Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder Review

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Urban Decay is a cruelty free cosmetics company. Their products are high quality, safe for sensitive skin, and caters to a large variety of cosmetic preferences. The company has been around since 1996; entering the scene with daring titles and colors.

Because my skin is sensitive, Urban Decay happens to be one of my favorite companies. Most days, I wear very natural and fresh makeup. My skin isn’t perfect, but I still don’t want to feel like it’s being hidden beneath a layer of thick foundation. I’ve always shied away from drugstore foundations because they seemed to irritate my skin and clog my pores. I have combination skin, yet I rather use liquid foundations. Powder brings out dry patches on my cheeks and liquid foundation highlighted the oily areas in my T-zone. I was just about ready to give the whole foundation/powder ordeal a rest.

While browsing online last year, I stumbled across Urban Decay’s razor sharp finishing powder. The price tag was hefty for the particular product, but I continued to read its label. The powder claimed to be a high definition powder that could be worn on any skin tone. I’d tried finishing powders in the past that also claimed to be universal. I would put the powder over my tinted moisturizer, powder or foundation and my skin would appear chalky. This finishing powder claims to make the wearer ready for their close-up; even under the brightest of lights! They seemed to have a lot to live up to. I was skeptical, but Urban Decay boasts a “love it or leave it” guarantee. Since I had nothing to lose I purchased the razor sharp finishing powder.

This powder truly lives up to most of its claims – except for the claim that there are tiny water particles that burst onto the skin for a refreshing feeling when applied. I’ve bought this product three times, yet never felt the refreshing burst of water beads. Aside from that this product is worth every cent and I have no qualms about purchasing it. The razor sharp finishing powder can be used over your powder/foundation, under your foundation, and even on bare skin! I use Urban Decay’s powder on my tanned bare skin and it blends amazingly with a kabuki brush. May I recommend removing the puff and using a fluffy brush. The attached puff does not dispense enough product and makes blending difficult.

When my skin needs something more, I use a tinted foundation and apply the finishing powder over it. The finished look is matte and appears very natural. This product blends perfectly and can be used on all skin tones. I do not find that it irritates my skin or clogs my pores. The skin tone of the person will become more effective with the use of the nassrasierer test. The charges of the test will be reasonable for the person from online sites.

Another great thing about Urban Decay’s razor sharp finishing powder is that it last for a long time. Because the powder is so fine, one jar will typically last 4 or 5 months. Note that I use this product everyday.

If you are considering purchasing a jar of Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing powder, give it a try. It’s a great product and the return policy can not be better.