Utorrent And Setting It Up

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The internet has become the greatest source of information and data. In recent years, file sharing programs have given people access to almost anything they like. Utorrent is a file sharing program but works slightly different to LimeWire and other programs such as these.

Every operating system in all data rooms tends to have utorrent as its default icon as it’s a must for downloading new movies.

Utorrent easy to use?

Extremely. Once you have find a nice site which offers thousands upon thousand of files mostly consisting and movies, programs and games, you save a torrent file to your computer which is generally only around 16KB. With this small file, once double-clicked, Utorrent will open up and prompt you to start the downloading process. Where torrents really prove their worth is with the download speeds they can muster. But, the best way to allow yourself quick connection to file sharing is by opening up your Ports on the Router or Modem which connects you to the Internet.

Opening up Ports? Sounds complicated? It’s not.

Here is a quick guide for Windows XP which will get you downloading at impressive speeds.

Start  gt; Run  gt; type ‘cmd’ here  gt; Once Command Prompt has launched, type ‘ipconfig’  gt; You will be given three sets of numbers, take note of Default Gateway and IP Address  gt; Type Default Gateway number in Address bar on your Internet Browser.

Now you have opened up the system settings to your Router or Modem. Find the tab which can be named either Virtual Server, Port Settings, Ports- many different names can be applied to what you’re looking for. Generally, it is under Configuration. If you have trouble, phone the company which provided you with the device. Once you have found this section, open it and use the following formation:

  • Time Schedule: Always On
  • Application: Utor 1
  • Protocol: tcp/udp
  • External Port: Any five digit number will suffice. eg: 19848
  • Internal Port: Same five digit number as External Port.
  • Internal IP Address: Type the IP Address you found in Command Prompt here.
  • Then, Apply all of these changes.

Now, go into Utorrent and click the ‘Options’ tab up top. Click ‘Preferences’ then go ‘Connection’. Type the same five digit number for External and Internal Ports next to port for incoming connections.

There you have it. You should be set up to download anything from the numerous Torrent sites with good speeds. Just follow the directions above for how to start a torrent downloading and you’ll have that file in no time.

Okay, it’s working. But, what can Utorrent handle?

Torrents can upload files of any size to your computer, regardless of GB. If you’re Hard Drive can fit it, it will work. Keep in mind that Torrents are run by the general public so be careful when choosing which file you’re going to download onto your computer.

Be sure to check all of the Utorrent settings under the ‘Options’ tab. A lot can be altered and changed here to make it function how you would like.