Mind Mapping Software: Vital Tools For The Future


There are three time frames in the life of human beings: past, present and future which influence his very self in both positive and negative ways depending upon the situation.

The situation is such that everyone keeps dwelling on their past, forget to enjoy the present and constantly worry about what lies in store for them in the future. While job opportunities are limited, there is still the satisfaction that youngsters are somehow going on with their struggle to realize their ambitions and reach their destination on time.

2019 is coming to an end in a few days’ time and everyone has high hopes that the new year will bring them better and more exciting prospects with a ray of hope and that things will work out for them.

The moment you step out of college, you get your first exposure to the outside world as the struggle begins for survival and how you are going to handle the pressure meted out on you.

The very first step is planning, which means that you have to decide in advance what to do and how to do. Before doing something, you will need to formulate the idea on how to do the task in hand.

The new decade has a new revolution lying in wait to come out and make history and that is artificial intelligence. It means that remote controlled robots, machines and gadgets are going to take the place of humans by replacing them at their jobs, or so rumor has it.

There has been a flutter of panic amongst numerous people that they will be rendered jobless and will be forced to sit at home without any means to financially support themselves or their family.

But that is not the case as it simply means that machines will be endowed with the capability to have a mind of their own and take decisions on its own similar to humans.

It is a triumph for humans only as it is through their razor-sharp mind that they could create this phenomenon.

Which now brings us to the topic of mind mapping, that is defined as a diagrammatic representation of information in a systematic and organized manner that is understandable to everyone.

It revolves around a chosen concept which begins with a blank paper and an assortment of words, images, a pattern of diagrams representing the hierarchical structure of the organization where the centre point is the assigned task.

Mind mapping can also be done through software technique online for which artificial intelligence is the vital ingredient to do so. It just requires a mind map template which can be called the blueprint of the entire project in mind.

Here are the best tools of free mind mapping software which are going to shake things up for 2020:

  • XMind: The most important one of all which as it is a fine platform for brainstorming sessions and for applications related to mind map. It involves a lot of creativity and innovation.
  • SimpleMind: It is also free of cost and requires no registration with different map styles
  • Mindomo: It is an online concept that involves software outlines, mapping techniques that help in creating a visual spectrum
  • Venngage helps in visualization of the concept in a step by step method that is broken into subsets
  • Mindmeister is the software tool that involves sharing of thoughts
  • Padlet is the black board that is used by people online for making up schemes and sharing them
  • Ayoa involves generating ideas in a time bound manner
  • Bubbl is an online app for brainstorming
  • Visio is the software used for creating diagrams