Getting On My Nerve(s)


I have a pinched nerve in my neck right now. Let me tell you, there are many different ailments that can interfere with your day, but a pinched nerve is just one of those things that cause you pain like your body is getting back at you for some evil you must have done. I have had these plenty of times before, but they usually originate from some vertebra and send their fingers of pain throughout my back, neck, and head. Not fun.

Perhaps one of the worst parts about a pinched nerve is how it can come in two forms, constant pain or only when you move a certain way.

Today I have the periodic version coming from high in my shoulder region that hurts whenever I turn my head more than 5-10 degrees either direction. I can’t really say which form of nerve pain is worse because they both just plain suck; today I am siding with the periodic version because it seems to have a sick, taunting personality of its own. Every time I let myself forget that the pain is there, I turn my head to look at something/someone and BAM! it hits me like a ton of bricks! I feel like slapping myself every time I do it, but then that would make it even worse.

Nothing like a good reminder ever so often that you are an idiot and cannot remember even something that will hurt every time you do it…even minutes later.

I have done the chiropractor in the past, but honestly, I hate going to those guys. Getting an “adjustment” does work, but I hate the badgering to start up a twice a week visit schedule for as long as your insurance will cover you. Has there ever been such a blatant attempt to milk your pain for their gain?

Tonight I am trying out a massage therapist to see if they can do the job with less hassle and hopefully a little more enjoyment in the process. I sure hope they can make it go away. Pretty please.