How to Improve the Water Pressure in Your Home

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Poor water pressure in a home can be a constant nuisance to the normal enjoyment of an otherwise comfortable house, and with a few minor adjustments you can usually improve the water pressure in your home without extreme measures. The task, however involves a bit of detective work using the process of elimination in order to determine and correct the causative factor for low water pressure in the first place. While the majority of the steps that can be taken to improve the water pressure in your home are simple and inexpensive, in some cases the culprit can be a huge repair and in some instances may be beyond the control of a homeowner altogether. Municipalities that have old and outdated water systems in the local community are notorious for providing low water pressure to residences, and can cost a community millions of dollars to repair.

The first step to improve the water pressure in your home is to assess where the issue is located. If the low water is confined to a single area such as the kitchen or bathroom, the problem may be the result of a sediment build up that has clogged either the water supply pipes to the room or the faucet or shower heads resulting in a constricted water flow. A simple test to improve the water pressure in your home is to remove the faucet or shower heads and screens and turn the water on full force. If the water flow is strong the problem is that the heads need cleaned or replaced and the issue will be resolved. If the water pressure is weak when the heads are removed the problem may be due to corrosion in the water supply pipes to the room, which may need to be cleaned by a plumber or replaced in severe circumstances.

If the water pressure in the entire home is weak the first action to improve the water pressure is to check the water pressure regulator located on the outside of the house. The regulator can be adjusted easily by a homeowner either upward or downward by simply adjusting a valve on the regulator. A home that has a poorly operating water conditioning system can also be the cause of low water pressure, and homes that utilize these components need to be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. In a similar manner, when only hot water pressure is low the cause may be a malfunctioning hot water heater.

If none of the aforementioned causes are responsible for your low water pressure problem, the cause may be due to a home that was constructed with water supply pipes that were too small for the necessities of the home. In this circumstance professional intervention is recommended, as a plumber can improve the water pressure in your home when common sense measures have little effect.

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