Magnetic Mattress Pad: Does it Work?

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I have suffered from chronic back pain for many years. Before trying magnetic therapy I had little luck finding a solution to the pain. I was frankly surprised that doctors and chiropractors were almost at a total loss helping me deal with the problem. They know all about prescription medications but nothing about magnetic therapy, magnetic health, or a magnetic mattress pad, which is why on you will find all the relevant information about these magnetic mattresses that you can get for yourself. Additionally, if you will find memory foam mattress reviews here so that you can learn more about these different types of mattresses.

But pain can be an incredible motivator so I started looking into alternative medicines. It didn’t take me long to put magnetic therapy, specifically a magnetic mattress pad, near the top of my list of things to try.

Now I maintain a healthy skepticism about something like a magnetic mattress pad. I don’t fall for gimmicks and snake oil solutions. So I didn’t just run out and buy a magnetic mattress pad. In case you have not noticed, a good magnetic mattress pad is expensive. So I started small. I got a good, but small, magnetic therapy support for the back of my chair. It seemed to help. No miracle cure or self-delusion but the pain was definitely less.

So I started looking into how this magnetic therapy stuff actually works. Turns out, magnetic therapy has been around for 1000’s of years but no one has scientifically identified exactly how, why, and when it works. I personally have no problem with that. Lots of things “work” but no one really knows why. One major theory is that since there is iron in our blood that the magnets in a magnetic mattress pad draw blood toward the magnets. This, in turn, increases blood flow. It makes sense when you think about it. Another major theory starts with the fact that all of the molecules and atoms in our body are electrically charged. A properly designed magnetic mattress pad would theoretically interact in a healthy way with our body’s electrical field. This also makes sense to me.

Two things stood out to me in all of this research I was doing. First of all, you can help it work by maintaining healthy body chemistry as best you can. If you eat lots of high acids, high-fat foods with lots of salt then magnetic therapy is not going to overcome the bodily mess you have created. Secondly, the design of a magnetic mattress pad is important. Get a good, comfortable one. It needs to be bio-north, high gauss density magnets and lots and lots of magnets so you have full-body coverage.

Only after I felt like I knew what I was getting into did I go out and buy a good magnetic mattress pad. Setting it up on my bed was easy. After sleeping on it a night the difference for me was like night and day. The morning back pain and stiffness of the past was gone. I was energized and ready for the day.

It was not a miracle cure but then I was not expecting one either. If you are looking for miracles you won’t find one in magnetic therapy or a magnetic mattress pad. It definitely doesn’t work for everyone, but if it could help lessen the pain isn’t it worth a try?