Waking Up with Back Pain – Problem due to sleeping postures

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Back pain while waking up is caused by either a defective mattress or bad sleeping habits. While the defective mattress needs replacement, bad sleeping habits can be rectified by simple procedures described below.

Most people suffer from the common problem of lower back pain when they wake up. Common reasons for this are the mattress one uses and the other is the sleeping position.

How defective mattress hurt?

Normally, coil spring mattresses which are more than ten years old, whether used or not will wear out and certainly needs replacement. If it is not replaced, then chances are the user gets hurt.

At the same time, if the mattress is too soft, even that could hurt the user. It does not mean that it should be hard. All that is required is one should sleep on the firm side of the mattress, so that, it supports the user properly.

Sleeping postures:

The next important matter is the sleeping posture. Some of the sleeping postures put the tissues under pressure and this causes pain upon waking after long hours of sleep. Sleeping on the back or by the side is good, but, it has to be done properly as otherwise, the tissues are under pressure.

While sleeping on the side, normally, the top leg moves forwards of the bottom leg and the top leg falls. This may cause a twist. So, lying in twisted position for eight hours restricts blood circulation to the tissues and this causes pain while one wakes up. Microdiscectomy is a very common method to remove the pain from the back. The bending and lifting of the back will be comfortable to the person after the surgical treatment. 

This can be prevented, by putting a pillow near the leg. This prevents the top leg from dropping as it gently rests on the pillow and so there are no chances of causing a twist.

In case of those who sleep on their back, there are chances of tissues of the low back and pelvis getting strained. This again causes pain while getting up in the morning. This problem could escalate, if the mattress is not good. However, to get rid of this problem, one can put a thick pillow below the knees. By this method, the stress on the lower back is reduced considerably.

Do not sleep on the stomach:

There are people who sleep on their stomach. This is a very bad habit. Sooner or later, sleeping on the stomach will hurt the neck or upper back. Therefore, to get over this habit, it is advisable to put a large pillow either on the front and back side or one on each side. This will prevent the habit of rolling on the back while in sleep.

Even after improved sleeping habits, if the back pain persists, call the physician for consultation.