Plastic Surgery: My Experience With Going Under The Knife


When I think of plastic surgery I automatically envision a stereotype from Hollywood who, for some reason, doesn’t think they’re perfect enough. So they have an obssessiveness to get something done on every part of their body. 

I think there are two categories of people when it comes to plastic surgery. The first being the ones who get it done so they can have the perfect body, the bust that can’t help but be noticed, or the facelift that’s so desperately needed in order to deny the fact you’re getting older. The second category is for those individuals who were born with a deformity, need to do a correction, or have such low self esteem that they desire to have a moderate procedure done. Like myself. 

I feel there is a fine line between vanity and need. At least I hope so. Or else I’m coming across as a hypocrite. I grew up with the disadvantage of inheriting the unattractive characteristics of both my parents’ noses; the length of my mom’s and the broadness of my dad’s. And having a small, oval face, it kind of stood out. 



Just to clarify that it was horrific and not like some of these people who complain about having a minor bump in their nose (who I also wanted to hurt, by the way), a common nickname I had back in school was Pinocchio. And being a sensitive, teenage girl, it crushed my self esteem. So I decided to go ahead and get a rhinoplasty (nose job) done. 

After careful research over the Internet, I found two doctors whom I wanted to have consultations with. Each consult was roughly $100.00 and consisted of speaking one-on-one with the surgeon. 

The first doctor I spoke to spent maybe ten minutes talking to me. He told me I could get whatever I wanted done and that I would have to wear a brace for three weeks. I felt he was rushing the interview and was more intent on having me pay the fee instead of making me feel reassured and more confident. I definitely wanted to talk to the other doctor. 

The second doctor sat with me for forty-five minutes. He went over the entire procedure and let me know what I could expect and how long it would take for me to heal. I told him what I wanted to see done and he was upfront with me and said he would try but I was not to expect perfection from these procedures.


Handing me a mirror, he showed me how he wanted to shave the bump and remove part of the septum to the tip so it could be lifted and thus make the projection of the nose smaller. I made an appointment with him right then and there. 

The actual surgery was set for a month later and my doctor had me come in the day before to have lab work done and make sure I was healthy. I was then commanded to start fasting the midnight before the operation. My appointment being at 9:30 a.m., I needed to arrive at 8 so they could prep me. I lied in the pre-op room and the anesthesiologist came in and gave me what they termed, “the good stuff”, to help take the edge offAnd it did. I was told it didn’t put me asleep at that time but I was not aware of anything else until I realized I was sitting up in the post-op room two hours later. It was all done. I had bandages on my nose but no brace so I was able to see what had been done and I was ecstatic. Well, as ecstatic as I could be while still drugged. 

The healing went fast. I was more tired than anything and given pain pills and antibiotics to decrease the chance of infection. The pain pills were only for three days and after two, I feel I didn’t even need them anymore. The pain was never bad. It was more like a mild ache. The bruising and swelling lasted the longest, maybe two and a half weeks. I was back to my old, active self again after four days. 

I am very happy with the results of my Female plastic surgeon that understands your needs as a woman serving Michigan ladies from all walks of life and done the treatment under pricing . I no longer have to worry about what people are looking at when they talk to me. I don’t feel ugly anymore. It took me $5,200.00 but was well worth it. I have more confidence and my self esteem is higher. 

Each person can look in the mirror and find a number of things wrong. If you’re contemplating a cosmetic procedure, you need to decide if it’s something you want done for your own self, or if you’re only doing it to please someone else. If it’s the former, be sure and do your research. Find a few surgeons to talk to. Ask them how long they’ve been in practice. How experienced are they in the field you want done? How much do they cost? And make sure they’re certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.