Satellite Surround Sound Audio Speakers

Product Reviews

If you are limited in space or are primarily interested in home theater sound, the small satellite or surround sound speakers might be your best choice. These small satellite speakers are extremely light and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling as well as placed on any shelf or small stand. The downside to these satellite speakers are they are so small they can only handle highs and mids. But when combined with a component subwoofer, they can present theater-like sound with no problem. They are also very pleasing due to their small size, they fit with any decor and actually present excellent sound quality when teamed with a properly powered subwoofer. Subwoofers producing the low-frequency sounds can be placed anywhere in a room. The omnidirectional properties of bass sound waves enable you to place it behind furniture or in an out of way corner with no loss to sound quality. This can prove to be the most “wife” pleasing. Purchasing surround sound satellite speakers are also great for someone on a limited budget. You can easily purchase a subwoofer and two satellites to start your system and then add another pair or two to complete your system. You can also use tower speakers or bookshelf speakers for your front channel positions and use these smaller satellite speakers to complete your 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound experience. Another benefit to satellite speakers is that some may be found as “wireless” speakers. They use wireless transmitters and receivers to send signals from your receiver to your rear speakers. This means you won’t have to run cables from the front of your room to the back of the room. The new wireless speakers can also be found for outdoor applications which makes adding your sound to outside decks and patios a breeze. Today, you will find these speakers from the likes of Polk, Boston Acoustics, Yamaha, Bose, JBL, Infinity, KEF, Klipsch, MB Quart and more. Of course, all the leading manufacturers also provide matching subwoofers to complete any install