General Guide For Rug Cleaning


Area rugs bring a rustic charm to any place in the house you put them in. They add colour and warmth to the décor in a room, whether they are being used for a particular purpose such as placing a table or a footstool such as Moroccan pouf on them, for children to sit on them and play or just for the aesthetic.

Rugs are also a very delicate piece of fabric that collects dust and dirt very easily. A rug can easily be infested by moulds, small insects and dust mites. They cannot be handled roughly as they can lose shape and their fibres can become loose. Following are tips to ensure your rugs remain spotless:

  1. The best way to keep your rugs clean and dust and dirt-free every day is to vacuum them. Vacuuming is very convenient for both big and small area rugs. Some advanced vacuums also have special settings for rug cleaning so it doesn’t get wedged in the vacuum. Vacuum both sides of the rug every day.
  2. If your rug is placed in an area where it gets walked on every day, especially rugs in the living room or next to the balcony, they can tend to smell after a while. A good trick is to sprinkle baking soda, leave it for an hour to soak in all the smell and vacuum it away.
  3. For spills and stains on your rugs, make sure you clean them as much as possible immediately. For these kinds of emergencies, it’s advisable to keep white vinegar and ammonia at hand. For food and drink spills, a mixture of white vinegar with warm water works perfectly. For removing blood or vomit, use ammonia diluted with water to scrub the affected area and blot it dry.
  4. If you have pets, it’s advisable to keep them away from your rugs or buy them their own rugs. Pets can bite or scratch delicate rugs, and leave hair all over the rug that is difficult to remove. This damages the rug in the long run.
  5. Your rugs, big or small, require deeper cleaning once in a few months. While sending rugs to professional carpet cleaners seems convenient, they are also easy to clean at home by oneself. Here’s how:
  • Make sure the day you wash your rug is sunny and warm. It is better to dry the rug as fast as possible and in the sun instead of a dryer.
  • If your rug comes with specific cleaning instructions, be sure to follow them. Different materials such as cotton, jute or synthetic fibres require different levels of care.
  • Make sure you dust the rug off first outside. Then vacuum it to remove as much dirt and dust you can before deep cleaning them.
  • A normal laundry detergent or even a mild washing soap will work fine, but if you really want, you can buy specialized carpet shampoos made for different materials. A sturdy carpet brush is needed for cleaning rugs. 
  • Take your rug outside and lay it down. Wet it completely with a pipe or garden hose.
  • Liberally apply the shampoo and begin to scrub the rug. Be careful on delicate materials such as wool.
  • Wash off the shampoo and rinse the rug thoroughly to get all the shampoo out.

  • Use a squeegee, which is a long tool with a rubber blade to push the excess water off your rug. Hang it out in the sun to completely dry. Once dry, vacuum it before using it again.