Ten Great Ideas for Planning a Stress-Free First Birthday Party


Your baby is about to turn one. You want to celebrate this milestone with a party, but are not sure how to go about doing it. It may seem like a stressful idea, but you can relax. You can host a first birthday party stress-free. Here are ten great ideas for having a successful first birthday party for your little one.

Don’t stress: The first tip is to not stress over this event. You do not have to have a huge bash to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Your child will not remember it and you need to have realistic expectations. A baby that is only one won’t care much for party hats, expensive treat bags or even unwrapping gifts. Just plan to have a few family members there and sit back and enjoy the day.

Keep it simple: Why go overboard with a first birthday when you don’t have to. Sure you can do a little decorating, but you can nix the idea of having a huge affair. This will only overwhelm your child and will leave you disappointed in the end. Plan a simple cake, a few family members or friends and a little decoration. You can forget party games, too. What is more fun to a one year old than just playing? Set out a few favorite toys and let the kids enjoy.

Remember who the party is for: When you host a party for a child, remember that the party is for that child and not the adults. Do everything you can to keep your party fun and the focus on the child. Refrain from serving alcohol and making it into an adult celebration. The parents can take the help of Internet for ideas about Happy birthday son. The organization of the birthday party should be done through the party planners.  

Limit the invitations: While every parent want to celebrate their child’s first birthday in style, it is easy to get too wrapped up in the celebration. In general, you should keep a child’s first birthday party to a minimum so that it is not overwhelming. Try not to invite more than one or two young children and a handful of adults. This will ensure that the party is simple and not too overwhelming for the child.

Plan in advance: Planning any type of party will be more successful when you plan in advance. Pick a day and let everyone know at least two weeks ahead of time. Next, consider the time of the day. One year olds still nap. Plan around your child’s nap schedule and meal times so you will have a happier baby. Also, if you are inviting young friends, consider their naptime, too. Children generally do better in the late morning or late afternoon. Do not try to run around at the last minute picking up party supplies with a cranky baby. Have everything on hand and you might even want to consider decorating then night before.

Get help: when planning a first birthday party, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. You can’t possibly keep your baby entertained while entertaining guests, taking pictures and making a video. Ask your mom or father in law to help with taking pictures. Get a friend to help you entertain. When you get help, you are making sure that everyone will have a better time.

Plan simple foods: Keep in mind that there are many foods that your one year old can’t enjoy yet. Stay away from typical party foods such as hot dogs, grapes and nuts and opt for simple finger sandwiches or goldfish crackers. Of course you will want a great cake, but don’t worry about not having a “perfect” cake. Try a simple white cake or even cookies for the big event. Many little ones may not even like cake or ice cream, so think about what your child will enjoy.

Think about allergies: Remember that many young kids have food allergies. Peanuts, eggs, and milk are the most common culprits. If you are making the cake at home, make sure you check on the cake mix to see whether or not it contains nuts.

Keep messes at a minimum: Messes are not optional when it comes to a one year old party, especially if you are inviting other little ones. If you are having the party inside your home, have the cake in the kitchen where clean up will be easier. If the weather is nice, consider allowing the kids to have cake at a picnic table in the yard. Also, keep plenty of sippy cups on hand and provide wipes for easy hand cleaning.

Have fun: Last of all, remember that the party should be fun, so relax and roll with the punches. The party does not have to be “picture perfect” to be enjoyable. Don’t plan a lot of activities and just sit back, enjoy your child and allow him or her to take in the festivities.