Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

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A lot of people just cannot start their day without coffee. That is why a coffee maker is so dear to them. If you are one such person whose day starts with nothing but a warm cup of coffee, then you know how important it is to keep your coffee maker clean at all times. If you have got yourself a new coffee machine and cannot understand how to keep it clean, we have got you the ultimate guide to cleaning your coffee maker. Without further ado, let us have a look at the guide.

  • Steps for cleaning your coffee maker well

You will need nothing special to clean your coffee machine but a few household items like – Vinegar, Distilled water, Baking soda, Dish soap, clean sponge or gentle scrub brush and clean cloth. Now that you know which items you need to clean the device, follow these important steps carefully.

  • Step 1: Remove the coffee maker’s filter

You will need to start off by removing the coffee maker filter. Soak the filter in a mixture of distilled water and a few drops of mild dish soap for around 10-15 minutes. Then give the filter a good rinse under clean water and remove any residue of the soap. Once the filter is absolutely clean, put it up in the drying rack and allow it to dry thoroughly. In 30 minutes, it will be clean as new.

  • Step 2: Create a cleaning solution and use it

In a bowl take a cup of vinegar and another cup of Distilled water to make a good cleaning solution. Depending on the size of the coffee maker, you will need to adjust the amount of the ingredients. Now pour this solution inside the water tank of the coffee maker and leave it like that for about 20 minutes. Within this time it will clean all the dirt from the bottom of the tank and eliminate any growth of bacteria in the corners of the machine.

  • Step 3: Clean your machine’s exterior

Cleaning the exterior of the coffee maker is as important as cleaning the interiors. Use a soft sponge or brush to clean the outside with the help of baking soda and some distilled water. To remove any stains of coffee, use dish soap and scrub the exterior body thoroughly. Rinse the device under water to remove any soap or residue and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Also, remove the lid of the maker to dry it on the inside as well.

So, these are the three important steps you must follow in order to clean your coffee machine.

  • Final Words 

it is an essential task to clean your coffee maker at least twice a month. Regular usage can result in coffee stains, dirty filter and interiors as well. That is why to get the best quality coffee, the cleaning of your coffee maker is very important. Keeping the machine clean not only offers good quality coffee but also increases the durability of the gadget over a long period of time. If you are in search of a good coffee machine, then you can visit Helix Coffee and check out their wide range of products available online.