks beautiful according to the occasion.

Here in this article, let us know about the most amazing pieces of bridal jewelry with a punk edge that every lady dreams of wearing:

  • Kundan, Polki, and Jadau

The grandeur of Kundan is unmatchable when it comes to bridal jewelry, as the craft of Kundan jewelry was evolved in Rajasthan at times of the Mughal era. Another most jewelry made of natural uncut and treated diamonds is of Polki. Polki was introduced by the Mughals and is considered as the most expensive and highly valued. Also, Jadau is a technique that is used to make Polki and Kundan jewelry. The method used in making Polki and Kundan jewelry is almost the same as these are made by Jadau.

  • Meenakari

The art of making jewelry, which is the royalty of Rajasthan and has its roots from Shah Jahan’s era is Meenakari. It is an art of embellishing the metals and coloring them with motifs of flower, fish, elephant, peacock, and more.  Meenakari designs are used on traditional Polki jewelry as a back design, and this leads to a trend of reversible jewelry and is loved by women. Not only Polki but also Kundan jewelry has Meenakari on its reverse side that provides the choice to wear it from both sides. Raja Man Singh, a noble of Shah Jahan’s era, was love in the art of Meenakari and bought it to Rajasthan.

  • Gold

The most preferred choice of every bridal is Gold as it looks classic and timeless. Gold keeps the family legacy alive as it is passed from one generation to another. Also, Gold is considered auspicious as it is a symbol of the goddess Lakshmi. The thing that makes it most favorite among generations is its everlasting shine, durability, and versatility. There are many unique designs in gold jewelry, and also it can be used in many different kinds of jewelries. Gold can be embedded by using many types of techniques that make it more stronger. Gold is also referred to as temple jewelry, as in early times, it was used to decorate the idols of god and goddess.

  • Lac

Lac is a short form of lacquer and has its origin from Rajasthan. It is the resin that comes from animal origin, and that is why it is thick and waxy. Tree twigs are covered in lac’s secretion, and the lac is scraped off from the sticks of the tree and is put in a tub full of water. This process helps the lac to bring out its natural shiner and brighter color. After all this process, the substance is used to embellish jewelry. Lac is used in many different ornaments like bangles, necklaces, maang tikka, bajuband, and many more.

  • Pachichikam

Pachichikam jewelry is more preferred because of its rusty charm. Also, this jewelry is quite similar to Kundan and is made using silver. Pachichikam uses silver and looks like platinum, a precious metal. Usually, this jewelry is crafted by inserting glass stones by pressing the edges, and then grooves are filled into. People that have a limited budget and don’t want to spend much on bridal jewelry tend to buy Pachichikam jewelry as it is silver, which is quite affordable. Pachichikam gives a fabulous look because of its rusty charm, and most women prefer to buy it as it is not much expensive also.

  • Thewa

Thewa is least popular but is a gorgeous and unique art of making jewelry, and it has been found that a piece of thew takes a whole month to get prepared. Thewa has its origin from the Mughal era, and this craft was discovered in Rajasthan. This traditional art is fusing 23-carat gold with multi-colored glass. The whole process of making thewa starts with broken pieces of terracotta, finely ground, then mixed with chemicals and oil, and then a thick paste is produced. This paste is then spread on a wooden base known as thewa ki patti. Thewa is an extremely exquisite piece of jewelry.

  • Diamond

The most popular and the darlings of fashion cannot be forgettable. Diamonds are also considered the best friends of women have and are preferred most in today’s time. Diamond is best to wear on weddings and as bridal jewelry as it is a status of royalty and wealth. Even if the diamonds are highly expensive, people love to invest in different colored diamonds as these are rare and give excellent value as well. Investing in diamonds is the same as investing in real estate. Diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings are loved by almost every woman and are also the best for gifting as the expression on someone’s face by seeing diamond are overwhelming. Diamonds are the epitome of elegance and look amazingly beautiful.

  • Kaasu Maalai

Kaasu maalai is one of the most integral parts of traditions and is considered as one of the most traditional types of jewelry. It is purely made of Gold, which gives it a unique and beautiful look. There are various gold coins embedded in the jewelry, which makes it stand out of other types of jewelry. These types of jewelry are highly prevalent in the southern part of India, and some people also use tiny gold mangas instead of the gold coin in the necklace. It goes well with the traditional silk saree being worn in the south.

Weddings are the auspicious occasion in a woman’s life, and this should be worth remembering. A woman always wants to look attractive and want to wear eye-catching bridal jewelry. The pieces mentioned above are some of the pieces that are famous all over the world, and jewelry made by these are worth investing as well. Women can get the most elegant and beautiful look by wearing all the different kinds of jewelry. No matter how expensive these are, these are worth investing in and wearing.