Looking for a Free Online Game?: 7 Top Reasons to Check Out Limbo Gaming site


I first started playing their games when I had nothing to do but fiddle with my cell phone while waiting for my daughters to finish their voice lessons. Since I am tight with my money, I rarely download games onto my cell phone even though I enjoy playing online games. Having subscribed to Internet access with my service provider, I discovered that with my cell phone I could play a few games at no charge: www.41414.com or www.Limbo.com was one of them.

The type of games offered were not your usual “collect points by shooting stuff”, but rather the “punch in numbers and win great prizes” type of games. Because the prizes offered were substantial in nature like a $500 gift card to Home Depot, or $5000 cash or a free designer purse, this allowed me not only to quickly pass the time, but to pass the time in a somewhat ‘productive’ manner. I wasn’t just playing to play, but playing to get something in return. I was hooked.

I later discovered they had a full fledge website packed with other features to ‘productively’ pass the time away. Thus, my 7 Top Reasons to Check Out Limbo.com…

1. It’s free to play online. (Some charges may apply if you play on your cell phone.)

How can I elaborate further on that? FREE is good.

2. The online games are simple.

The games are straight forward without a complex story or method of play. You simply click your mouse to participate in LimboGrab, or enter numbers to secure the lowest number in LimboUnique. By clicking your mouse in LimboGrab, you simulate grabbing the prize money or prize. The longer you virtually have the prize, the greater your chances are of being the winner. The rules are simple and easy.

3. The prizes awarded for winning the online games are incredible.

You can win prizes like a Hawaiian Vacation, 42″ HDTV, an Apple IPhone, designer shades, a Nintendo WII, tickets to the World Series or $5,000. I’d rather play an online game in hopes of winning a tangible prize versus winning another ‘bonus life’ or the notoriety of a ‘high score’ for point accumulation like in a typical online game.

4. You earn LimboLoot when you play LimboUnique on your cell phone.

Whenever you play on your cell phone, you may be awarded LimboLoot based on the number that you enter during LimboUnique. LimboLoot is equivalent to Monopoly money in that you cannot spend it in the ‘real’ world, however, it does have value in ‘Limbo’ world. You are allowed to exchange it for stuff with value like magazines, CDs, t-shirts, toys or if you choose, you may make a donation with it to Limbo.com’s list of charities.

5. You can choose to get LimboLowdown sent to your cell phone.

The ‘lowdown’ are just text messaging that you choose to receive on your cell phone that can include information on topics such as daily horoscopes, jokes, bible quotes, beauty tips, celebrity gossip, diet tips, hip hop news and more. LimboLowdown can be a great read while waiting around in line at the grocery store or sitting in the lobby at your doctor’s office waiting for your appointment. Because LimboLowdown is text messaging, standard rates do apply.

6. It is interactive.

You can choose to participate in the “Shout Outs” which are text boxes on the website that allows you to type in messages to other Limbo.com users. It is similar to an open chat room. You can post words of encouragement to other users, ask them how many ‘grabs’ they have left, or whatever comes to mind at the moment. You can also see in real time what state other users are from via the online map. Also, to personalize your identity, you have the option of uploading a picture or icon that represents you.

7. Their Limbo Promise.

They claim to never SPAM, never telemarket and to never implement any hidden charges. What a refreshing set of standards that is hard to come by on the Internet.

I have yet to win a prize on Limbo.com, but I’m hopeful. For that matter, my motto is like with the lotto: if you don’t play, they don’t pay. You can use expert boosting as well. This is a really great tool to enhance your gaming experience. You can easily level up and talk to other players while playing games. This service is really affordable as well.