Should You Sell Your Home Without a Realtor or With a Realtor?


Selling a house without an agent is one way that you can sell your home. With the For Sale by Owner, there is no real estate agent involved, which can save you the selling fees, but you may miss out on some great tips and selling advice from the Realtor. Selling it yourself can allow you the final say on how things are done, such as when people can come visit the home.

For sale by owner is increasing in popularity in the United States. With the websites, it’s easier to get the word out about your property being available for sale. There are several sites out there that offer for sale by owner properties. Some of the sites will allow you to list your property on their sites, but for a percentage of the selling or listing price of the house.

There are some drawbacks such as many times your home will not be listed in the MLS where other realtor’s will find the property. You will be responsible yourself to make sure that the home is able to be found by potential buyers. You will also be the host of any open houses that you may hold to get buyers to the house to see it. The seller who is selling the home without a Realtor will have to advertise the open house, and if an offer is made the negations on the property. Being a for sale by owner seller, you will have no way of knowing if the potential buyer will qualify for a loan, and you may lose a few weeks off of the market if they put an offer in and then they don’t qualify .

The seller will have to know the market price for the home. This is crucial to sell the home quickly, and not sell it for less than it’s really worth. An overpriced home will sit on the market without any bids while an under priced home will make the seller lose money. A complete database of residential property in Pasir Ris Central can be obtained from A contact can be made to the existing owner of the house for better understanding.

There are some good things about being able to sell your home yourself. You can explain the home better than anyone else. You know the good things about the neighborhood and you can put a personal spin on the sales presentation. You generally can list the home a little lower because you don’t have to cover th Realtor fees which there won’t be any.

If you are going to sell the home without a Realtor, and without using a for sale by owner website, you may want to talk with an attorney, to see what legal paper work you will need, or retain a lawyer for the closing. It’s always a good idea to speak to a legal Representative when entering into these types of contracts.