Top Ten Ways Internet Marketers Make Money Online Without A Website

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Believe it or not, there are ways to make money on the Internet without needing or coding a website. I know this may seem foreign to many of you, but it is true. Just follow me for a minute and I will show you the top ten ways Internet marketers make this happen everyday.

There are ten effective ways available with the internet marketers. No requirement is available to build a website for the purpose. The earning of money is easy and simple and you can check it out at the official website. The meeting of the expectations is possible with the method.

  • Content Generation

Maybe you have a special gift to produce content, but don’t really have a great desire to code, design and build websites. This is great because there are thousands of people out there that will gladly pay you money to write content for their websites. They have a ton of work to do and never enough time to do it in, thus they outsource the content creation of their sites to writers. This could be you. Resources like Digital Point, eLance, Odesk, Warrior Forum, even Craigs List are great places to list your article writing desires and ability. Those in need will find you, especially if you are a quality content writer.

  • Social Networking

There is a lot more to the Facebooks, MySpaces, and Twitters of the world than just stalking and being into everyone else’s business. You can actually make money using these sites if you have your game face on when you are there.

One way to do this is to work at positioning yourself as an expert in a particular niche by building credibility with others by showing, educating, and teaching them various insights to your particular niche. This will establish yourself as an expert in this area and when someone is looking for something in your niche, they will turn to you first. In addition, if you through out an affiliate link or a product that someone might need when getting started with your niche, then they will be more receptive to opening the link and maybe even make the purchase of which you will get a percentage of. So next time you are on the Social networking sites, remember, it is not just all fun and games if you don’t want it to be. It can be fun and additional money.

  • Selling Information

I know what you are thinking. If I am going to sell some information, then don’t I need a website to sell it on? Wrong!!

All you have to do is create a product that educates your target market, put it into a package that is pleasing to their eye, and a medium that they can receive it, then use affiliate marketers to move and sell your product.

Ebooks come to mind first. If you produce a useful ebook in your niche and put it on a website like Click Bank that allows third parties to take your landing page and sell your product on your behalf, then you have a good potential to reach a lot of buyers without a website of your own and without a lot of serious effort. Not going to lie to you, just because you make a product doesn’t mean someone is going to pick it up and sell it for you. You have to make it look promising and eventually you can attract sellers.

  • Article marketing

Again, if you can write content, then you can make money. This strategy involves writing content that will be placed on the article sharing sites like Ezine Articles for others to use and put on their websites to build up their content.

The catch to writing articles for others websites through this medium is if they are going to use your article, then they must keep the article as you originally wrote it and keep the links in there as well. This is great because those links could include some of your affiliate offers, Amazon sales, or even ebay listings. Now, imagine this article is picked up by thousands of bloggers. How much exposure could that bring to your products and affiliate links? A ton is the answer. Follow this strategy and it could become very lucrative for you.

  • Ebay or Craigs List

If you have physical items or even informational items that you want to sell, these sites are still the best of the best. Everyday, millions of people descend upon these outlets to find the items and goods that they need and you may as well consider using them as well. They are reputable names, people trust them, and you can make some serious money in the process. No list would be complete without these websites being mention, so it had to be done.

  • Bundle Article Sales

Write 10 articles or so and sell them in a package for like $50 or whatever you think it is worth, but if you know something about a subject and can pump out material you may as well get paid for it. This is something similar to content generation because that what you are doing, but it is a little more advanced because you are selecting a specific niche and marketing it as a package to someone that might be starting a site in that area. Digital point is a great place for this type of activity because there are always bloggers looking for content and they are not trying to write it all.

  • Squidoo Lens

Squidoo lenses are great third party websites that allow you to build specific pages or lenses for a particular niche. Squidoo has built up a large community of people that surf their various lenses and yes, these lenses are able to monetized for your earning potential. You can provide information about great affiliate products that you are representing or even your own products, but at the very least then you could move amazon and ebay products.

  • Domain Flipping

Believe it or not there is still a huge market for domain flipping. I am sure you can figure out what this is. Just like in the housing market where people buy a property to sell it later for an higher price, it can be done.