How to Love Your Body


Cosmetic surgery is a 1.6 billion dollar a year industry and growing. That’s a lot of nip and tuck, a drastic measure to take, in my mind, to feel good about your body. Does it have to be this way? Shouldn’t there be a method in which people can be comfortable in their own skin and love their body without having to cut it up? Perhaps all that is needed is a shift in perspective.

Know that there are many shades and shapes of beautiful. – The media and the fashion industry tend to project a very narrow view of beauty. This is unfortunate because this translates into a lot of people feeling insecure about their bodies which I feel is unnecessary. Body shape, size, and structure are mainly hereditary.

Here in the states we are a mixture of many different cultures and, for the most part, we are not living among our ancestral people. This means we don’t have an ancestral point of reference for our body type. So if our body type doesn’t match the hybrid culture of beauty, we find flaw with it. Learn to accept yourself the way you are. You come from a long line of people with bodies similar to yours.

The truth is there is no perfect body. Even the super models worry about some physical flaw.

Know that true beauty begins within. -At one time or another you may have come across a physically attractive individual who may have taken your breath away at first only to make you gag later when you discovered what a shallow and/or callous person they really are. Building confidence and substance within you is more important, attractive and never trendy.

Be healthy. – Take care of your body, but don’t obsess about it. Being healthy is far more important than worrying about carrying a few extra pounds. The worry itself will cause havoc with your health and you will project that insecurity into the world. Don’t waste your energy there. Instead work on personal growth, learn more about yourself and how you can improve your way of thinking. A mature attitude and giving spirit never fades with time.

Accent your assets – Learn how to dress that will highlight your shade of beauty at its best. For instance, I have very, very slender legs, so I look for skirts that are tapered as opposed to full.

Avoid self-destructive talk; don’t call yourself names. – I hear too many people call themselves fat, or point out an “ugly” feature about themselves. Be gentle with yourself; you have feelings and insecurities, tend to them. To truly be at peace with your body, to love it and be comfortable in it begins with introspection and personal growth. We are more than our skin; let your inner light shine through. No one will think you unattractive if you do.

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