Playing Mario Games On Your Pc Is Actually Easy


Every time we think about video games, which video game character will come into mind right away? Some may say Pacman, or others will probably think of Tetris. But most people will surely think of that mustachioed Italian Plumber who jumps over obstacles and enemies to complete a level. Yes, your guess is right, I am talking about our all-time favorite video game character, Mario.

Mario games are among the few games in the history of video games which had already achieved legendary status. From the playful mind of Shigeru Miyamoto to the quirky voice of Charles Martinet who breathed life to the character, many generations of players were fascinated with this game. I mean, with the capabilities of technology back then, 16-bit side scrolling games were the rage. And compare to the latest games we have today, well, back then, your imagination fills the gap.

Playing It For Free

Today, new players and retro gamers can now enjoy these classic Mario games in their PC, of course with the help of emulators. Nowadays there are a lot of emulators that can emulate any console on PC. Thus, this means that you can play any Mario games no matter what platform they are from. Various sites offer a free download of certain emulators. And once downloaded and installed, you are good to go. Ohh yes you need to download the appropriate Mario game too since these emulators do not include games.

There are many version of emulators too, and also you need to check the version that can run on your current hardware. You can play the classic 1983 Mario Bros to the 1990 Super Mario World. Everything can be possible and playable with emulators.

NES Emulators

Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, is arguably the console that has the best Mario games of all times. Also, it is considered as the console who raised the Mario games in its pedestal in the realm of legends. Most of us too will remember the classic Mario games like Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros, which are made for the NES.

If you are planning to relieve those past childhood memories by playing those games you used to play on your parent’s basement, then emulators are for you. Playing classic games on your PC with the help of emulators like FCEUX, Nestopia, and Snes9x will enable you to rewind the past. Of course, as a player, sometimes, the best games there is are the one you grow up with. And of course, the best games are the ones that relieve memories and invokes the good old feelings of days past.

Other favorite games can be emulated too aside from the one available on the NES. Super Mario Bros Xbox 360, Mario Party 3 N64, and Mario Party 5 Gamecube among others can be played on PC too. That is with the use of their appropriate emulator.


Video games are our gateway to the world of fantasy, fun, and excitement away from reality. The great thing about our current technology is that we can replay those classic games that we used to play. Childhood memories and feelings will be one more available with these games.