Which shaving products to use while shaving your pubic hair? 


For males and females both, shaving your pubic area is one of the time-consuming tasks to perform, especially when you have thick and dense hair. It is known by many people that cleaning your private area takes a lot of effort if not done in the right way. But if you have done it several times, then it would be quite convenient for you to do it again. It is not rocket science, and it requires the right type of products to shave your body, especially the pubic area. It is one of the most delicate parts of the human body and needs utmost care and caution while performing any hair removal task. 

The steps and products that you need to consider for shaving your pubic hair are mentioned below: 

  1. Soak in water: It is recommended to soak you in a bathtub having lukewarm water in it. It means to eliminate the excessive oil present in your skin follicles. It also helps in removing the dirt particles and accumulated pollutants in the skin pores that are required to be cleaned up before going anything further. 
  2. Lubrication: The targeted hair that is desired to be removed should be grown in a lubricated skin. Hence it is very crucial to use great lubricant before applying any kind of other products on your skin. A lubricator will not hurt your skin while the removal procedure is in progress. And remove the hair with ease and comfort. 
  3. Application of soothing agents: When you try to shave your pubic area without applying any kind of skin calming ingredients, then you might face some harshness and irritation on your skin. Soothing agents need to be applied nicely before using any kind of shaving creams. Aloe Vera and other kinds of soothing agents work properly for this.  
  4. Throw out used blades: If your blades of the razor and trimmer have become dull and rusted, then it is strongly advised to you to avoid using them and get them out of your shaving kit as soon as possible. They might cause sincere skin infections and even harm the nervous system of your body if caused you a cut. To know more about this, try offline as well as online guidance at LC. 
  5. Keep the blade separate: The blade that you are using in the shaving process should be new and clean. It should not be used before by anybody else except you. The bacteria might cause skin infections at a very rapid speed. Therefore, it is suggested that everybody not to share their shaving blades or trimmers with anybody else. 
  6. Shaving cream: The shaving cream should not contain harmful toxic chemicals such as sulfates and parabene as they might cause the origination of cancer-causing agents at extreme levels. The shaving creams and other products should be made from organic and herbal ingredients. It should not be having alcohol as well because it might lead to irritated skin and inflammation. 
  7. Use sharp razor: Using a new and sharp razor is always recommended because a sharp razor will run faster and smoother than the old one. Thus, the razor should be kept away from children and also cover it while not in use. The blades should not cause you any kind of cut and bruises. 
  8. Cut them first: If you have extremely long and extended hair, then it is good to cut them with a sharp and new pair of scissors. After cutting them short, begin the shaving process. Doing this step, it will not detangle your pubic hair and eliminate it easily. 
  9. Look for the direction: It is great to know the exact growing direction of your pubic hair. And after knowing their direction, it is an excellent step to do it with proper precautions, and one of them is to avoid shaving in the wrong direction. Hence, the downward direction is mostly preferred for the care of your skin. 

The final words: For completely removing the hair of your pubic area, it is necessary for you to seek advice in this case if you are a beginner. Seeking advice from an experienced person might help you in doing it moiré appropriately.