Step-by-step guide to install Wireless Doorbell System

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Wired doorbells are no doubt great but come with the headache of cumbersome installation. With multiple wires, it’s always a messy affair to install a wired bell. Yes, we reviewed the ring video doorbell pro and the results were awesome.  But, then, it’s a busy life today and we certainly want something simpler- such as wireless doorbells. One of the best aspects of wireless doorbells is a more convenient installation compared to their wired counterparts. And in regards to performance, you will surely be impressed. You must be planning to get a wireless doorbell for your home by now? Well, the post below offers a brief on installing a wireless bell like a pro.

Step 1

Study your bell

After you receive your doorbell, spend some time to study it. You will have to check what kind of batteries it would need. Then, check whether it requires some hardware, tape, additional screws and other necessary things for proper installation.

Step 2

Power it up

Wirefree bells run on batteries and the doorbell package will carry a pack of batteries for you. So, take out the batteries from the kit and insert them right into your doorbell transmitter. Is your chime receiver battery operated as well? In that case, insert the batteries into your receiver before getting to the next step.

Step 3

Sync transmitter with Chime Receiver

Before you actually install the doorbell, you will have to sync up the transmitter with a chime receiver. Look for a chime-control button right on your doorbell receiver and push it. Now, push-button on your bell transmitter. It would sync transmitter with receiver.

Step 4

Choose chime sound

You are just one step to go to the main doorbell installation process.

After you have synced up the transmitter with a chime receiver, you will have to choose your preferred chime tune. The best ones in the market allow users to choose from a vast and versatile gallery of 50+ sounds. So, check the sound options offered by your doorbell and choose the right one.

Step 5

Install transmitter

Now, we have reached the main stage of our mission as this is where we will finally install our wireless doorbell.

Get the transmitter and place it in your chosen doorbell position. Make use of screws or double-sided tape to attach the part to your wall. The leading wireless doorbell packages come with all the basic materials like screws or tape-you will need for easy installation. Most people use tape here but you will need the screws if the transmitter is placed outside where it could have exposure to weather elements.

Do you want your new wireless doorbell to replace an existing yet damaged hardwired doorbell? Well, in that case, you will first need to cover all exposed wires with electrical tape and nuts. Then, you can screw in or tape in your wireless transmitter at the chosen place.

Step 6

Install receiver

Wireless doorbells usually carry multiple receivers which help you to receive the bell from multiple locations. If your chosen model offers the same, you will need to find the locations for the receivers beforehand. Once you have chosen the locations, you will just need to plug in the receivers in the designated places. Depending on your model, you may have to set a code to bypass signal interference.

Don’t forget to test the bell after installation.