Wet Shaving- All That You Need To Know

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When it comes to good looks, both men and women fight it out hard to look the best and most attractive. This is the competition that they prize the most, not withstanding the war in their personal and professional lives.

Men are generally said to be the more competitive of the lot but women too are giving cut throat competition in this regard and today, you can see the women having the upper hand as they are obsessed with looking the most beautiful and attractive of the lot.

They do it just to cast a good impression on the opposite sex to blend in with the outgoing, dashing, modern, elegant, suave and sophisticated lot who are largely following western culture without a care for the age old traditions.

The fashion sense is what rules the roost today as it has completely taken over the mindset of the youth brigade of the present generation, who take to it like fish to water and take pride in being modern and cultivated.

While we are on the subject of men’s looks, it is imperative to discuss about what are the things that make a man look good. What charges him up? What makes them keep their head held high?

A big change that can be noticed in the young folks of today is that they are extremely health conscious, hitting it out in the gym, eating healthy and nutritious food, while suppressing junk food (no mean feat) in a remarkable way and visiting the nearby salon for facial, manicure, hair spa and others.

Here, it must be noted that men are divided in their opinion of whether they look good with a beard and moustache or are clean shaven. It all depends on the preferences, but it has been seen that they do it depending on what type of girls they want for themselves because, as mentioned above, it is all about casting a lasting impression on the opposite sex.

Shaving is of two types-dry and wet, and both have their significance in making a man look handsome and attractive. The traditional method is called wet shaving as it is done with water, soap, blades and razors, shaving cream, foam, gel etc. etc.

So, men always have their shaving kit ready with them when they go to the gym for workout as it is gives a nice feeling after sweating it out for long hours and there’s nothing like a nice shower to make a clean shaven face look hot and happening.

All you need is a bartschneider (read beard trimmer) test to know about the impact of the razor has on the skin as there are different sets for different types of skin. The average common man has been seen to shave on every alternate days to look good at office and also when out for partying with buddies and girlfriends.

Wet shaving, as the name suggests, is done using water and the shaving materials mentioned above, where there is no electrical razor necessary. A single bladed razor is enough to get through on the first try but the disposable ones are generally preferred as they are cheaper.

The wet shave is the closest you come to get a clean face with a soft skin and it reduces ingrown hair and with little chances of blisters and cuts.