The Truth Behind Obama’s “Climate Deal” with China


In case you hadn’t heard, apparently, it’s a good thing for America, Americans, and the world that President Obama is creating agreements with other nations and excluding Congress from the process! The latest greatness from the Anointed One is a “climate” agreement with China.

Here’s the “deal” he struck:

The U.S. will cut “greenhouse gases” by 26 to 28% by 2025 and China will… stop increasing gasses by 2030!

So what is this really about?

For one… changing the subject from the mid-term disaster to the “environment” and a chance to make Republicans look like Earth haters.

It’s also to help set Obama’s “legacy” about how he loves Gaia and fought the bad men and women who thought the proof was needed before doing anything!

It’s also about trying to raise the cost of electricity in the U.S. by putting coal plants out of business and to bolster “green” energy similar to failed companies like Solyndra. And if Obama and his party can force Americans to drive less and pay more in taxes so they can grow the Government then even better!

It really is quite disgusting how the press is fawning over Obama. Republicans, of course, are being painted as the bad guys:

Republicans, who won control of the U.S. Senate in midterm elections on Nov. 4, are threatening to fight the administration’s efforts to cut greenhouse-gas emissions from U.S. power plants and his pledge to raise $100 billion to help poor nations combat climate change.

Obama has made climate change a central issue for his final two years in office, though his agenda is under attack by Republicans, who are set to take control of both chambers of Congress at the start of next year.

I heard several news reports and not one discussed how Congress was completely bypassed. Instead, the focus was on how Obama was getting things done:

The administration officials, who briefed reporters before the announcement on condition of anonymity, said the new targets can be implemented without congressional action.

Pretty sad and no wonder so many Americans are brainwashed by the Liberal press.

Even if you think “climate change” is real bypassing Congress like this and thus denying Americans a voice in what happens to their country is un-American.