Finding the Best Commercial Dog Food


Giving your dog the right kind of food is essential for it to grow healthy and vigorous. But choosing the best commercial dog food from the grocery is not an easy task though, because there are a lot of dog foods that are made from sub-standard ingredients, so they would not be good for your dog. This is where is going to help you in getting the very best dog food that is really good for your dog’s health. 

You might already know that a lot of people recommend using natural foods for your dog so that it can get all the natural ingredients it needs in sufficient quantities. However, in today’s world, it is difficult to find time to cook for yourself, let alone if you need to cook for your dog then. The solution lies in finding the best commercial dog food that suits the needs of your dog while providing you with the convenience you need and deserve. 

Before you start looking for the best commercial dog food that is available in the market today though, here are some guidelines you might find helpful in your search for the best commercial dog food.

No genetic “fats” and “proteins” – you need to look at the package of the dog food itself and look for specific sources of fats and proteins in the dog food. For example, you should look for specified sources such as chicken fat, beef fat, and lamb meal. Don’t buy the dog food if all you can find are indications that the dog food is made from fat and protein because these ingredients may come from a mixture of sources so it is an indication that the dog food has poor quality.

Look for “human grade” ingredients – this term being used for dog foods is a little controversial right now because in general, animal foods cannot be labeled “human grade.” But if you see this claim in the dog food package, chances are the meats that were used in this dog food as good enough for humans to consume.

Don’t use corn gluten – this is a waste product from most human food companies. The corn gluten is also mostly used as a protein for dogs but take note though that the corn gluten is a poor quality substance you might not want your dog to eat. In addition to the corn gluten, you should also avoid wheat gluten, rice protein concentrate, and soy protein in dog foods because it has insufficient protein content for your dog.

Avoid Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT on your dog food – all the mentioned ingredients are used as preservatives for the dog food. If the dog food you are interested in buying contains significant amounts of these ingredients, you have to think twice before buying it. Putting preservatives in dog food is a sign that the product may not be made from high-quality ingredients.

Avoid artificial sugar and sweeteners – you should not let your dog take large quantities of artificial ingredients. For example, propylene glycol can be toxic when consumed in large amounts.

Have as few grains as possible – the best commercial dog food must have more meat than grains because your dog needs the protein it uses from this source.