Insoles: A Bliss Or Bane


For those of you who don’t know what insole are: These are an extra pair of materials that are used inside shoes, heels, or boots to provide you comfort, better fit, and warmth. They are also called as foot-beds, and the prime reason for their existence is to provide extra comfort to the ones who feel uncomfortable wearing shoes. It solves the problem like strained feet or marks on your foot that you might face when you wear your favourite sneakers for a long time. They can easily be installed or removed; thus, it makes cleaning easy. It can also be paired with toe inserts in case the shoes are big and not comfortable to wear.

Why Insoles?

Let’s discuss why insoles should be used in the first place.

  • Fitting:

When you fail to find the right size and there is a shoe with a size larger than your foot available, you can use insoles. They will offer extra fitting inside the shoes and allow you to have a better grip. If the shoe has extra space inside, like designed for thicker feet, insoles can work wonders to offer perfect fitting with them. It is one of the primary application of insoles.

  • Temperature Regulation:

There are different types of insoles available at Hence, you can find those that will allow you to have cooler feet during summer and utmost comfort with more temperature regulations. There are also woollen, leather and other options to offer warmth to your feet for winters.

Prevention to blisters:

When there is a rough friction between you and the fitting of your shoes, Blisters occur. They may especially occur at the base of your feet if the shoe’s surface is harsh. Insoles prevent this by providing extra layer that also reduces friction and allows you to move comfortably in your footwear.

  • Enhance Posture:

Imagine yourself wearing loose shoes that may slip off anytime. It affects your posture, the way you walk and carry yourself as well as your confidence. Additionally, bizarrely designed shoes can have an impact on your posture. Hence, insoles can offer comfort, grip and overall improved posture. Sometimes, a little addition to the height can also be seen.

Similar to a good translation device like Muama Enence, an insole has its applications. Both are somethings we don’t think we’d need on a daily basis. But then, having them always proves to be beneficial and adds to the comfort of life. They make us more productive and capable.

What are the different materials used to make Insoles?

Insoles come in different types of material, and each one has its pros and cons, let’s discuss them briefly.

  • Foam Soles:

These are commonly used by the people and are a natural shock absorber. They are cheap and reliable but wear out quickly and need to be changed in a specific interval of time.

  • Memory Foam Insoles:

These insoles are similar to foam ones and offer similar comfort with extra longevity. It is possible due to the flexible nature of the memory foam that allows it to fit according to the shape of the feet. Hence, they last longer and survive additional wear and tear.

  • Gel Insoles:

One of the best innovations in the field of insoles. Gel Insoles offer a cushion-like sensation that falls gently on your feet and allow you to not feel any rough texture of the footwear. They are especially great for more sophisticated wear like heels and fancy shoes. For those who seek comfort, gel insoles are a great choice.

  • Air-cushioned:

These are the most comfortable and contain pressurised air bubbles. It makes them comfortable to wear and acts as a cushion for the feet. They almost act like gel insoles in many ways. However, any damage can lead them to be rendered useless as air will pass. There is a light, feathery, elevation appeal to the air-cushioned insoles.

  • Leather Insoles:

These insoles are heavy duty and robust. They are a statement of class and tend to offer great fitting and warmth, especially in winters. However, due to it being leather, it is quite possible that they turn to be rough on certain feet. Leather is not suitable for everyone and may turn to be straining to the feet.

Gel insoles don’t last long, and thus they don’t work as effectively as Foam or Air-cushioned ones. The soles seem to wear out faster due to the large sizes and need to be changed from time to time. You should always choose an insole that is made of the best material, is easy to use and offers you comfort all day long. So no more foot blisters or pain in your feet because of wearing shoes for a long time. Insoles can be the ticket to happy feet. So buy them and let your feet feel secure, comfortable and relaxed wherever you go.