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Remodeling projects can be an intimidating task, even if it’s only a portion of the home you will be upgrading. One of the most common part of home a home that undergoes remodeling are bathrooms. There are many reasons why bathrooms need to be upgraded every once in a while, but whatever the case may be, it’s important to consider the following things before starting on any bathroom remodel project:

What is your desired final outcome?

There may be a specific reason why you want to have your bathroom fixed, like replace the tiles or just a certain feature in your current bathroom design. Whatever it is, it’s important to have a clear picture in mind of how you want your bathroom to look like after the renovation. Having a specific goal will give the entire project a direction to follow

Consider the current fixture you currently have in the bathroom

One important consideration before planning a bathroom remodel project is the fixtures currently installed in the bathroom. You must decide if the fixtures will fit in on the new design you have in mind or removing and installing new ones will be more appropriate. Do not compromise the goal just because you have fixtures in the bathroom that you are afraid to change.

The current layout and style of your bathroom

Just because the bathroom remodel project would eventually provide a new design and layout for your bathroom does not mean considering the current style and layout is not important. Taking a look at the current layout and style will give you an idea on how the new design will integrate properly and effectively. This will make sure of the end result will be cohesive and will reflect what you really want.

Lighting around the entire bathroom

One important component that often gets taken for granted is the lighting around the bathroom. Though it may appear that correct positioning of light source in the bathroom is not as important as, say, living room or study room, activities done in the bathroom like shaving, applying make-up, or even just laying down a bath tub for a relaxing bath would require appropriate lighting conditions.

A bright light source around the mirror will help during shaving and applying make-up, while adjustable dim lights in the shower and bath will help add a more relaxing mood during bath times. Having the appropriate light source will greatly affect how people will perceive what the bathroom conveys visually and emotionally.

Accessory height

There are no established rules regarding the height of accessories in the bathroom as it will ultimately depend on the individuals that will use it. Having the right height and position for accessories such as the towel bar, toilet paper dispenser, mirror and sink will eventually add to the relaxing mood of a bathroom in the house.

Proper ventilation

An exhaust fan for ventilation is a must in any bathroom. This will help keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean all the time. Each type of bathroom will need a specialized ventilation fan for maximum benefit. For the master bathroom, a quite but high-powered ventilation fan strong enough to ventilate the entire bath room is ideal.

For guest bathrooms, a mid-noise ventilation fan should be sufficient and more affordable for a bathroom that is seldom used.