How Creatine Can Trigger Fat Loss and Lose Weight


Creatine is a protein-based organic element that consists of three amino acids; arginine, glycine and methionine. It is naturally produced by your liver, pancreas and kidneys. It helps your body to generate energy when combined with Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Your organs produce 2 grams of creatine every day. However, your body expends that amount when you work under normal conditions. You can obtain creatine by eating fish and meat products. But in order to meet the daily recommended usage of 5 grams, you need to eat at least 5 pounds of meat. Many bodybuilders and weight lifters use creatine supplements to boost the energy level for intensive and rapid muscle contraction under a prolonged duration. In other words, creatine supplements help them to keep their strength up and work their muscles under anabolic environment for more effective muscle building.

So how does creatine help in fat loss and prevent weight gain? Creatine contains no calorie, fat and carbohydrates. Theoretically, it doesn’t increase or improve your metabolic rate directly. It doesn’t break down fats.

The logic behind the weight loss and fat loss with creatine is that it helps your body to build more endurance. Just like glutamine, creatine does this by filling your muscles with water. Some individuals experience water retention}, but it is only happens within the muscle cells. As the result, the muscles to become bigger and stronger. In addition, this allows the depository of essential nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates in the muscles. Stronger and bigger muscles enable you to achieve leaner mass which increase the metabolism. In short, as you develop more lean muscles with the help of creatine, you will be able to burn more fat.

There are anecdotal evidences that athletes do lose body fat from the result of taking creatine. Although the fat loss and creatine cannot be scientifically proven at this moment, but recent studies are underway to study this possibility. The studies also explore how does creatine exactly work in assisting your body to lose fat. Preliminary studies show that creatine and fat loss may involve certain biochemical activities.

Side effects from the consumption of creatine is very rare. This compound is naturally found in your body. So it should not interfere with your bodily processes. However, certain people may encounter some problems such as diarrhea and an upset stomach if they have sensitive digestive systems. If you have not reached 16 years old, you should not take creatine supplements because your body has not attained the maturity that allows these supplements to increase your endurance and make your muscle leaner.

As a protein supplement, creatine may help you to become leaner through fat loss. It helps you to maintain endurance and develop muscle while removing body fat. However, this is only anecdotal for now. It is always wise to consult your doctor before taking any kind of nutritional supplement.

Just consume it on a regular basis and see the results. Even I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw pictures of a coolsculpting before and after female patient with fat reduction in the abdomen area.