Towel Radiators – Things You Need To Know Before Buying One

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We’re very much familiar with radiators. They keep our homes warm during the cold seasons and they’re affordable enough to install in every room. The old ones aren’t a pretty sight but the new ones these days have such sleek designs that many still prefer getting a radiator than any other heating device.

Towel radiators may not be as popular as the regular radiators but it is high time many should know about them. These radiators serve as towel warmers. They’re greatly useful in a household that shares bathrooms so they can avoid their towels from getting damp.

If you’re thinking about getting a towel radiator for your family, here are a few things you should know before investing in one:

Electric Towel Radiator

There are many types of towel radiators. One of them is the electric towel radiator. This is more applicable to flats or apartments where central heating is difficult to come by. Although if you’d rather have a central heated towel radiator, that’s still not a problem as well.

Electric towel radiators or rails need to have certain power requirements met. As for the cost, they may be a little expensive than central heated ones. But they’re so easy to turn on and off that people like electric towel radiators for convenience. Plus the designs on the electric ones are so sleek and modern looking that people prefer these as well.

Central Heated Towel Radiator

Central heated towel radiators are commonly used since they only have to connect this to the main central heating system. The only downside to this is when you turn on the main system, all of your devices connected to it turns on as well. This may be a bit costly if you’d only like the towel radiators used.

Dual Fuel Towel Radiator

This type of radiator uses both electricity and central heating. This way, you can still use your towel radiator during hot months to warm your towels without having to turn on the main central heating system.

So now that you know what the types of towel radiators are, here are its uses:

Goodbye Damp Towels

It’s a problem when you have damp towels and they won’t seem to dry as fast as you want it to. With heated towel radiators, all you can do is just hang them and they’ll be warm and dry fast.

Hello Spacious Bathrooms

Towel radiators look like towel railings. They’re attached to the wall so you can have all this space in your bathroom. You can make use of all the space or put shelves and other décor as you please.

Warm Bathrooms

You don’t have to tiptoe your way around the bathroom now. Towel radiators can warm up bathrooms too. They’re not as powerful as your common radiators but it’s warm enough that you don’t have to freeze as you use the bathroom.

For more towel radiators, check out these radiators online to get started. They’re affordable, sleek and modern that your bathrooms will look like it got a whole new upgrade with just a towel radiator.