How Is Bitcoin Connected To The Book “Sovereign Individual Thesis”?


Would you agree if I say that predicting the future is a “human” thing? Looking back through history, scientists and philosopher’s way back from the medieval age had predicted that great wars among nations, global economic crisis, social crisis, etc. would most likely happen, and all that is needed is enough time for this to happen. Lo and behold, they were proven correct as all the things mentioned above had really occurred.

Separation Of The Church From The State

In addition to this, one of the most significant theories was predicted by our social scientists, which is the claim that the Church and the State will be separated in due time. And again, they were not wrong, because in mid-1900’s, numerous countries all over the world have begun to formally separate the power of their church from the power of their State.

Just like the separation of the Church from the State, another prediction about more than 20 years ago regarding the detachment between the people’s money from the State is gradually becoming a reality.

Sovereign Individual Thesis

The book entitled, “Sovereign Individual Thesis” written by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg was released with an aim to let the world know about their idea that the transition of the information age will enormously change the way we will live in the near future. Most especially, on how we are going to manage our fiats and finances.

Not too long ago, when the internet came into the market, it had faced nothing but endless criticisms. However, today, people are already heavily reliant on this technology. The book, Sovereign Individual Thesis’s main point is to actually tell the world that there will come a time where people will be using the cyberspace in handling their finances and more to that, the people can manage their finances without needing any intermediaries.

Who would have thought that the internet which was doubted before will create a big impact to us right now? That this revolutionary technology has forever changed the way we live and function at present.

Technological Revolution

In order for change to become a reality, one must undergo a revolution, and today a technology that has been currently facing disapproval and condemnations from society is believed to be paving the way for Davidson and Rees-Mogg’s theory to become true. That in due time, there will be no need for us to rely on third parties in handling our deals. That person to person (P2P) will be our main way of processing our transactions. Furthermore, handling our money will be completely out of the State’s control as it will be separated from them for real.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes,” that is what many claims. Since the time Bitcoin entered the market a few years ago, Several Individual Thesis has been very popular once again, it is because of people’s belief that the prediction the books claims are now becoming true through the cryptocurrencies which Bitcoin is now at the top. Because of this, people are expecting that through Bitcoin a flourishing economy in the cyberspace, economic freedom, and financial freedom among us will become a reality. And just like how the State and the Church was separated when it seemed so impossible to do so, there will come a time that financial freedom will be hier in our own hands.