Why The Nook Takes It Up a Notch

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Barnes  amp; Noble hopes to sell and market their new Nook eBook Readers as the most advanced eBook reader consumers can buy. Fortunately for Barnes  amp; Noble, Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPhone have already gotten consumers used to both an eBook reader and touch screen access to a mini-computer. Some of the best features of the Nook combine the best of both worlds into a small computer that will give you unprecedented wireless access to millions of electronic book titles on the market. Here is my take on the best features you can find on the Nook eBook Reader.

Touch Screen Access

Unlike the Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader, access to menu options revolves around a touch screen on the bottom quarter of the Nook eBook Reader. Much like the iPhone, the touch screen is the entry point for everything you do on the reader from choosing your books to navigating the internet. Moreover, if you use the best wifi extender for this device, you will surely enjoy reading on your kindle.

While not fast, the touch screen access is what sets this reader apart and makes is slimmer and seem less unwieldy compared to other readers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle, but the Nook is a step up as far as how to get to where you’re going.

Wireless Connectivity

The Nook allows you to download titles from a 3G wireless network just like Amazon’s advanced Kindle, but what I love about the Nook is that now you can navigate the internet as well. While not the fastest way to surf the net due to the processor’s limitations, it is a handy thing to have on a good-sized eBook reader.

Not only does the Nook have wireless connectivity if you are AT T; subscribers, but you also get free wireless connections when you go to a Barnes and Noble bookstore. While not quite implemented yet, look for this feature to take off in 2010 as with the rest of the Nook.

Memory and Selection

Not only can you buy books from a vast library at Barnes  amp; Noble, but you also have access to Google’s hundreds of thousands of titles in the public domain. Read classics for free without needing to buy an entire semester’s worth of required reading for your literature course in college.

Upgrading your memory is almost limitless with a slot to add a memory card that can increase your capacity to up to 1,500 books onto just one reader with 2 GB of storage space. The added memory card costs extra. You may as well retire your old bookshelves now. What I love about this reader and eBook readers in general is that they cut down on the numbers of trees used to make the paper. Not only can you read thousands of books, but you can save the environment at the same time.