Top 9 Tips To Get Perfect Photos With Your Mobile Phone


With the evolution of mobile cameras, everyone out there is clicking pictures with their smartphones. Moreover, now we have the option to turn photo into paint by number as well, which is quite interesting and creative as well. However, in this article, we are going to focus on the different ways through which you can get perfect photos with your mobile phones.

  • Gridlines

This is the most vital aspect when it comes to clicking photos on your mobile phone. This is why it is recommended that you pay attention to the grid lines that are there on your screen in order to balance your photos. It is also important that you keep the points of intersection in your photo on the grid lines to make the photo seem more natural and balanced.

  • Focus Of Your Camera

With advanced smartphones that are out there, you do not have to worry about you camera’s focus as you can easily. However, as you are clicking picture make sure that you tap on you screen so that you can get the camera to focus on your desired point. This way you will be able to click more clear and crispier photos.

  • The Subject Of The Photo

You will find there are tons of interesting photos online that only focuses on one subject. This is why you should also try to focus on a single subject in order to make your photos more interesting. It is also recommended by professionals that your photo should have plenty of negative space in order to make the subject of your photo stand out.

  • Importance Of Negative Space

It is really important that you pay attention to the negative space in your photos as that can really help you in improving the overall effect of your photo. Negative space is the extra space that you will find in the background of the photos. With the help of the negative space, you can get more attention to the subject of your photo easily.

  • Perspectives

As you click any photo, make sure that you try out all the possible perspectives in order to create an illusion of height and depth in your photos. This will enhance your photos even further making your photos more interesting and catchy.

  • Reflections

If you are looking for creative ways of clicking pictures, then you should definitely try to play with the reflection in order to get amazing and beautiful photos. You can look out for puddles, mirrors, sunglasses, or metallic surfaces in order to catch photos that are really good.

  • Find symmetry

Along with gridlines, you can also look for symmetry in your photos in order to make them look more balanced and symmetrical. For instance, you can try out staircases in order to get symmetrical pictures that are interesting as well as comforting.

  • Repetitive Patterns

Along with symmetry, you can also look out for symmetric patterns that are quite pleasing to the eyes as well. With the help of these repetitive patterns, you can create strong visual impacts in your photographs. Moreover, in order to capture these patterns, you should keep your eyes open all the time.

  • Color Blocking

Lastly, you should try to play with your pictures in order to make them more interesting. In order to get all the attention to the subject of your photo, you can add color to the subject while keeping everything else black and white.

These are the Top 9 tips that you should keep in your mind as you click photos with your smartphone.